7th Anniversary of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2022 (International Yoga Day) we are celebrating the 7th Anniversary of Conscious Walking technique!

Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation technique, which if done correctly, is as effective as 3 hours of sitting meditation. This powerful yet simple technique is created by the world-renowned humanitarian Mohanji.

Conscious Walking has multiple benefits and a lot of people around the world practice Conscious Walking every week with their friends, family and pets.

This year was special since a new technique was created and launched by Mohanji named Mohanji Wellness Walking. This technique is millennia old and it has been practiced by Indian mystics since the ancient times.

It improves physical and psychological alignment, concentration, memory, eye-sight, body balance and brain function. By walking in a continuous curve like Figure 8 it improves concentration and is very effective in calming the mind and relieving one from stress.

In this past year, Conscious Walking was practiced in more than 20 cities globally, with more than 470 sessions. This simple yet profound technique is practiced globally in the Balkans, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, UK, UAE, USA, Ecuador, Finland, and many more.

For the great achievers who walked many hours regularly we issues more than 30 awards for the accomplishment and 1 certificate for more than 60 hours walked.

We share a few inspiring testimonials by CW practitioners from around the globe:

“After Conscious Walking I feel light as a feather. I feel at peace with myself, and as if I have no problem in the world.” – Ivana, Macedonia

“Conscious Walking helps me unwind and reconnect to peace within me.” – Ulla , Denmark

“After Conscious Walking, I feel energized, I have more strength, I feel lighter, and it’s indescribable how much peace I carry within me.” – Marijana, Serbia

“Conscious Walking allows me to connect better with myself, to calm the mind and listen to the silence within me. It brings me stability, peace, serenity, a sense of bliss … and it all lasts long after Conscious Walking. In everyday life if I feel only a bit of tension and anxiety, I strengthen my spine, take a deep breath and evoke the feeling I have during Conscious Walking. Like this, I manage to regain peace so that I can more easily cope with all the challenges in life.” – Dragana, Serbia

“During the Sunday Conscious Walking, which takes place in many countries, I always feel what a real blessing it is to be part of that flock that the Golden Tradition has gathered, and it works very subtly through us and opens us to Divine Love. Grace. Gratitude. Joy.” – Paulina, Croatia

“Conscious Walking brings me discipline and devotion on the spiritual path. Sometimes it gives me peace and sometimes restlessness, but it certainly helps me to more realistically perceive and relive the life experiences I am going through as I walk the spiritual path.” – Maja, Serbia

“Conscious Walking helps me enter the inner world of peace, silence and bliss.” – Branka, Croatia

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If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at consciouswalking@mohanji.org and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.

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