Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 239 and 240

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 239 – When we can run, run. When we need to walk, walk.

One of the things that Mohanji has shared before is that when we can run, we should run, and when we can only walk, then we just walk. He usually says this in relation to how we’re feeling on a certain day, or if we’re going through something at that time, maybe some emotional upheaval, or generally, things just feel difficult. When the path is a bit slippery, wet, and treacherous, then we take slow steps, and we keep constant vigilance over our mind and our interactions, but when we feel confident and powerful and we can achieve things, then at that time, use the time for the best.

In the time that I’ve spent with Mohanji, this’s been really important because whilst all the activities are taking place, or we’re doing really great things, at the same time, there’s an internal process happening. There’s a transformation happening, and that’s not always pleasant, especially because of the pace of activities. Nothing ever slows down.

So, even if something’s coming through me, whether that’s, you know, some thoughts, feelings, emotions, general criticisms, or judgements about myself or understanding myself more, it helps me see things differently. All this is happening at the same time as the activity, and fast activity, which means that the guideline of ‘run when you can and walk if you need to walk’, so that at least you’re taking steps, is very useful.

This morning, I wanted to share that because recently, at the Montenegro retreat, we finished with a process that was designed to pull together all of the hurts, traumas, pains, and emotions that might be lying within us into something that can then be released. What I’ve experienced personally, and I know others have different experiences, is that when it happens, or these things are coming out, it can be physical, mental, or emotional.

At those times, it’s good to be aware, too, because then our interactions, thoughts, words or actions are a bit coloured by what we’re seeing then. That’s a very helpful lesson when working with care, slowly speaking with care, and ensuring that there’s always awareness and presence. I think that’s always a good thing to remember on this path, where everything’s speeding up, many experiences are happening, and we also understand ourselves more.


Day 240 – Remove the emotions from a situation

Living with Mohanji, I’ve witnessed him now supporting many different people with very serious life difficulties. Often these are really tough situations for people. I find it incredibly impressive how he always reaches the truth of a situation to provide clear guidance and clarity for that person, to help them move forward.

Whilst he involves himself entirely when he’s helping someone, he’s completely there, fully present, and he remains unaffected by the situation too. He gives great empathy, but he doesn’t take on the emotions of a situation or the person or indulge in sympathising. He sees beyond the emotions to the truth of a situation and then responds from there. This is something great to observe. He’s also shared this as practical guidance for me and everybody. I found that very, very useful.

He shared that every situation that comes to us, whether from a person or various environments, will come as a package, and to respond most effectively, we need to remove the emotion. We see the truth and only respond once we remove the emotion from a situation. He likened situations to a cake. If a cake comes to us, we can imagine it with icing on top. We can only see the icing; we can’t see the cake that’s actually inside.

Similarly, when situations come to us with the icing or emotions, we actually don’t know what’s fully below. More often than not, we react to the emotion of a situation rather than the truth. When we’re reacting to emotions, nothing will be resolved, or something will rarely be resolved. He’s sharing that when a situation comes, just wait, take time, and remove the emotion from it. Once that’s removed, you begin to see the truth, and then resolution can begin from there, but you can never really solve anything, a situation with more emotion.

Also, not everything needs to be resolved in one go. Time can be given, step-by-step responses can be given, and this way, emotional reactions can be avoided, which reduces guilt and regret and preserves self-esteem. This is definitely something that’s a continuous lesson for me.



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