Sri Mohana Krishna – Sundara Leela

By Swathi Jarugumilli, Australia

I would like to share something that my heart feels – that Mohanji is Jagadguru Sri Krishna himself, that he is the kaliyugi Kalki avtar himself. These are the words coming from the purity and innocence of this bhakta without any doubt.

Have patience, have faith. Even if he is letting you go through hell, trust that he is very next to you, holding your hand. The only thing is you need to always remember him. He will and is taking care of each one of us. Like a shepherd/cowherd, Mohanji is looking after us. He is the light beyond all that we are through lifetimes. He knows everything about us; hence let him take care of us in all ways. 

In return, he wants us to be us. Just Be You. Spiritual progress is expressed as compassion (karuna) outwardly in every way possible to every living and unanimated being. He is retiring sooner or later; hence run after him. Remember, he is Sri Krishna himself, who will suddenly disappear, tease us, and make us crave for his presence.

Mohanji is the incarnation of the purest form of love. Love that is expressed in the form of Rasa Leela to Gopikas, love expressed in the form of Damodara Leela to Maa Yashoda and love expressed to all of his devotees like Meera Bai, Bhakta Tukaram, Sati Sakku Bai etc.

As told by mother Meera Bai, please get married to the consciousness of Mohanji (Sri Krishna), for he is the only positive ion, and the rest are like bees attracted to the nectar in the flower.

My heartfelt gratitude for each and every moment that Mohanji is spending between us. Try to drink it with all your senses as much as you can while it’s flowing. During Empowered 5.0, by the 4th day of Silence meditation, Mohanji laid the foundation in our hearts as promised by letting me experience his love in the form of Sri Krishna. And each one of us is like cows around him.

Mohanji literally conveyed the message that we need to always remember or visualize that all these humans, relations, etc., around us are the forms of mother cows. Therefore, we should shower the love and compassion of a mother cow towards them.

Nobody has left and will leave empty-handed. What else can these hands write than his (beautiful) Sundara Leelas? What else can this mouth recite than his name? What else can this heart crave other than his motherly love and presence in every aspect of this beating heart? My most grateful, heartfelt gratitude to his magnificent figure, which has no beginning nor ending.

Empowered 5.0

How to love unconditionally – Krishna’s devotee Sakku Bai

Day 4 was restless, and I couldn’t even sit in silence for 1 hour at a stretch. But every time, after a short break, I tried to get back to the silence. After all, Mohanji said today in satsang, “Today is extremely important, so utilize it as much as you can.”

Then by evening, around 6:30 pm, I felt a sudden calmness in my thoughts, and I felt somebody touching my ajna chakra (3rd eye) with the thumb because I could sense a formation of yellowish orange light just the size of a thumb. Immediately I recognized it to be Mohanji in his subtle form, who had come to ease my restlessness. I was wearing a blindfold, so I couldn’t open my eyes and hence kept enjoying my master’s presence.

But after a while, I was crying like a two-year-old baby wanting my mother’s love and affection. The following conversation happened between us (as if somebody was sitting inside me and speaking). While I asked my doubts, Mohanji cleared all of them.

Mohanji: “Unconditional love is extremely important. Only that can bring freedom to you.” 

Me: “But I don’t know how to love unconditionally, Mohanji. Can you please help me?”

Mohanji: “Recently, when you had been to Gangapur (Lord Datta’s 2nd incarnation in Kali-yuga – Sri Narasimha Saraswathi Swamiji’s Mutt), you met a cow on the road while walking towards the temple. You showed extreme affection and caressed that cow as if it were your own child, and you had even forgotten that you fear cows (due to their large size).

That being (cow), too, was loving you, giving hugs, and letting you feed her bananas. You had no doubts, nor had you given a thought that it might be an animal. This is unconditional love. For the first time, you have experienced this. Cherish this moment always, and remember to see this cow in everyone around you and in everything you see and feel. This is the unconditional love that Sri Krishna showered on everyone.”

Me: “But, I always lose my temper with my closest family members, especially my mother, later feeling bad about it. Will this unconditional love – cow technique work? Can you relieve me of this helpless behaviour? I feel irreparable.”

Mohanji: “Whenever anything triggers you to lose your temper, visualize how you loved, imagine them as this beautiful cow. This way, you can sit inside your heart cave in deep bliss without getting affected by external world matters that bother you and show unconditional love to all beings.”

And Mohanji helped me do this technique to relieve the guilt and pain I’ve been carrying for a long time by hurting my close ones. And what I see in everybody and everything around me is the lovely face of that cow (only in different sizes). All that is left around me is unconditional love.

Me: “Isn’t it Krishna who is surrounded by cows, but why am I in the place of Sri Krishna?”

Mohanji: “Because You and I are One. Like Radha-Krishna, Meera Bai-Krishna, Swathi Sakku Bai-Krishna (Mohanji).”

Me: “It’s a nice joke to lighten the mood, Mohanji.” I laughed out loud remembering my childhood days when I used to tell my name as Swathi Sakku Bai as I loved this name Sakku Bai (heard in a song) without knowing anything about her.

Sakku Bai – Google image

Sati Sakku Bai is a staunch devotee of lord Vitthal (Sri Krishna of Pandaripur). Being a married woman, she was ill-treated by her in-laws, but still, she showered love and respect towards them. Whenever in pain and misery, she used to reflect within herself, immersed in singing songs of Krishna.

Throughout the day, she would get completely engrossed in the household chores. Day by day, she became malnourished as she was given very little to eat. But, despite all this, while milking the cow, cooking, cleaning, and mopping the house, she would always be thinking and chanting about Vitthal (Sri Krishna).

Mohanji: With a serious tone, “You are Swathi Sakku Bai. You are Sakku Bai. You need to trust me and believe me. It is what it is. Do not doubt this, dear. You are my Sakku Bai.”

I was in tears and couldn’t hold this love in my heart. Comparing myself to a great devotee was like being heavier than a mountain to carry though it was beautiful & peaceful. Just then, I remembered a song of Meera Bai’s and started singing softly (tears flowing), bowing down to Mohanji in my mind:-

“Giridhar Gopala Baala, Giridhar Gopala, 

Shyamala Shareera, Kaustubh Haar,

Brindha Vanachara Tulasi Haar”

Mohanji: “Yes, bring me a Tulasi Haar when you come to meet me in Delhi (Nov).”

At a loss for words, I just cried loudly with extreme happiness. Everything that recently happened started making sense. I lost my job a couple of weeks ago while my visit to India. Financially, I’m handicapped now. But deepest desires were fulfilled (Dusserah Homa, Delhi weekend retreat and Empowered 5). Thanks to Ananth Anna, who made it possible for me in the form of Mohanji. 

As I had registered for this weekend program, which was happening on Nov 12 & 13th, I was thinking of taking my flute to get it blessed by Mohanji. To these silent prayers, I felt Mohanji asked me to just bring a garland of Tulasi (holy basil) leaves, for that was enough.

This beautiful Sri Mohana Krishna Sundara Leela left me with unconditional love similar to that of Sri Krishna’s Rasa-Leela and Damodara-Leela. The word gratitude has, for the first time, become so minute that it is not enough to thank Mohanji for showering upon us his motherly affection and leaving behind these Leelas for us to constantly remember how to love unconditionally.

Pranam Mohanji, for taking care of everything and everybody.


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