Let your faith heal you!

By Elham, USA

Mohanji’s grace has always flowed in my life since I met him in 2014. This testimonial is one of many blessings that he showered on me, and I will cherish all his blessings for the rest of my life and can’t ask for more. Surrendering this testimonial at Mohanji’s lotus feet.

In April 2022, Mohanji was coming to the USA after four years and this was very exciting news for me. In the past couple of years, due to Covid, we could not travel to meet him. I could not wait and started counting down every day. As always, when it comes to meeting Mohanji, challenges will start happening, and to me, it’s a testing time of faith and conviction. It’s not easy to reach Mohanji; it’s not that we want to meet him. Pure intention is needed, and then, by his grace, barriers and obstacles are removed. 

Due to some circumstances, it was impossible to participate in the USA retreat, which meant we could meet him only for two days in Sedona! I was deeply sad about losing this precious chance. A few days went by with sadness, plus tears kept coming, and then I started surrendering to him. I told myself I would enjoy and cherish every moment of these two days to make them eternal moments and won’t stay in sadness. The closer we got to the events, the more opportunities to meet Mohanji were coming up! We learned about a fruit tree plantation in Phoenix, a satsang in LA, and later on, two more fruit tree plantations in San Francisco! WoW! Grace, Grace, Grace!

I need to give a little history about my health. I used to have hypothyroidism for more than 20 years, healed by Mohanji’s miraculous touch in October 2019, and I already wrote about that. Also, I have had two herniated and degenerated neck discs since 2015 due to some injuries. Hope nobody is familiar with such pain, but it can be very paralyzing. I had pain every day, from low to extreme pain, changing based on my activities or even mood. Anything could trigger that. Any simple daily chores were painful. This feeling that my nerves were getting smashed was there all the time. 

Treatments didn’t work, and I had to go for surgery, but I was not interested in such an approach. Sometime back, very severe pain started and lasted for five continuous days, nonstop from waking up to sleep, and no pain killer helped. I was wondering if it’s karmic, and I need to go through it to accept it more easily. I asked Mohanji, and he just said, “I understand.” Then he said, “Get help from Homeopathy and Ayurveda.” That’s it! The pain stopped completely in less than a couple of hours, and I never experienced such high intensity of pain anymore! 

Finding Homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors in my area took time, but finally, after some time, I started taking those medications. It was helpful on the pain level, but still, the pain was coming and making me slow in my tasks and even affecting my eyesight. 

The time came to travel to meet Mohanji. My husband Farshad and I traveled to Phoenix by driving, and even though the week ending the trip was not easy, and I had pain every day, when we started traveling I didn’t feel any pain during those times that I was driving. Driving was one of the pain triggers.

We went to the airport to welcome Mohanji in Phoenix, and it was incredible to have his heavenly hugs! Immediately you feel freshness, love, peace and happiness. I was floating in the air and couldn’t believe that finally, we had met again. 

There was a fruit tree plantation event in Phoenix, and it was so hot that the sun was shining strongly. Mohanji was standing there, and George, who was in front of him, looked at Mohanji and said it would be good to have some clouds! We all laughed and knew what that meant. Mohanji smiled, and a few minutes later, he pointed at the sky with a finger and said something. Shortly clouds moved in front of the sun, and a very pleasant breeze started coming! 

I was enjoying each moment, and more grace was coming my way. In Sedona, a couple of times, we could be with Mohanji in his accommodation by his grace and invitation and also through my lovely Milica, for which I’m so grateful. His accommodation was just five minutes from our hotel, and being this close to his stay was another joy. For me, it was the first time to see him outside of programs. He was sitting on the sofa, so simple and silent, seemingly on his phone, but who knows where he is working and whom he is helping. This mind won’t know. 

We had the blessing to massage his feet which was a long-time wish, and he made it happen, and this was our gain, not that he needed a massage or anything else from us. He was fulfilling wishes one by one! I’m sure it’s not about me only; others also experienced this too; Mohanji gives love to all without any expectations, but the mind may forget and expect more from him if we are not grateful for what has been given before. 

In Sedona, Mohanji started having severe coughs. On the second day, it increased so much during his speeches. My heart was wrenching with each cough. Such sudden changes in Mohanji’s health were a sign that he took something from someone or even many people onto his own body. I couldn’t bear to see him in pain even though he does not suffer from pain.

Then I closed my eyes and went into a kind of meditative mode but could hear him speaking. I could hear some words bolder and louder. I heard him speaking about the connection and devotion of Hanumanji to Lord Ram. Then I heard these words, “Let your faith heal you.” It went deep into my mind, but I didn’t know the story behind those words. On the same day, I heard this quote from Christopher in a conversation, and I got more curious to know where it came from, but I didn’t ask, and it slipped from my mind. 

Later on, it came out that Mohanji took a severe lung ailment from an old lady at her final stage of life. She had a deep wish to live longer and had desires to fulfill. She prayed deeply, and as always, Mohanji answered sincere prayers. He says, “I don’t have any choice.” He is so innocent. These coughs and discomfort in breathing were there till the end of his travel to the USA. Even though it only reduced gradually, he didn’t stop anything, any plan, any program or interview. He was determined and selfless.  

Even though we didn’t have any plans of going to San Francisco, and it seemed impossible with my husband’s job, everything fell into place, and we could travel there with less than two days’ planning and stay in the same hotel with Mohanji. Such grace! 

One of the plans in Phoenix was to visit a Sai Baba temple which got cancelled due to lack of time, and I had the wish to go to the Sai Temple with Mohanji. In SF, without planning in advance, we visited a very beautiful Sai Temple with him! He fulfilled another wish. It’s like he has thousands of ears and eyes!

There were two fruit tree plantation events in SF. It was amazing to witness many people who came to express their love and respect for him. Nobody wanted to lose the chance to hug him or touch his feet. After SF, we all headed to LA. For us, it was a great blessing that he was coming to our city, where we met him for the first time in October 2014. He hadn’t come back here to the West of the USA until this time, after more than seven years!  

Another grace! I came to know that the house that Mohanji was staying in LA with his team was only 20 minutes away from where we live, and this, in the vast LA, means a lot and doesn’t happen accidentally! I was unsure if I could meet him there and not be a burden, and I prayed to him, “You are here just 20 minutes away from me, and I still look at your picture!” He heard my heart. 

He showered grace on me and said, “When I’m here, you can come every day, and you can come wherever we go.” I was flying! There’s no limit to his kindness! And it was amazing that every evening he would say, see you tomorrow morning. His unconditional love has the power to melt hearts. He is the rarest gem on Earth. He doesn’t belong to anyone. Nobody can own him, and he belongs to the Universe, to every being who seeks help, hope and light. It is a perfect delusion to think anyone can own Mohanji. As the Masters have said, “Mohanji is a friend of the Universe.”

It was the best time of my life, sitting and looking at him, walking with him, having the chance to bring a cup of water or such things and once he ate from what I made! So many wishes came true only by his grace.

Satsang in LA was amazing and so powerful. Almost all participants were meeting Mohanji for the first time and listening to him with all focus. After the satsang, he didn’t think about his health condition even though it was very cold, standing for such a long time and giving so much time to people to come one by one and talk to him, ask questions, sign books or receive his blessings. 

With his presence, LA was different, the crazy heavy traffic became so smooth, and cars moved out of our way. Everything was bright and shining. Nobody was out of his eyesight. When Farshad was coming after work to meet him, Mohanji asked if he had eaten and kept saying, “Eat something”. He is always working on people and, most of the time, in some ways that the mind can’t understand. 

Once, when I was overwhelmed with emotions and tears were rolling down, without looking at me, very calmly, he said, “Elham, have tea.” I said, “I’m fine, Father, thank you.” After a few minutes again he repeated and I said the same! At that moment, it came to me, what was I doing? Why do I keep refusing! There is a reason for what he says, always. He repeated that for the third time, and this time I said yes immediately and got tea, and after just a couple of sips, I felt so calm, no tears, not emotional anymore and something had been washed away from my heart! This was a repeated lesson for me that never resist when Guru tells you to do something; even if the mind says something else, just follow. 

Even though I was waking up early, going to sleep very late and was doing so much driving, I was not feeling tired and felt so fresh and energetic. Those dreamy days went by so fast, and Mohanji and the team flew out. After Mohanji flew out, we hosted Deviji for a few days, and as always, being with Devi and her energy is incredible! So dynamic and happy! 

After all those intense energies and everything that happened in that short span of time, everything needed to settle down. Soon one day, again, I remembered the quote and asked Farshad what Mohanji said about it. Farshad explained to me, and this is the story if some of you don’t know like me. 

When a person approached Jesus Christ for healing, Jesus asked him one question. Do you believe I can do it? The person said yes. Then Jesus said, “Let your faith heal you.” 

This was very meaningful to me. I already experienced healing by Mohanji for my thyroid, and I knew he had the power to do any healing. Then I started realizing something more and more every day. At first, my mind could not believe it, but I was sure after a few days. There was no more pain in my neck! It is impossible that I don’t have any pain within a couple of days, and now I do not have pain even though Mohanji is not here physically!

A few days later, I heard Mohanji had a stiff neck! I understood what that meant. A stiff neck is something I’m very familiar with after many years of neck issues. I was sad that he took this onto himself; it was a very strange moment as I was happy that there was no pain when I heard this. 

I was thinking nobody does such an act of love, without even mentioning it, without any propaganda, very silent, very humble. If you ask him about such things, ask whether he has done that; he will only smile at you. You never get an answer because Mohanji is so humble. Mohanji always practices being insignificant. Sometimes he even gives the credit for a miracle or healing that he has done to someone else. This could be a test of ego for the person too. 

It’s not possible to thank him. Words are so small in front of such greatness. I felt I should write and share this as a way to express my gratitude, and it may reach someone who needs it. People often get many things from Mohanji, either healing or material wishes, but sometimes they don’t say at all. Maybe they think that they might lose it, or sometimes the mind manipulates the experience, and they think it happened by itself or it’s because of their hard work. 

Acknowledging the source opens the door for more grace to flow. It also helps deepen the connection and to increase the faith. It took me time to write this testimonial, so meanwhile, I started sharing it verbally with whomever I was talking to, and I noticed I felt even more improvements in my wellbeing. Through this healing, the quality of my life increased so much, and this is priceless to me, and every morning I wake up with gratitude to Mohanji. Thank you, Father.

I humbly surrender my whole existence at the feet of my Lord, Mohanji Baba; always at his lotus feet.


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