Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 233 and 234

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 233 – Sometimes, it’s willpower alone that moves us forward

Yesterday, we sat with Mohanji in his room, and we were prepared and ready to attend the first satsang here in Montenegro for the retreat, ‘United in Love’. There was some time before it started, about 15 minutes. During that time, Mohanji began to speak about destiny. For me, these short moments are real gems. Today, I wanted to share that conversation about destiny and willpower with you.

There are two things that I’ve spoken about before, but I feel it’s always good to hear again and re-listen to. Mohanji started to share that destiny is connected to our past life karma. What we experience and what’s to come are all related to that, and we cannot do anything about it because that life has finished, but we’re experiencing the results of it now. Mohanji explained that in his life, he experienced defeat after defeat. He believes and feels that sheer willpower alone moves us forward in this life.

For example, when he returned to work after losing his daughter Ammu, his boss offered his condolences but also said he’d have to leave the company. He hadn’t even had time to collect himself, yet there was another situation he had to go through, and then many more events transpired. He shared that sometimes the will to survive, overcome the situation, and move on is all that we need to move forward, take each situation, interaction, and event in life, and keep going. We can never underestimate the power of our willpower, what’s available to us. A short message today, but one that I found very useful.

Day 234 – United in love

We’re progressing well with the retreat here in Montenegro, titled ‘United in Love’. Today, I wanted to share how Mohanji introduced this because I think it was a great introduction. Also, for me, these opportunities are good reminders because with the pace of the activity, and the speed at which we’re working, sometimes it becomes busy for me. So, I don’t really have the opportunity to sit and listen to Mohanji as he speaks in the satsang environment. So, it’s always a good reflection point and a reminder for me, and I thought it would be good to share with others because it might also be a good reflection point too.

He shared that ‘united in love’ isn’t about external love, which we might immediately think of, such as with the people around us. It’s actually the direct connection with ourselves. Being united in love is having that connection with ourselves fully. He said that if you take love and hate, these are connected directly to the connection with ourselves or the lack of connection with ourselves. So, it’s important to be aware of how much we have that connection. He also shared what creates a separation from our ultimate self. All these are associated with an identity, such as our possessions, positions, and relations – what we are compared to other things around us, including others.

These are the things that make us live in a relative world, and then once we’re in that relative world, we begin to compare and compete, which causes further separation for us, and actually, that’s unnatural, is what he was sharing. So, when we have a comparison, it’s completely unnatural. He again gave an example of children being the most natural, but once we become adults, we start to develop these things much more. This is what separates us: positions, possessions and relationships, or relations.

He said they’re important as an experience. They have value, but what actually is the most important is us because, without ourselves, the world doesn’t exist; there’s no experience. So, for me, that was an introduction, which was a good reminder. Could I honestly say that it’s a lesson I’ve learned? Probably not. It’s an ongoing reminder and a reflection point as well. So, for me, it was a good opportunity to think, “Okay, how much am I getting caught up in what I have, who I am, what position I have, or how I am in relationship to everything else around me?”

It’s a moment to stop and think about that. So, no conclusion to share with you right now, but it’s a recognition that I know that when I’m becoming more and more involved in things such as comparison and competition, emotions such as frustration or anger, or jealousy start to arise, then at least there’s an awareness that, okay, that connection is becoming lost in a way, or I’m connecting more with those things than with myself.

That was a reminder rather than a lesson for me today. As the program moves on, I can share about Mohanji doing his work for people and the observations that I have. It’s really fantastic how much time he gives to everybody. He cares that everyone has a good experience and that everything is set for them, even down to the smallest details. He remembers everything, looks at everything, discusses with the team, and ensures everyone’s comfortable and has a good experience. Then there’s also the unseen work.

For example, yesterday, we were in the room with him. He was still working on people yet present with us. When I say working on people, it’s about his unseen work because when people come through a retreat, he’s always doing something. So, at that time, the group Mai-Tri was happening downstairs, and as we sat there, you could visibly see that, as time went on, his belly was swelling and swelling and swelling in size. It became really, really big again.

Whilst I cannot see what’s happening specifically, I know from spending time with him now that it’s the burning and churning for others. Mohanji is taking what he can from everybody, burning it, and cleansing it, which’ll be individual and also a part of their family karma. Despite spending all this time with him, I still wonder if I’ll ever see what he’s truly doing. I know from a terrestrial level that he’s focused on even the minutest of details – very precise and accurate. I’m sure that in other planes, the work he’s doing is just as diligent.

Most of his work happens in silence. So, I wonder if I’ll ever see it. Plus, even those who can see through the Mai-Tri Method or MTM they’re only capturing a glimpse of what he allows them to see. The retreat continues. I hope that was a good introduction this morning for you and also something as a reflection point.



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