The path and unconditional love

By Meghan Rose, USA

A few months ago, while doing Kriya practice, I realized that in order to live in the present again, I need to let go of my past and the future. When I made that decision, a realization hit me: “Well, I don’t even know how much longer I’ll have to live!” This caused a train of realization that I’d also have to leave my liberation in the hands of Mohanji and the Tradition; everything and everyone in my life can go at any time, and I don’t know when they will die either. 

I had experienced people dying in my life before, and I had experienced grief. I had even thought of my own longevity before. But thinking about it compared to truly realizing that I can go at any moment is different. It was like being in the present moment was a death itself. 

I became very distraught. My mind began looking for something permanent that I could hang onto. I didn’t know how to find it! One day, I thought I’d watch near-death experience (NDE) stories in order to calm myself a bit. This was not the first time I was looking into life after death. Years ago, when someone dear to me had died, I had looked into these things. But this time, it was for my own sake! 

At first, I listened to two of the NDE stories, and they were so beautiful. The first was a man who said when he died or left his body, he felt that he was not the personality he left behind on the hospital bed. He also said he felt everything a human wants to feel: unconditional love, joy and acceptance. 

The second was a woman who had a similar experience. She left her body and felt the presence of guides. They were extremely happy to see her, and she felt all her pains of life being washed away. She, too, described being loved unconditionally by Consciousness or the Supreme Father. When I heard this, I wondered what it was like to feel the things they were talking about. I wanted to feel it while being alive. 

One day, I asked Jack Barratt, who holds weekly satsangs, to please speak about the NDEs. At the end of the satsang, we meditate for 10 minutes. During the meditation, I could physically feel a wave of golden light coming from the front into me, surrounding me and filling every cell of my body. It was then that I felt what those people were talking about. 

I mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually could feel that I am loved no matter what. I knew it with my entire being. This was not a subtle experience at all. I felt and knew that I was loved, and my personality, my thoughts, my words, actions, memories, my body – all that didn’t matter! Needless to say, it was incredible. 

I kept thinking about this for the following week, and it happened again during the next satsang. This experience (along with the lovely help of Mai-Tri sessions) really lifted me back up. It took away the distraught emotions I was feeling. I reflected on so many things throughout this time – it made me contemplate what is important to me and what my priorities in life are. Everything was pointing to the path – to going back home. And to LOVE! 

It made me realize and feel the value of everything and everyone who comes our way, especially those who may give us pain, which makes us grow! Because they are all contributing to our journey towards the ultimate (if that’s what we decide we want in this lifetime). I felt so much gratitude for all the situations and people in my life. Never blame anyone; never hurt anyone, including yourself. 

If it wasn’t for Mohanji, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through all this. I never knew that kind of love was possible. Perhaps all we need to do is be open, love ourselves and feel we are also worthy of this supreme love! Definitely, it was a huge booster for me to keep going, NO MATTER WHAT. 

I have learned so much from Mohanji being in my life so far – the first thing that I ever really learned from Mohanji was the importance of self-acceptance and how necessary it is for the path. And that we CAN accept ourselves. It’s difficult, it’s a practice. I had never really heard of this kind of teaching growing up. The other things besides acceptance have been about not having guilt, letting go, and respect. 

I feel like we all really love each other deep down when we put away the differences, the memories, the situations – everything.

“Love is the effortless expression of a still mind. All other expressions are reactions to circumstances.” ~ Mohanji

One other thing I want to mention, which Mohanji has been talking about a lot recently, is the importance of consistently connecting to one Master deeply. Mohanji has also said that your Master is all Masters, and you only need to focus on the one who came to you. I experienced this recently when I was offering food. As I was getting ready to offer – I thought to myself how I felt connected to Mohanji and the Dattatreya Tradition. 

Then, I looked at Babaji’s photo and had some doubts. When I closed my eyes, I immediately saw Babaji, but even though I saw Babaji, I felt Mohanji! There was no separation between them. There was a wonderful sense of love. Our Master Mohanji is all Masters indeed. He is our gateway! 

This also happened during Ganesha Chaturthi. We were celebrating Lord Ganesha’s birthday. And even though I was looking at the form Ganesha, I felt Mohanji again!  Thank you, Mohanji. For all the support and unconditional love, you have given me. I’m so happy that I’m living this life with you. I love you! Because of you, I am me. You have been my mother, my father, my best friend, and you are my true relative. If anyone ever compliments me, I know it’s you they are seeing. 

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