Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 223 and 224

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 223 – What we don’t have we value, and what we have loses value

One of the things which I love and appreciate about Mohanji, especially his teaching, is that what he shares, speaks and lives reeks of simplicity. It’s straightforward; it’s simple. When I digest it well, it brings a positive transformation in life. There’s a shift for the better. You can noticeably see this in life interactions and relationships.

Most of these truths, if not all, are fundamental truths. One of those I share today whilst reflecting again is the changing nature of the mind in relation to what we have and don’t have. Generally, when we don’t have something, we really long for it. We strive for it; we crave it. We work hard to get it, and then its value is lost as soon as we have it. When we don’t have something, it has incredible value. But when we have it, it has very little value.

In retrospect and even now, to some extent, what I longed for, what I’d worked for, what I dreamt of, and what I had achieved – its value dropped as soon as I had it. I no longer appreciated it. It can be possessions, positions, relationships, or anything. What we don’t have has tremendous value, and when we get it, the value drops. It can be partners, a new phone, a house, a job, or a holiday.

Even worse is that when we lose something, its value increases again. Here we’re talking about and sharing the changeable nature of the mind, and you can take that even further. If we had something and we didn’t know that somebody took it away from us, we wouldn’t have a problem. But if we had something and then knew someone took it from us, that thing becomes the most important thing.

For me, this observation is an awareness of the changing nature of the mind and the corresponding dramas it can create in life. We can all relate to this truth, and for me, Mohanji provides these simple truths as insights. These insights are valuable tools as a mirror to our minds and their effects on our lives. Being aware of the fickle mind and being able to address that or handle it is crucial.

Day 224 – Our spaces

Today I wanted to share more information about our latest vision and priorities and what we’re discussing in the mornings with Mohanji and the team.

I’ve shared before that every morning when I sit and speak with Mohanji, it’s about the activities for the day. We’ve big and ambitious visions. We always discuss what steps to take today to help move us towards that vision. Right now, the priority is for our spaces, which I’ve mentioned before.

We’re now in the Balkans, where there’s a lot of trouble. We’ve been going to various retreats and different locations, travelling, and staying in various places, which has been great. I joined Mohanji during the COVID lockdown – the first wave in India, so we were travelling less.

We are now travelling (moving from place to place), and I recognize that he has been on the move like this for over ten years; a hectic schedule indeed. I’m impressed with Mohanji’s work and activities across five continents – in 80 countries. It’s a fantastic achievement for everyone who’s worked with and supported him for all those years. But now, experiencing it firsthand, I comprehend the logistical challenge and demanding nature of this.

My main point is, with Mohanji travelling and all the activities taking place, as he moves from country to country, the energy becomes scattered, and also, sometimes, it’s difficult to sustain the activities and momentum once he leaves. Hence, the focus now is on identifying our spaces, thinking creatively about building our space and putting something on the ground. I now appreciate it much more as we start to formulate these plans.

Regarding our spaces, we already have work underway in Ganeshpuri and Slovenia. These will be Mohanji Centers of Benevolence (MCB), and I’ve mentioned in detail that these will be locations that represent our tradition – living harmoniously with nature, doing our practices all the time, 365 days of yoga and meditation. Mohanji will come to stay and conduct retreats there. There’ll be residential sections where people can reside, office space where people can work, and a canteen where food will be served 24/7. So, if somebody comes hungry, they can have something to satisfy that hunger.

Our spaces are essential as they’ll bring us real stability and put our philosophy onto the ground. This brings two important aspects of stability:

1. Stability of our people: Mohanji profoundly cares about those connected to him. His vision is to ensure that all of our people, all those who stand by him, will have a place to live peacefully for now and for years and generations to come.

2. Stability of our philosophy: Space means we can land on the ground of our philosophy. There’ll be continuity of all the practices, processes, teachings and practical way of life. Our spaces will be places of real purification, rejuvenation and harmonious living. People will be able to live there. There’ll be daily yoga, meditation, and daily processes, and if we have many centres, Mohanji will dedicate time to each of them each year.

The energy of the place will build over time. This’ll mean people living there will be very stable, and the space itself will transform people positively. They’ll bring benefits and add value to many lives.

This is a bit of a taste of the focus, vision, and track we’re on now.  I share this to give you all an idea of what we speak about in the morning, our direction and vison and of course, if anyone would like to show any support or know anything more, you’re very welcome to write to me. I’m happy to discuss more.



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