Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 137 & 138

Christopher Greenwood

Day 137 Lesson – Speaking out

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well.

As many of you will be aware by now, Mohanji was subjected to real serious harassment by the security guards at Frankfurt airport as we made our way from India to Slovenia. We had a transit leg in Frankfurt airport, so after a nine-hour flight, we went through the security checks again to catch the onward flight. Mohanji went in business class, and I went in economy. As I went through, I could see that Mohanji had been surrounded and stopped by police and security guards. As I got closer, I saw that they were completely ransacking his bag pack, and he was being treated with utter contempt. It was shocking, and I can only put it down to racial profiling, as many people were coming through that check, and they weren’t being subjected to the same treatment. It was a real serious incident of injustice.

Since then, each day, we’ve been moving forward with everything that we can, gathering support, and the people who are feeling the importance of the cause are coming together and taking it forward. This is also alongside all of the other activities that we have to do; they haven’t gone away either, so it means that now there’s much more for us to do.

For me personally, this has been a real living example of the teachings, lessons and messages that I’ve shared over the past weeks and months, because it’s almost as if it all came together in this situation to give a real example of how Mohanji approaches life. And the way he approaches life gives for me the best lessons. If I was to just think personally about my experience with this situation and share some of the things that I feel in my own growth since meeting Mohanji, I can see a change from how I’ve handled this situation to how I probably would have done so two years ago. I probably would have been very reluctant to speak about this. I would have had a lot of fear and would have been unsure of what I should do.

But when I wrote my posts, which was my eye-witness account, I felt that I had to speak because I had witnessed it, I was there. It could have been anybody else in my place, but it wasn’t, it was me. I felt a need to share what I’d seen so that at least people understood how the situation happened. A year and a half ago, maybe I wouldn’t have done this, but this time around, it was a natural thing for me. There’s been an injustice, and I’ve seen it, so I should speak about it.

I feel that, for me, thinking about it demonstrated that some of the teachings that Mohanji has shared have at least settled somewhere within me. I can’t say I’ve taken them all in; I will never say that, because there’s always much more to learn. But at least that aspect of being worried about what people think, what people might say, how would I be perceived was completely gone. There was no second thought about doing this, so this is something I recognized.

After the incident too, being close to Mohanji and seeing how he is approaching this whole situation is again incredibly inspiring because it’s re-establishing everything that he has said before in many talks. Especially that if we have the opportunity to speak, we should. Particularly because there are many other people out there who would have experienced this situation and didn’t have the opportunity or platform to share their voice.

Mohanji has made a really great podcast that is coming out today,  titled “We must speak because they cannot”. It is not just about this incident at Frankfurt. It is for every being that doesn’t have a voice – we should speak for them, we should take that as a responsibility.

What inspires me about Mohanji’s approach to this situation is that he’s willing to take this all the way. He’s not worried about what may or what may not happen. For him, there’s a clear purpose, and that’s to bring about a change where everybody is respected; no one should feel unsafe when they’re legitimately travelling through Frankfurt airport or any other airport. No one should experience security harassment. All these agencies that are involved in that process should adhere to good ethics.

This is the goal. The routes to reach there might change, we have to be flexible. Mohanji said openly that something good might happen, something bad might happen. People could shame, defame, or attempt slander in an effort to save themselves. We don’t know what will happen. But what he is clear on, though, is that we’re moving for a purpose. As he said before, whilst our heart is beating, we should do something for the world, we should do something for a purpose. Not just sleep, eat, drink, and other things like that. We can make a difference.

For me, when I read between the lines a little bit more, it shows me that he has no real attachment to any image or the idea of any image about himself. He’s willing to go all the way out there, put himself out there, regardless of what may come. And he knows that whatever comes, he’ll face it then. Also, he’s focused on purpose. So, he’s doing what needs to be done now, today, because it happened now. As he’s mentioned, and as I’ve shared in other lessons before, there are no rehearsals in life. It’s all about now, doing what you can now.

Today, we’ll keep going, and more people are coming to support this. Yesterday, I was reaching out to a US Congressman who had suffered a similar experience at Frankfurt Airport too. He had actually published his experience in the news about harassment and how he was taken aside and kept for 10 hours. So, this is really systematic harassment that is happening at this airport in particular. Madhu will be sharing some more details later today, and we will continue to bring attention to this cause.

I hope you have a great day ahead.

Day 138 Lesson – Raising awareness/frequency

Good morning, everybody. I hope you are well.

We’re moving forward and doing all that we can on this campaign to bring spotlight on this incident of harassment that happened to Mohanji at Frankfurt Airport. We want to push for a change. What we want to see is a shift in the mindset of those who are handling people in airports. We are now moving forward with many different activities; we have social media activity, and we have consolidated some good hashtags that will help us align all the activities. Also, we’re pushing the official channels too. Yesterday, I spoke with a lady who can help us move this forward with the UN, and Madhu has been speaking with others who are looking to contact the German Federal Government. Many activities are happening, and people are coming forward now to help volunteer for this, which is great. What we’re doing is looking to really shift the mindset of people.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with Mohanji about something that’s not related to this incident. It was about people’s operating frequencies. This helped me understand more about how and where people are positioned, and that the change that people need to make might not be dramatic. But if we can shift people’s mindsets just a bit, then we would have done a good job. What Mohanji was sharing was that, on the path of our spiritual journey, we can reach a point where we feel as though there is stagnation, so we might feel as though nothing is happening. And this is usually a state that comes just before a bliss state. He said that when you’re connected with a master, there is always something changing, something shifting. But during this time, we might feel as though nothing is happening.

He likened this to travelling into outer space, that when we set off from the ground, there’ll be many obvious changes. Because from the level of the earth, you’ll be climbing through the clouds into higher clouds, past the jet stream, and finally, through the very final layers of the atmosphere until you’re in space. Once you’re in space, you’re still moving, probably travelling at a rapid speed. But it won’t feel like that. Mohanji shared that, even during the stagnation phase, inside many things will be shifting, in the intellect, ego, and there’ll be changes.

I was thinking then about those famous words that Shirdi Sai Baba has said, which will come handy during this time: Shraddha and Saburi – faith and patience. Mohanji shared that, at this time, the frequency will be shifting, and frequency is distinct from intellect, ego and mind. It’s an operating state. And what are the signs of operating frequency? If we are living with more kindness, more compassion, more understanding, more awareness of situations and acceptance, we could say that we’re operating at a higher frequency. But he also said that this stagnation state, or vacuum state, can be very easy to fall from because there’s not much apparent movement. So, as we feel there’s no progress, we can become susceptible to doubts. Some have even left the path at the stage when they were very close to attaining something. And then there can be a fall.

I asked Mohanji what is a fall in that respect; if people fall, what does that mean? He said that the sure sign is that there’s a drop in frequency, or a fall in the relative frequency that they were operating from. People can then shift from kindness, acceptance, compassion, right down to the lower operating ends, such as people becoming jealous, full of hatred, revenge, all these types of things. Thinking about it now, if you look at the people who have left Mohanji and spoken bad about him later, you can see that’s what the fall was. If they were operating in one state, they quickly dropped to revenge, writing bad, that type of thing.

For me, this also deepened my understanding of what we’re doing through all these platforms. I’d understood before, but this added more depth or another dimension to it. Because the overall vision of Mohanji is to raise people from what we would consider as the lower frequencies, and I say ‘consider’ because it’s all relative, right up to the higher levels of kindness and compassion. Mohanji has also said that he’s shifting the frequency, so that the Satya Yuga, a good age or a golden age can come, and we can all exist in that frequency.

Mohanji didn’t say this explicitly to me, but this is my understanding. I also imagined it like a scale, like a thermometer. People will be at various frequencies – some at the higher end, some at the lower end. And like I say, this is all relative, the higher and lower. But our job, I see now more clearly, is to take people from where they are to the next level. It may not be possible to take them from complete anger, complete prejudice, opinions, insensitivity towards what they’re doing, right up to the highest. It could be a step-by-step process. I was thinking this because of the incident at Frankfurt and the campaign that we are undertaking, which is to really shift the mindset of people and take them to a different operating state, wherein they’re treating people with kindness. And if not kindness, then at least just a basic respect.

This helps me understand then to look for what will be possible. So, it may not be possible that from this everybody begins to love all beings, all creations and wants to live in complete harmony. But possibly, and at least, they should be having that basic level of respect and understanding, and treat everyone equally as humans with decency. So that there’ll be humane airports, which is one of the hashtags that we’re now promoting as well. We want to have humane airports, where everybody’s treated with respect.

I hope you have a good day ahead, and we shall speak again soon.

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