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By Maja O, Ecuador

Dear Ones, this is a humble attempt to recollect some moments on my journey with Mohanji as an expression of gratitude for all that I have been blessed with. As I am reluctant to write, I dare do so only because I was propelled to do it during my meditation. I surrender it fully to my Gurudeva Mohanji’s lotus feet.

I met Mohanji in 2010, on his first visit to Belgrade. I was invited to meet him by a dear cousin of mine whom I respected deeply. The reunion was held at Toma’s place, and a small group of people gathered and listened to the satsang. During the discourse, my ego kept judging Mohanji’s words as if testing him based on my previous spiritual experiences that I considered significant. My final verdict was that this man speaks the truth and has experienced it. But it was only from the mind/intellect level that I approached Mohanji, as the ego did not allow a deeper connection.

A couple of days later, we had a big satsang with Mohanji, to which he came directly from his wedding in a different city in Serbia. (To be honest, I don’t quite remember clearly whether this particular experience happened in this event, but it did happen, and I relate it to this occasion, though in full honesty, my memory is not clear, and it might have happened later on.)

In any case, even before knowing that Mohanji had arrived at the venue, in my heart, I felt bright light emanating in joy upon feeling Mohanji’s presence. It was screaming with overwhelming happiness: “Finally!” I was taken by surprise when I looked at my chest and asked: “Ok, I seem to be very happy to meet him. But who are you, and where have you been hiding so far?” My soul was silent. It cared not for my mind’s chattering.

Before Mohanji left Serbia on his first visit, I made a mental request to him. We were lined up to receive Shaktipat, and when it was my turn, I looked at him and asked him in my mind to resolve my current situation. Back then, I was struggling a lot to get a job, and I had a lot of family and health issues. For years I was trying to find any job abroad, that I thought would be the solution, and even though I kept knocking on many doors, they remained closed.

Needless to say, he delivered even more than what I had asked for. Some four months later, I was in Mexico, on the Caribbean, selling diamonds. I did not have to chase this opportunity; it landed effortlessly in my lap. This experience not only helped me regain my strength and confidence, but it was also the beginning of my living abroad.

Living abroad also meant not being able to see Mohanji often. However, whether I was aware of it or not, he has always been with me. Our connection is also reflected in the lives of my family members, and I will briefly relate the two most important events. When my mother was about to pass away, Swamiji Bhaktananda kindly accepted to do a Mai-Tri for her.

Through him, I found out that Mohanji was with my mom at the moment of transiting. With his grace and her good deeds, she was able to attain liberation from the birth-death cycle, that she would no longer be reincarnated on Earth. Her soul had moved to higher realms as she continued her journey to complete dissolution. I had a close relationship with my mother, and after hearing Swamiji’s words, I could not hold back the tears of deepest gratitude overflowing from me.

Every time I think of it, I have tears of joy. It was as if Mohanji fulfilled one of my biggest wishes, and whenever he reminds us to think of what we should be grateful for in our lives – I think of this. Even as I write this now, my heart wants to explode as tears roll down in gratitude and joy.

Another event is related to my father’s car accident. He was in his 70s and was driving really slowly on a very fast inter-city road. Another car at full speed hit him from behind, and as he flew up in the air, the car turned and landed on the ground upside down. The old, small Peugeot was completely demolished. My dad had just a small scratch on his leg. He was completely fine, other than being in shock. He was fully aware that it was divine grace that had saved him, as it is a complete miracle to walk out unhurt from such an accident.

It was clear to me that it was Mohanji’s divine hand that was holding my father as he was flying in the air. I also knew that it would be hard for my family to accept and believe in it. This reminds me of how little I personally am aware of the things Mohanji does for me every day, even beyond this time and space. 

I’d also like to write about a challenging period when I was about to see Mohanji and attend his programs after five years of not being in his physical presence. The first hit ended up at a very low frequency where my body was in pain, my ego was hurt, and my mind was blaming Mohanji for it. I was even considering cancelling my participation. But luckily, as soon as my mind and ego rebelled, I asked myself how do I really feel about it. My soul saved me by giving me a message that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t go. It was the only answer that mattered, and I proceeded with my plans ignoring all the nagging of my mind in the background.

Once in Serbia, I was unpleasantly surprised. Certain friends of mine who used to be deeply connected with Mohanji since day one were no longer with him and were telling me untrue stories about him. I was not expecting this. Their words confused me, as I could clearly see that they believed in their own stories, and yet I was unable to come to terms with their words and who Mohanji really was through my interaction with him.

I feel gratitude for the blessing that came through a new friend whose one simple sentence cleared the sky and made room for me to breathe the fresh air of truth again. Upon asking Mohanji about it, mainly about how could it be that these people truly believed the negative things they were saying, which was untrue, he simply said that we all have our weaknesses and should be alert and aware.

I feel love for these people, and I did not feel anything negative towards them. I just see them confused and am praying they will be blessed with more clarity and that they will come out of it with the least possible karma for them. And in this context, it is useful to remember how Mohanji always reminds us to trust our own experiences and not the opinions of others.

So finally, I was able to reach the retreats and face Mohanji’s constant poking. I was not the least upset because of it, as I was aware that Mohanji is pure love, but the truth was that I had come with some resistance. By the end of the retreats, he cleared this completely and placed deep devotion in my heart. What surprised me about the programs was how different they were from past ones. Before, he used to be physically present with us almost all the time, and we would go through constant experience sharing together.

Nowadays, he makes us connect more to his consciousness so that we are not attached to his physical body. Another difference I noticed was the clear increase of power that was emanating from him. My impression was that it had to do with the ceremony of bestowing the Brahmarishi title to Mohanji when Avadhoota Nadananda transferred his spiritual powers onto Mohanji. The great Masters were showering him with blessings even without him asking for it.

Before, we received Shaktipat every so often at the programs (or at least that was my impression). But this time, we had to wait till the end of the retreat. I remember the guy on the bus sitting next to me, enthusiastic about it as we reached the tunnels Ravne in Bosnian Pyramids: “Wow, it’s coming! We gonna receive it! Finally! Shaktipat!” I have to admit I couldn’t help thinking: “Why is he getting so excited about it; what’s the big deal?” But I did not say anything to my fellow friend.

However, once the Shaktipat commenced, literally a volcano started erupting from within me, and it wouldn’t stop. Only Mohanji knows what got burned in that sacred fire of Shaktipat. And it was yet another reminder for me to not be so easily judgmental and to respect deeply every aspect of the Tradition as my understanding of it is so small and limited. 

One of the deepest transformative experiences I went through, thanks to Mohanji, was the Mai-Tri process and the Empowered program. It was through the Empowered program that Mohanji gave me stability, as well as the awareness through which states of fearlessness, silence and stillness, and thoughtlessness were made possible. It was as if he poured on us the blessings and grace needed for reaching our true selves, and all we had to do was follow his guidelines with dedication and merge into the consciousness so readily waiting for us.

Experiences of these states were important for me when working with Mai-Tri practitioners, as they assured deeper connection and surrender. I have gained much clarity, and so much of karma has been cleansed through the amazing practice of Mai-Tri given to us by Mohanji. I’d like to thank all of the practitioners who have worked with me. I am especially greatly thankful to the Mai-Tri practitioner from the USA, whose faith and full surrender to Mohanji have made this practice a completely transformative experience. Thanks to her, I have been given clarity on how much I have taken things for granted in my life and how high my expectations were instead of focusing on the blessings present here and now.

It is thanks to Mohanji that I can eat the most delicious food of grand variety, live in a house made of natural materials in the nature that I wished for, and have the opportunity to serve, which brings joy and meaning to my life, as it also cleanses my karma, have friends who are my true soulmates, and learn daily from the people and situations in my life.

I used to think that I was not receiving enough because I could not afford to go to the retreats and pilgrimages. I was shown that I have exactly what I need for my spiritual growth here and now. I’ll give just one simple example. The Mai-Tri practitioner explained to me the attitude that I lack and need to develop in this lifetime, which would bring an important transformation in me. The very next day, I received a voice message from one of my best friends, who is the epitome of these qualities. She wholeheartedly expressed all those previously mentioned by the practitioner.

My Guru was right there in front of me, and it was not by mere chance that we call each other soul-sisters and that we regularly thank each other for all the valuable lessons. And all the people of the place where I live have also taught me and have changed me, of which I now have more understanding and appreciation. In short, Mohanji has provided the perfect conditions that were needed for my particular spiritual growth. Gratitude opens us up for receiving the grace which is definitely flowing to us in abundance. We just need to put the right glasses on (or remove the glasses of the mind) to see things properly.

This was just one aspect of what the connection with Mohanji can bring. A deeper one is found through silence. There’s much more, and this text does not do justice to all that I have received from Mohanji and the Tradition, but I wrote only about what came to me now. Mohanji urges us to share experiences for our own sake and for the possibility of inspiring others. So I thank you all who have read this, and I surrender it fully to my dearest Mohanji’s feet, to whom I owe everything. Eternally grateful for all the love and light you have blessed me with, Mohanji.


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