Are dreams real?

by Bhumika, Edmonton, Canada

Sai Ram!

Throughout my life, I have been a person of extremes. I have always had experiences with deep intensity. For most of my life, I had an opinion that this characteristic of mine, ‘feeling everything so intensely’ has not worked in my favour. In the fall of 2018, I experienced a significant loss that shook me to the core. I have been an ordinary devotee of Sai Baba. However, following the loss, my devotion toward Baba grew substantially. I felt a very intense calling and understood that only at his feet, I will find solace. Baba is so kind and merciful, the more deeply I longed for his grace, the more experiences he gave me.

From there started this journey of attempting to live life consciously and being aware. I started watching videos of Gurus and saints on YouTube. One day, a suggestion of Mohanji’s video popped up. It’s been over 18 months now that I have been watching Mohanji’s videos. I always felt this attraction toward Mohanji’s teachings, his talks. I felt connected with it, I found it practical.

This year March 2020, I had a desire to spend some time at the Dattatapovan Ashram in Toronto. I contacted Mohanji’s team and soon got a reply from Sanjay ji in Toronto. What started as an informal conversation has grown into a beautiful song of Baba’s leelas within a span of two months. Since then, Sanjay ji has been instrumental in my journey or rather he is chosen, for which I am very grateful.

I was very keen to get Baba’s Padukas home for good. I inquired from Sanjay ji how I can get Baba’s Padukas home. Within a week or two, he sent me Mohanji’s Padukas from Dattatapovan Ashram. Mohanji’s Padukas reached me on Monday, May 11, 2020, and I received his picture on Thursday. Everything was perfect and orchestrated in a timely manner to arrange the Asan for Mohanji.


On Thursday morning, Mohanji visited in my dream. I would like to share my experience which left me ecstatic and spellbound.

“Mohanji was here in Edmonton. I was introduced to him while he was eating lunch. After lunch, he asked me to come to see him. A plate was set in front of him. On the plate, I saw an idol of Lord Ganesha, Padukas, pictures of other Gurus (I don’t know their names). I was sitting in front of Mohanji, looking into his deep eyes and just soaking in the moment. Then I heard Mohanji speak, his voice changed to a deep husky voice of an older man. He spoke to me in Urdu and said something really fast (I didn’t understand). I just smiled at him and said, “You are my Baba!”. Then I was teleported to Shirdi. I saw Sai Baba standing in a field. I heard his voice. I was with Sai Baba at Dwarkamai, where Baba used to sit leaning on the wooden hand rest. He spoke to me about human birth. Then I was back with Mohanji. I was washing his feet and felt so blissful.”

This dream answered my silent query of loving Maulanas’ songs and feeling the joy of visiting Dargahs.

I have not met Mohanji in person yet, but feel so blessed to be accepted by him.

I want to share a small detail regarding the frame that is used for Mohanji’s picture. This frame has been at home for over 18 months. And we could never find something that would fit perfectly in the frame. It was waiting for Mohanji’s picture to arrive. What are the odds, for the frame to be empty for such a long time and Mohanji’s picture fits perfectly? This is not just a coincidence.


While I was in the bliss of these experiences, my connection with Alpa ji and Sanjay ji was growing much stronger. It feels as if I have known them for ages.

Following the visit from Mohanji in my dream, so much has changed. I am part of a chanting group. I have submitted my application for Consciousness Kriya. These past few weeks have been a testimony of what Mohanji says,

“When a Master appears, we will not remain the same anymore.”

The following week on Wednesday, May 20th, I had another dream of Mohanji. This time I was in the Dattatapovan Ashram, Toronto. I saw Mohanji flipping pages of a book or magazine. And I saw my picture in the book while he was flipping the pages. It was the same picture that I had sent when submitting the Consciousness Kriya application. I didn’t think much about it, I was just happy and blissful to have a visit from him again.

mohanji with book

On Friday, May 22nd, I connected with Sanjay ji. In our conversation, as we were sharing stories of Baba and Mohanji, he suggested I write my experience. I shared my recent Mohanji’s dream. After Sanjay ji clarified what it possibly could be, I thought, “Isn’t this wonderful to have already received the message from Mohanji and now Sanjay ji was wording the message for me in a way that an ignorant fool like me will understand.” There is a higher force working. Sai Baba always used to support good thoughts and orchestrated events to bring good thoughts to completion!

I pray that this joy and blessings be bestowed on everyone. May his kindness and mercy give directions to all of us. May his grace always stay upon us and guide us. May he give me the wisdom and strength to practice his teachings in day to day life and offer this as Guru Dakshina at his lotus feet.

Jai Sai Ram. Jai Mohanji!

bhumika pic


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2 thoughts on “Are dreams real?”

  1. Usha Vasudevan

    Wow… You are so blessed ❣️🙏.
    I became emotional reading this.
    Jai Mohan Ji 🙏❤️🙇
    OM SAI RAM 🙏

  2. Ravina Ramlall

    Prem Namaste all
    I pray that you and your family are well. I need your help, please can you advise me as to whether this was a good dream or not.
    My husband has been sick over the whole Covid19 lockdown and the reason for that was that he had got retrenched in February 2020.06.08
    On Friday morning 05/06/2020 at 01:45-he was completely confused and kept saying that he has to meet those people.Wheni asked him who he did not know who they are. However on the morning of the 07/06/2020 at 2.00 ,he said to me that he had a talk with four men with long curly hair and they were all doing something. He remembers them showing him a path ,but he cannot remember what they were doing.
    I am a devotee of Shridi baba and Mohanji .can you please advise who they were and if my husband is going to enjoy good health now as I am at my wits end with worry.
    Thank you for your precious time.i will look forward to a positive reply from you all powerful people.
    Kind regards,
    Ravina Ramlall
    Admin/Service Controller


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