Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 157 & 158

Day 157 – Keeping it Simple 

Now that I’ve been with Mohanji for some time, both following him and working closely with him, I’ve heard him speak with many different people, answering many different questions. Some of these questions are similar, and many questions come about the spiritual path, such as, “What is the right practice to do? What is good for people to follow? What mantras are best?” Then the more intellectual questions such as, “What are the states of consciousness? How does that look? What is Shiva?” or something similar like, “How to meditate?”

There’s a variety of these different questions. I was always a person who had many questions. I needed and wanted to know everything about everything. This was what gave me fulfilment, collecting all this knowledge from books. I was very intellectually orientated, so most of my earlier questions to Mohanji were based on what I had read in books, either trying to confirm some type of understanding or simply to know more about everything which I had stored in my head. 

Now I look back and realize I created a very complicated view about spirituality, a whole perspective of what it meant to be spiritual, including concepts of how a person should be. I had an idea, an image of what a spiritual person was, what clothes they wear if they were displaying devotion. I would see people like this and compare myself to them, but now what I’ve learned being with Mohanji more closely is that this path of spirituality can actually be very simple. 

I had really complicated it before, so now the simplest thing for me is to trust in Mohanji and know that whatever is coming to me is right for me, regardless of whether I see it as good or bad. Being connected with him, I know that he’s already doing everything that he can, so I don’t really need to ask for anything because whatever needs to come will come. I do my best to flow with life and whatever it brings. This is as simple as I can probably put it down for me now. Along with that, the understanding, which has helped me realize that it is simple, is that destiny and karma will already have a plan laid down.

I do my best without involving any heavy emotions about situations, making sure I have as few expectations as possible of the outcome of actions and things like that. Doing things selflessly as much as I can, and then making sure to treat everybody with respect, all beings and all spaces, because everybody’s entitled to their space and their expression.

Then recognizing that we have heavier emotions and attributes and lighter ones, avoiding gossiping and criticizing, looking to really invest more in kindness and compassion in everything that I do, giving more, sharing what I can, simply being in service, having more of a Karma Yoga focus, and within these platforms, doing everything I can do, as much as I can do within my capacity, and sharing what I can, as I know that this helps others. It’s also clearing things for me, which I now experience as lightness in life.

I was thinking about this, that it can be simple, and I’ve spoken to Mohanji and heard him answer questions before about practices, about mantras, and these are all very, very good because they bring an alignment, they bring something that is necessary to keep people in alignment so that they can progress. But ultimately, having faith in the path and Mohanji is the simplest that I can bring this back to.

Day 158 – The Mosaic of Mohanji 

From time to time, it’s possible to catch glimpses of the depth of Mohanji beyond the tangible work he’s doing in the world, all the activities he’s moving each day, and the conversations he’s having. There’s also his subtle work, which is bringing about transformation, positive transformation in the lives of many people.

I’ve shared in previous recordings that the more time I spend with him, the less I know and the less I understand his stature. I don’t think it will ever be possible for one person to understand him truly. At least it will be a very rare exception if they do. When I look at the family that we have, at all the people connected to Mohanji, he’s delivering different experiences and understandings of his dimensions through the various ways he works.

For example, the Mai-Tri practitioners and the MTM practitioners witness a completely different dimension of him than what I can perceive, and even that, I think, is not the full extent of what he’s doing in the world. For Mohanji, I think it will probably be the same as other great saints and Masters who have lived, only really recognized after they’ve left the body, then this mosaic of Mohanji will be put together.

Today, I wanted to share something that a highly respected Swami has said about Mohanji, which is incredibly beautiful and gives a glimpse of the stature of Mohanji. I think this applies to everybody connected to him, regardless of what we’re doing across all the platforms, any position we hold, anyone giving their time in service to all the platforms, or even those in close proximity to Mohanji.

This is what the Swami has said, “A time will come when your grandchildren will respectfully regard and be proud of you because you knew, followed, or lived with Mohanji. Great regret will happen to those who have left him for small expectations when their grandchildren point out their folly in leaving Mohanji. You’ll be remembered even after your death because you live with Mohanji. You may not understand him fully while he lives with you. He has come with such power, a frequency, which is not easy for people to connect to. You can accept, admire or reject him, but you cannot ignore him. Generations will be elevated because he came to us.”

I think that’s very beautiful, and when I picked it up the other day, it actually brought tears to my eyes, thinking about what’s to come and the changes that will happen because he’s here.


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  1. Forget great masters like Mohanji of how they operate, I can’t even understand the dimensions of my fellow mortal beings how they operate alas with masters like Mohanji. I think unless we reach the great masters frequency we can’t understand them. It’s better we surrender to such masters and follow the path of righteousness with an attitude of a humble disciple. I think great masters wants us to transcend the time and space so it’s better to focus on achieving that transcendence. Again a well written article. I used to yearn for Mohanji’s darshan at my house. I used to sit and think looking at his picture whether he will give darshan and talk to me like I see him in person. I realized the futility and the stupidity of such thoughts. Masters know what’s right for the disciple than we know about ourselves. Again a well written article.

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