The blessings of a living Master

by Suresh Balasubramanian, India

The grace of Masters can be unfathomable. It all started last year on mid-May 22. After a few days of visiting Tirupathi and some other temples, receiving the blessings and grace of the Lord and our Masters, my family and I came back to Chennai, and I left for my work in Goa. My father was with my younger brother and wife. In June, while our house renovation was ongoing, my father, brother, and wife visited our native place at Nagapattinam. One of my father’s relatives told him his body had become yellowish.

(Somewhere during this period, every morning, while I used to get up, Mohanji’s “Power of Purity” was the first thing I saw on my mobile. I knew Mohanji (my Datta) relentlessly told me to meditate. Credits to my mind’s procrastination, I didn’t adhere to the message).

When they took him to the doctor, he was diagnosed with jaundice which the doctor said my father had been suffering for the past month, but nobody detected it. 

My brother immediately called me, and I told him to do everything necessary for his treatment. Now here was the moment things suddenly started changing; instead of treating my father for jaundice, the doctor was carrying out all types of Scanning, including MRI and Endoscopy. Later he said there was some blockage in the bile duct near the gall bladder leading to the pancreas.

Seeing the events unfolding, I told my brother to shift our father to an empanelled hospital in Trivandrum, where our father was entitled to avail medical treatment free of cost through his professional tie-up.

I also came to Trivandrum, wherein they conducted a minor surgery and put a stud (metal clip) to open up the blockage between the gall bladder and pancreas. They informed us that they detected a small growth near the periampullary region. I didn’t understand the significance of the statement that the doctor said.

My wife consulted her cousin, working in the medical profession, and through the medical report, we learned that the small growth was cancerous. It took us some time to digest what we just heard. From jaundice to cancer detection was too much for us to take, given that my father had no bad habits like drinking or smoking.

The doctor said that they needed to do a major operation, namely Whipple surgery, to prevent the spreading and that they would perform the surgery at the earliest after my father’s symptoms of jaundice became low.

We planned for the surgery on August 31st, 2022 (Ganesh Chaturthi), two weeks from the date of the minor surgery, for my father to recover. My mind was relieved and assured that the surgery was planned on a very auspicious day.

Things were again to unfold.

After two weeks, my father and my brother were to come from Chennai for the surgery, and I was planning to join them in Trivandrum with my wife. Just two days before my brother departed from Chennai, I got a call from my brother that he had chickenpox. I immediately checked with the doctor, who cleared that if my father had already contacted chickenpox, there would be no problem.

I was continuously praying to Mohanji and Sripada Srivallabha.

We immediately requested a cousin from our native place to accompany our father from Chennai. On reaching the hospital, the doctors examined my father’s health condition and said we needed to wait till his health condition (jaundice) improved. The health of my father improved in three days. So on 3rd Sep 2022, Father underwent the Whipple surgery, a 13-hour procedure. I was sitting in the ward and was constantly chanting Datta mantra.

The doctor said the operation was successful and my father would take a month to recover from the surgery, and thereafter, his chemotherapy had to start as some lymph nodes were affected. We took our father to recover from surgery to Goa and within a month, on 3rd Oct 2022, through the blessing of the tradition and our beloved Master Mohanji.

We visited Kollur Maa Mookambika temple, although not planned initially. The divine Mother showered her blessings on our family. My father walked into the temple and had the divine darshan of Mother, and we also attended the deepa aradhana (deepa Aarthi) to our hearts’ content. Thereafter, we visited Sri Bhagavan Nithyananda’s ashram near the Mookambika temple, established by Shri Vimalananda Swami.

On return, we all had the blessing to visit Lord Murudeshwar and Lord Mahableshwar at Gokarna. Upon resuming office, my boss called me to the office and told me that I might need to go to (Lonavala) near Pune for official work. The first thought that flashed through my mind was Sai Baba had called for darshan.

As it was an official duty, I hesitated to take my family with me, but Sai Baba had other plans. I landed in Lonavala on a Thursday, and immediately after accessing the jobs in hand, I quickly called my wife to book tickets on Friday so they could join me for the weekend. On October 15th was Baba’s Mahasamadhi day; we went to Shirdi on October 16th. This was the first time I was taking my family to visit Shirdi.

Master plans the play and gets it executed. Just as we were going to Shirdi for darshan, I saw a video on YouTube from our beloved Master Mohanji – What to ask Sai Baba when you visit Shirdi. Ask Baba to help connect to his consciousness was the message. We went and had a beautiful darshan. On return, I enquired about continuing my father’s chemotherapy in Chennai.

We went to one of the Cancer Institute hospitals in Chennai in the month of November. The sight of the hospital moved my heart. I was coming across this hospital for the first time. The number of people who were there for the treatment was heart-wrenching. People of all age groups of various socio-economic backgrounds were all waiting in the corridor for their turn. Most of the patients were reduced to skeletons with hardly any energy to move due to the cancer.

During this time, I spoke to Mr Devadas from Palakkad and requested for Mai-Tri for my father. As planned, Mr Devadas did the Mai-Tri and informed that the energy transfer was average and the message through Mai-Tri was to continue with the treatment.

I reluctantly told Mr Devadas that my father’s age was a factor, and I was thinking of an alternative treatment other than chemotherapy after what I witnessed at the Cancer hospital. I was requesting whether we could continue with Mai-Tri alone. Mr Devadas asked me to surrender my thoughts to our beloved Master Mohanji and wait.

That evening, we had to take my father to a diabetic specialist for review. We had informed him on a previous occasion about the chemotherapy. I continuously asked Mohanji mentally about the way forward for his treatment in the doctor’s presence. Suddenly the doctor asked about the treatment, and I profusely said we had decided not to undergo chemotherapy.

He stopped the checkup and advised us that this very essential and that whatever the side effects of the treatment, we are there for you. I immediately felt as if Mohanji was speaking. We returned, and I shared with Mr Devadas that Mohanji had given the message and that we would continue with the chemo treatment.

We had planned the first chemo on Nov 25th, 2022 in Chennai. Mohanji was during those times, I believe, at the Chitrakoot pilgrimage. I was eagerly praying for the darshan for Mohanji. We started the chemo, and I told my father to offer his prayers to Mohanji, Kuladevata, and Lord Murugan as advised by Mohanji.

We came back, and after two days, I saw a FB post that on the same day, Nov 25th, Mohanji was in Chennai visiting Mohanji ka Aangan. My heart melted, a humble prayer, and Master showed his physical presence. Words will fall short of even describing the grace of the Master.

With the grace of our beloved Master Mohanji, my father completed the chemo treatment that lasted for seven months. On Mohanji’s Birthday i.e. Feb 23rd, 2023, my father completed the renovation and had a housewarming ceremony.

The treatment got over by mid-May. I went to see my father in Chennai on 04 June 23.

Suddenly, I heard Sai Baba’s prayer outside my house that day. We have a temple near our house, but they never play Sai Baba’s songs. I enquired with my father from where this prayer was coming. He said to go outside; you will see Baba. I came out of the house and saw Baba seated on a majestic throne on a tricycle approaching us.

My happiness knew no bounds; I couldn’t even chant, choked with divine darshan and just wanted to go and give dakshina through my father’s hand. I rushed inside but saw my father having food, so I took out some money and offered my dakshina.

Our tradition assures us that Mohanji Consciousness and Sripada Consciousness are no different; it’s the same. A different form of Lord Datta in the present time as a living master is our beloved Mohanji. Eternal gratitude and humble Sastang pranamam at the holy lotus feet of Mohanji (my Datta).


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