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By Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Spending time in Mohanji’s physical presence is so precious, and I look forward to those moments with so much anticipation and joy. Time flies in the whirlwind of activities during his visits, and it’s only afterwards that I realise as I speak with our Mohanji family members how many wishes and desires have been fulfilled and our beloved Guru has showered blessings for those yearning for his love. 

During Mohanji’s recent visit to the UK in May 2023, I had a beautiful confirmation of how our prayers reach him. Mohanji says remembrance is the easiest way to connect to him, and I try to practice this during various times of the day. One such moment is during my food prayer. Mohanji says,

“I tell all my people that all pujas start with the invocation of Lord Ganesha. Hence, we should offer whatever we eat first to Lord Ganesha. Then we offer it to our Kul Devatas (family deity) and to Naag Devatas, who are an important and integral part of our system and responsible for education or knowledge, well-being and relationships. 

Then offer it to the Ishta Devatas (favourite deities), Pitru Devatas (ancestors) and your Guru Devatas (Masters). It takes about thirty seconds. You offer it three times every day. Offer it mentally and visualise or imagine that you are handing some over to them, and they are happy. Then consume the food. It becomes prasad (consecrated food). Many, many problems can be sorted out with this simple practice.”

I have been chanting the food prayer before my meals for a long time now, and in my mind, I touch Mohanji’s feet in gratitude for the food I receive when I offer it to him. In the last few years, as a part of my morning prayers, I also pray that ‘May every morsel of food that I eat be prasad from you, Mohanji.’ As I say this, I visualise Mohanji sitting and eating in front of me at a dinner table and giving me some food in my hand to eat. It’s a joyful image in my mind and invariably makes me smile to receive food from my much-loved Guru.

During the recent trip to the UK, as usual, most days were busy with either Mohanji attending an event or people coming to see him. Quite often, he would have meals with important visitors, and meal times were always busy. One morning, we had made upma (a savoury item made with semolina), and surprisingly no visitors were coming to have breakfast with Mohanji that day. Everyone in the house was busy with their tasks before food. Mohanji came and sat down at the table, and as always, before eating, he spent a few minutes in silence with his eyes closed, praying and offering gratitude for the food before him. 

As no one was there at that particular moment to keep Mohanji company, I sat at the opposite end of the table and watched him quietly. Mohanji’s total absorption in what he’s doing is always beautiful to witness. Once he’d completed his prayers, Mohanji opened his eyes and took some upma in his hand and made a small ball. Looking up and smiling at me, he said, “You made upma for me; this is for you,” and extended his hand out towards me. 

I was momentarily speechless as my mental image of a smiling Mohanji giving me food every morning became a reality! It was such a beautiful moment, and my heart immediately filled and overflowed with love and happiness. I quickly stood up and walked over to Mohanji to receive this prasad. Thanking him and touching his feet with immense gratitude, I ate the upma and sat back down in my chair.

Whether it is human, animal, bird or fish, thousands of beings have received food from Mohanji. Wherever he goes, he loves to give food, and it’s so wonderful to watch Mohanji give, and the person receive; we have seen some really lovely pictures of these moments in many parts of the world.

For me, that morning, beyond receiving food from my Guru, it was a wondrous confirmation that our loving prayers reach him without fail. The visualised image becoming a reality was something that will stay with me forever and fill me with love and gratitude to Mohanji for his presence in my life; for giving us all so much constantly and being there for us, no matter what life may bring. It was also a reminder for me to watch my thoughts, words and actions because they definitely make an impact in our future experiences.

A few days later, while Mohanji was having breakfast, a few people were at the table. One of them hadn’t said their prayer before eating, and Mohanji again mentioned to us the importance of offering our prayers and gratitude for the food we eat. He then added that when he offers food to the deities, he turns it into Amrit (nectar)! This was the first time I was hearing this, that too from Mohanji himself. Isn’t it just amazing to receive Amrit from our Guru! He’s purifying us in so many ways, whether we realise this or not. Feeling so blessed for all the beings who have received this amazing grace, I offer my humble and heartfelt gratitude and love for Mohanji’s teachings, blessings and unconditional love. 

Sharing a beautiful prayer from Mohanji below.


When I am taking a step into today, let this step be towards You.

Whatever I am eating, let this be your gift to me. 

Whatever I am saying, let it be your praises. 

Whatever I speak today, let it be flowers at your feet.

~ Mohanji


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