My Grace Story

By Sonia Vaid, India

I bow down to my Gurus, who showed me the path of light:

The way a Guru manifests in our life is a personal and surreal experience for many. As a creatively inclined person, with an agile mind always on a ferris wheel of thoughts, I had created a perfect scene in my mind regarding my quest for a spiritual Master.

I had envisioned that one day a sparkling bright light would enter my heart and surround me in a glittering halo that would enable me to ascend into a higher realm. But truth and reality are stranger than fiction!

It was the spring of 2019 when I’d started yoga classes under the direction of a beautiful soul named Pooja Gandhi. There I met a spirited young lady named Rajni Sharma, and together we embarked on a journey to align our mental and physical states.

I would often hear of frequent references to ‘Mohanji’ made by both these wonderful girls during our conversations after the class. Their love for ‘Mohanji’ was indeed endearing, and it ignited my curiosity to learn more about their Guru’s philosophy and teachings.

I expressed my desire to them and instantly received Mohanji’s book, ‘Power of Purity’ as an answer. I read the book slowly, savouring the parts I understood and rereading the parts which I didn’t have the wisdom to comprehend. It spoke to me even when I opened it randomly!


In search of the fragrance:

A couple of days later, I sensed a distinct scent in my home. It was strange as the intense April heat had dried up all the flowering plants in my garden and there weren’t any fresh flowers in my house either.

I went into my garden to see if some flowers had magically bloomed overnight. Blame it on my mind that thrives on fairy tales and fantasies!

Sadly, the flowering plants and rose shrubs in my garden told the story of a dry summer spell. Strangely, the mysterious scent still hung around the house. I put this incident behind me as another one of my ‘strange experiences’ and life went on as usual.

During one of our ‘satsang sessions’ that followed every yoga class, Rajni mentioned something about fragrances that often trail spiritually evolved Gurus to signify their divine presence. Although my mind resisted this theory, I narrated the ‘fragrance episode’ to them.

“Maybe Mohanji was there in your home!” she said, much to my bewilderment.

“What was your Guru doing in my home?” I asked her in a teasing tone and gently brushed aside her assumption, oblivious to the beautiful surprise that awaited me.

Some days later, I came to know about Mohanji’s arrival in Delhi and expressed my desire to see him in person.

The destination:

Some dates have a special place in our hearts, and 19th May 2019 is one such date for me when I experienced the joy and bliss of Mohanji’s esteemed grace.

I arrived at the venue for his talk on ‘Power of Positivity’ with no expectations or preconceived notions, but with the pure intent of engaging in a spiritual discussion which would be a novel experience for me.

With Mohanji’s esteemed arrival, a serene calm descended on the room, and soon everyone warmed up to the light emanating from their Guru.

Power of Positivity

All through Mohanji’s talk, I didn’t lose sight of him even for a moment and kept gathering the pearls of wisdom in rapt attention. The precious moments soon rolled by, and I realised that I had completely lost track of time in the ecstasy that prevailed around me.

Mohanji’s words and demeanour were as gentle as the beautiful interaction between him and the seekers. He kept answering their queries in his unassuming and straightforward way and captivated the audiences’ hearts.

As Mohanji got ready to take his leave from the assembly, people started taking turns to hug him with love and reverence. Each seeker patiently waited for a blessed moment with their beloved Mohanji.

When I came face to face with Mohanji, I greeted him with folded hands and stepped aside. His compassionate smile warmed my heart, and before I could fade away in the crowd, my friend Rajni pulled me into a conversation with him.

“Mohanji, this is my friend who had asked, ‘What was your Guru doing in my home?’”
I smiled nervously at this unexpected disclosure and bowed before him again.

He smiled at me with a loving gaze and held my folded hands firmly to bless me. The best way by which I can describe that defining moment is that it felt like I had found a loved one whom I had lost long ago. I felt anchored.


The next moment I was sobbing like a child in his embrace. There was no stopping the floodgates of emotions. Mohanji held me for a long time and comforted me like a father would comfort his child. It took me a while to get a hold over myself, and as I became conscious of the people around me, I felt a strange synergy of gratefulness.

I must confess that my emotional outburst had embarrassed me beyond words, but as I stood and looked at the multitude of teary-eyed people, I realised that I was not alone.

The Shift:

It has been a year since I met Mohanji, and in this duration, I’ve had several experiences that reiterated my belief that a higher power is watching over me. My perception of life and its challenges is changing. I’m gradually transforming into a seeker on my soul’s journey. Each passing day reaffirms my faith in the Power of Positivity, and I have learnt to bow down before the divine with a grateful heart. I know that the seed of faith is sown and all it needs is careful nurturing.

I believe that a Guru appears in our life to lead us away from darkness into light and to uplift us to reach our higher purpose in life. I’ll always be eternally thankful to Mohanji for spreading his fragrance and grace in my life and being there to hold my hand when I needed him the most. I pray that may the river of his eternal love always overflow, and may we continue to drench our souls in its divinity.



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4 thoughts on “My Grace Story”

  1. I literally got teary eyes while reading ur experience dear Sonia… May his love keep flowing and may we keep getting drenched to its divinity …beautiful… 💝💝🙏🙏🙏

  2. Usha Vasudevan

    You are truly Blessed ❤️
    I am in tears reading this story. Waiting for the day when I will be able to bring out all my emotions on meeting Para Brahma Mohan Ji 🙏🙇❤️

    1. I’m glad it resonated with you.I’m sure you’ll be able to pen down your experience once you set an intention for it.
      Best wishes.

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