Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 241 and 242

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 241 – Mechanical action

Yesterday as we walked with Mohanji (10/07), he shared a thought-provoking insight into mechanical action. Mohanji shared that mechanical action doesn’t bring satisfaction. There’s rarely total contentment when you’re doing something without awareness and simply for work. It feels good because action is happening; we’re busy doing many things. But, when there’s no understanding or clarity for performing the activity, the quality or essence is lost because it’s just business.

The result is disillusionment. We may say, “I’ve been busy; I’ve been doing many things”, but there’s no real satisfaction. This is predominant for many people in the world. The reason for this is purposeless action.

Purposeful action needs thinking behind it, pre-planning and understanding the activity’s reason. With purposeful action, you’ll only do what’s required, only what’s necessary. By doing this, it’s possible to work smarter. You do what you must and stay away from what you don’t have to do. Mohanji shared that this is how masters operate. They do what they need to, and then they aren’t there – completely purpose bound.

I’ve observed this with Mohanji. When he needs to perform an activity, he’s fully there. He’s entirely there when he interacts with people; it’s fantastic. The clarity that I see him give to people, especially those in the organization, the heads of the platforms or the teams working on projects – but once he’s done, he stays away; he leaves it.

It’s evident how he works: complete instruction, clarity, and motivation, and then he gives people autonomy to see it through. He’s there when he has to be there and not at all when he doesn’t need to be.

How much of my daily activity is thoughtless or without the awareness of its purpose? I found this good to contemplate.


Day 242 – Those who can ‘see’ by connecting to Mohanji

I’ve shared earlier stories and experiences of the people connecting to Mohanji through various practices such as Mai-Tri, or MTM, or others who are connecting deeply and, through their connection to Mohanji, can perceive things more than the ordinary. So, suppose someone asks them (MTP/MTM) about their personal life, blockages, and situations they’re struggling to overcome. In that case, these people can give guidance and direction and share insights about things that have happened before and have contributed to that.

Many people are shocked because how can this person know all this information when they’re essentially a stranger? It’s said these people, by connecting to Mohanji, receive this, and then the right information is given.

So, I had an interesting question or discussion with a friend about this because it was related to a scenario with three people who had a close bond, and they wanted to know more about what that was. This person who connects to Mohanji was able to give them some insights or at least share something. I don’t know if it was the complete truth or the right story, but that’s what they received. We spoke and discussed asking for information and also about how the Mai-Tri and MTM practitioners can see what they see.

That it’s a perception that it’s Mohanji allowing them to see, is if he’s saying, “Okay, this person is this so that I can give this much insight or information about that person.” It’s perceived that he’s more of a figure judging or arbitrating; this is incorrect.

So, I clarified this with Mohanji. I had an interesting conversation with Mohanji about the Mai-Tri and MTM practitioners connected to him, who can perceive more than the ordinary. He made it very clear for me, so I could share it with everybody else too, that when people connect to him, some things come to them, some abilities, and they can see something.

In fact, Mohanji allows everything. He doesn’t stop anything or anyone connecting to him. He’s available as a presence for everyone. He isn’t sitting and checking on each person. What people can see and perceive when they connect to Mohanji is purely based on the depth and consistency of the connection. As the sun gives to everyone unconditionally, so also Mohanji is available. We only need to connect or open the windows and let the sun in.

If the connection is complete, without doubts, judgements or criticisms, then all possibilities are available; this was an excellent clarification this morning. It all depends on individual connection and openness.

The things that stop that connection are judgements, doubts and anything else that can create separation. But for Mohanji, definitely, he’s available, and he’s not judging based on one person or another, who can see what or what can be seen. It’s all available, and the only thing for eligibility is a deep, steady, and consistent connection.

This was an interesting conversation to share. I don’t experience these sights and visions. Still, many Mai-Tri and MTM practitioners have this because what they share helps people overcome obstacles, blockages, or whatever else they’re trying to move through.



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