Sai’s love through Mohanji 

By Brinda Menon, India

This unforgettable experience occurred when I went with my dad to Shirdi Samadhi mandir for darshan of Sai after the three-day Shirdi with Mohanji retreat.

While praying and expressing gratitude, suddenly, a thought struck me, and I told Sai Baba while mentally bowing down with a sincere bhaav that I wanted to hug and feel him.

Surprisingly, despite the crowd, I could stand in the Samadhi mandir for a long time before our Sai Maa and soak in his divine presence. When I was coming out after such a beautiful darshan, I saw Mohanji entering with a few team members and Sulakhe Maharaj.

I was awestruck by this sight and hugged Mohanji. The bliss and contentment I experienced are unexplainable. It then dawned on me that Sai Maa fulfilled my wish, and I actually hugged Sai Maa in the form of Mohanji. While I hugged Mohanji, he said lovingly, “Bless you”, which felt so reassuring. I just felt Sai’s and Mohanji’s love. My dad was also standing a little away from me then. Mohanji smiled at my dad and mentioned in Malayalam, “Baabe kannum pooa” (I am going to see Baba), and he blessed my dad, too.

Sai’s love

After some time, I went to Dwarakamayi for darshan with my dad and daughter. The queue looked long. I hesitatingly asked the security guard if we could accompany my dad through the senior citizen line. To my surprise, he immediately agreed. And when we were beginning to climb the stairs of Dwarakamayi, we could see Mohanji just coming out of Dwarakamayi’s inner sanctorum after prostrating in front of Sai’s picture. I was amazed by this sight.


Mohanji then hugged my daughter and hugged me again. I was so happy and shared with Mohanji that I had told Sai, “I want to hug you, Baba, and I hugged you. What more can I ask for.” It has always been my ardent wish to visit Sai Temple with Mohanji. And it was amazing how Sai Maa and Mohanji fulfilled my wish. It is rightly said that if you make a sincere wish, grace flows, hurdles are cleared, and things fall into place to make it happen.

My daughter, studying in Grade 11, was eager to accompany me to the Satsang. But she was apprehensive about it materializing, as her exams clashed with our travel around the same time. I advised her to pray to Mohanji sincerely and surrender at his feet. Subsequently, when the exam schedule was announced, she was delighted to see that her exams were ending on 8/12/23 (this date was applicable only for Grades 9 and Grade 11), whereas, for all other grades up to Grade 12, the last exam date was Monday 11/12/23.

This beautiful leela of Mohanji made it possible for my daughter to join in on Saturday afternoon for the retreat. Our Guru takes 1000 steps and more to fulfill our wishes when we take one step.


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3 thoughts on “Sai’s love through Mohanji ”

  1. If you surrender to Sai nothing is impossible to you,all your prayers and questions will be answered rightly.whenever any confusion arises in my life i always take Sai’s opinion and will be answered rightly.I didn’t get a chance to meet mohanji till now, but I used to hear all the messages and teaching through f.b,rightly imparting
    the teachings of Sai Baba .longing to get blessings from Mohanji

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