Oneness in Consciousness

Oneness in Consciousness

by Mahesh Bhalerao, Canada

On the auspicious occasion of Champa Shasti and the start of Margashirsha Month festivals in the Hindu Calendar, I bow down to my Khandoba – Mohanji. (Khandoba/Malhari/Martand Bhairav is worshipped as a manifestation of Lord Shiva/incarnation of Shiva). Lord Kartikeya adores the Champaka or Champa flower. Champa Shashti also relates to a story of Lord Shiva (Khandoba) vanquishing a demon called Malhasur.

If you remember reading Sai Satcharitra, when Sai Baba came back to Shirdi, he stood in front of the Khandoba temple. Mhalsapati addressed him as SAI, and since then, Baba has been lovingly called Sai and, later on, Sai Baba.

My experience and a true story of incidents made me realize that Guru Tatva is all one, although different bodies may represent different states, such as past or present.

I presumed and experienced Sai Baba and Mohanji as separate; however, My Guru Mohanji gave me a divine experience that convinced me and made me believe that all Guru Tatva is one; Sai Baba and Mohanji are not separate from each other.

Mohanji and Sai

Mohanji is Sai Baba and Sai baba is Mohanji.

With the grace of our beloved Master Mohanji, I had one more opportunity to visit Shirdi, and this time, it was a one-day program with Mohanji in Shirdi on 10th December 2023. It was an extraordinary day for me because, on a similar date and in a different location, I spent time with Mohanji in 2017 in Rishikesh. Also, from 10th December 1909, devotees began to offer regular worship to Baba in the Chavadi. The first Chavadi procession in Shirdi was on 10th December 1909.

From a personal point of view, I was very excited for this chance to see our Guru Mohanji and be in his proximity once more. Due to personal reasons, I was a little disappointed as I was not able to participate in all the Mohanji programs in Shirdi, and this time, the situation was very tense as I started having a feeling that I wouldn’t be able to visit Shirdi and would not be able to participate even in one program.


Finally, I stood in front of Mohanji’s picture and prayed to him, “Please, Baba, allow me to come to Shirdi, and please let me participate in your program; I will leave whenever you ask me to leave Shirdi, but please let me come …please… please Baba…just one more time.” (The reason for this thought I was going through is because Mohanji was aware that I was in India to look after my mom and spend time with her; Guru Mohanji will never appreciate anyone leaving his/her dharma. Mohanji always says that because of our parents, we are all here and must take care of them. It is our first duty rather than anything else.

Finally, on the day I was to leave for Shirdi, the lady nurse attending to my mother did not show up, and the night duty nurse was also unsure if she could come.

My heart was plunging, and I was very disappointed, but still, I was positive in the sense that if not Mohanji, Sai would allow me to come; I was thinking that our Grandfather of the Tradition would support my visit to Shirdi. Sometimes, I call Sai Baba “Babu” and say in my mind, Babu, please, I just need to be with Mohanji for a few minutes.

Based on the situation, I also called Rajesh and Kedar and informed them that I may be unable to come ahead of time. Rajesh and Kedar asked me to call them when in Shirdi.

Finally, the night duty nurse came by 8:35 pm, and this was a positive signal. Without wasting time, I called the cab and started my journey towards Shirdi. When I was in the cab, a lot of emotions and gratitude were going through my mind, and I thanked Mohanji and Sai Baba for allowing me to participate in the one-day program.

I reached Shirdi around 1:30 am on 10th November 2023. Visiting Shirdi is always pleasant; it was almost Brahma muhurta time. I filled my lungs with Shirdi’s air and felt fresh, and all the anxiety had gone away; all the sleepiness in the car disappeared. It was a fulfilling experience of Shirdi’s air, Sai Baba’s abode and Mohanji’s physical presence in Shirdi; I closed my eyes and felt Shirdi’s air again. I felt very blessed and repeatedly thanked Mohanji and Shirdi Sai Baba mentally.



As per my regular practice, I went to Dwarkamai and sat in front of Baba’s big picture on the stone where he used to sit when he was physically in his form. I was chanting the Mohanji Gayatri mantra but did not realize or feel anything wrong. I just continued Mohanji’s Gayatri Mantra chanting.

After a while, I felt I should inform Rajesh and Kedar that I was here in Shirdi. Rajesh and Kedar were, as usual, very kind and helpful as they allowed me to share their room, shower, change, and be ready for the homa. Rajesh even said that I should sleep for a while and come along with Father (Mohanji) at the time for the homa, and then they both went as it was almost 3:00 am and they were getting late to start the homa. I was thrilled to hear I would be with Mohanji near his physical appearance. This hunger to be with Mohanji physically never ends.

After they left, I was sitting and thinking about Mohanji, and the thought came that as it is Brahma muhurta, Sai Baba and Mohanji might be sitting together; what might be their discussion topic, how they might be sitting together? Is Sai having his “Chilim?” If so, would Mohanji have a cup of tea, and so forth? Constantly, I was thinking about Mohanji and Sai and wanted to know if I could see both together. I even went close to Mohanji’s room, bowed down at his door, and returned to my room.


Suddenly, I decided to visit Dwarkamai before going for the homa, and I felt I might see them together at Dwarkamai. After a shower, I went to Dwarkamai, and Kakad aarati’s preparation in Dwarkamai was about to start. They usually clean and mop the floor, wipe the side walls with wet cloths and cow dung, and bring wood for the Dhuni.

With Mohanji’s grace, I was called to clean the floors and wipe the walls; I went with the people who normally work at Dwarkmai to bring the cow dung from the storage for the Dhuni. I was very happy and felt very blessed. This Dhuni Seva is the only seva I usually miss in Canada ashram at the time of Kakkad aarati.

As Kakad aarati started, a thought came to my mind that now I could take the darshan of Sai and Mohanji, as this is the time they remove the curtains in Dwarkamai as well as at Samadhi Mandir.

But the next moment, a thought came that I should call Manjiri, my wife, and, if possible, Sanjaybhai, Alpa, Ketanbhai, and Manishaben, so I made a video call. After a call, I was still standing outside the Dwarkamai – Ghanasham Sundera song was on, and I was looking at Sai’s picture.

Usually, I like to take pictures; however, I was getting late for the Homa as it was almost 5:00 am. I decided to take photos of Baba and return to the hotel as I was asked to accompany Mohanji around 5:30 am.

I pulled out my phone, took a few pictures of Sai, and, in a hurry, returned to the hotel. Mamu was heading towards the Homa place, and Priti Duggal Didi was waiting in the hallway of the hotel. After having a discussion, I realized that I could go to the place of Homa, and there were enough people with Mohanji, so I came to the venue where Rajesh and Kedar had already started performing Homa.

Mohanji came, and I was very much into the Homa activity. I was looking for the opportunity to go near Mohanji and bow down at his feet before I offered the coconut into the Homa-Kund.

My turn came to offer the coconut, and as Mohanji was already physically present, I was very keen about putting the right intention while offering the coconut into the holly fire of Homa. I felt a very strong presence of Mohanji as a king and emperor of the universe with a crown on his head.

After a while, as Mohanji was leaving, I got only a few seconds to get close to Mohanji while he was wearing his footwear. He asked me just one question, and there was not much interaction. Mohanji left. I am mentioning this small observation because this will bring the meaning later on as the story continues.

After the Homa and the lovely breakfast, thanks to Mamu and Madhu, we went back to the hotel, and the program registration was on.

After the warm welcome and registration, we all went through the Sai Baba meditation. It was a fantastic experience to be with Mohanji and Sai Baba at Samadhi Mandir during the meditation. I was constantly feeling Mohanji and Sai Baba simultaneously, and when we bowed down in the middle of meditation, I was simultaneously looking at Sai Baba and Mohanji. I was confused and unhappy about not concentrating on Sai Baba during his meditation.

Sai Meditation

After that, we had the forgiveness process, which was very powerful and well conducted; Arpana was hosting brilliantly.

Until now, Mohanji was not available physically in the program; however, his presence without his presence was powerful, yet the urge to be in physical proximity to Mohanji was building.

Suddenly, I received a call from home, and all the drama started again. The situation asked me to leave Shirdi and be at home because the nurse who was supposed to look after my mother was not there, and the evening nurse also would not come as she continued since last night.

I made up my mind to leave Shirdi and was not happy that I wouldn’t be able to attend the satsang. I packed my bag and called the cab driver to be ready as we had to return home. Thanks to Rajesh, he suggested I wait for the individual picture with Mohanji and then leave.

My mind was stuck on receiving Shaktipat from Mohanji and mainly attending the satsang; however, I remembered my promise to Mohanji that I would leave Shirdi as and whenever the situation came.

Mohanji Sai

The good part was seeing Mohanji and being in his physical presence for the group picture and individual pictures. The time came for individual pictures with Mohanji. It was a short period, and I left the venue as every other person was lined up to take individual pictures with Mohanji. I was glad to see and meet so many Mohanji devotees from all over the world. Bhajans were my favourite part. Though I don’t sing, the Netherlands devotee sang 3 bhajans, which was a beautiful experience.

While sitting in the car, I was thinking about Sai and Mohanji and said in my mind that I was leaving Shirdi. Baba–Mohanji, I came because you allowed me to step into the soil of Shirdi, and I leave as promised. It was all your wish to touch the ground of powerful Shirdi in the presence of Mohanji.

As I remembered Mohanji and Sai Baba (Babu), I was crying and getting emotional as usual. I was thinking and missing Sai and Mohanji; I kept thinking they were both different, and I was missing two different individuals.

Suddenly, I remembered the pictures I had taken that morning and thought about reviewing them to refresh my memories. I was amazed to see the pictures. At one point, I realized I was zooming into Sai Baba’s Dwarkamai picture.

As I was going through the pictures, one picture amazed me and gave me a clear understanding that Sai Baba and Mohanji are not different. Though we see them in two different bodies, they are one. I remember praying to Mohanji and taking Sai Baba’s Dwarkamai picture from the outside.

The first picture I took was very clear.

Sai at Dwarakamai

And the very next picture I took came as follows: when I zoomed in, I got this picture as a second picture.


I wanted to ensure that the pictures I took were real and not any sort of illusion to me. I shared the photo with Tea Klincov, and she said that I have good observational skills. This confirmed that the picture I took was real and nothing misleading. You can see Mohanji’s hair.

In the picture above, you can see Sai and the Mohanji as one. You can see Mohanji’s long hair and face, along with Sai’s face, in the background.

I bow down to Mohanji and his presence without presence.

Nothing is what we do; it is all orchestrated by Guru Mohanji. Mohanji is Sai Baba, Mohanji is Lord Dattatraya, and Mohanji is everywhere.

Thank you for such a divine experience of the one-day Mohanji program in Shirdi in the presence of Sai Baba and Mohanji all in one.

This is my experience, and I genuinely believe that Sai Baba and Mohanji are not separate. It is all one.

Jai Mohanji!



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