Kalpataru Series – A sign from the Masters

By Anonymous, Canada

Namaskara to the Mohanji community.

While I have not had the opportunity of meeting Sri Mohanji in person, I learned about him through others. As a result, I started to read his blogs, others’ blogs about their experiences and have watched several videos of his talks.


I became a Sai Baba devotee in my youth and feel that he sent my Guru to me. My Guru is no longer in the physical body but is very dear to me. He taught us the importance of love and respect for all spiritual paths. Thus, it felt natural for me to get to know Mohanji. He reminds me of a loving elder brother or cousin who gives you chocolate whenever he sees you! My beloved Guru and Mohanji essentially state that we should follow one path to reach the goal. It’s beautiful and reinforces my commitment to my Guru’s teachings.

When I learned about the Guru Raksha Homa, I asked a Mohanji devotee about it and she said it is powerful. I signed up for it and left it to God and Gurus to determine what could be done.

While I am unable to provide ‘concrete proof points’ as the intellectuals would like, the experiences below are, in my opinion, the grace of Mohanji and the realized Masters. They continue to stoke the flame of my faith and keep me going so that I one day can behold the divine goal. I hope you find this helpful as you continue on your spiritual journey.

The first homa was performed on Oct 25, 2019. I do not recall any extraordinary physical sensations either before or thereafter, but what did occur was protection from fire.

That weekend after the homa, I was in the vicinity of a wildfire and thankfully, was out of harm’s way. I also had two minor burns on my hands that could’ve been a lot worse. They have healed with limited scarring. I recall that Lord Dattatreya and His incarnations (Sri Pada Sri Vallabha and Narasimha Saraswati in particular) can work on karma in unusual ways.


The experience from Dec 26, 2019 homa was more pronounced and interestingly, I was unaware that it was taking place until after. A couple of days before the homa, I was having throbbing sensations in my heart chakra region. It felt more intense on the 26th itself. Concerned, I went to the doctor and was put through a barrage of tests, all of which came out negative. Then, that night, I had an intense anxiety attack and barely slept. I had to listen to videos of my Guru and Mohanji to get some sleep. I had fears of disease and death and was ashamed that I went to the doctor. I was crying profusely throughout the day and night. I have had a lifetime of dealing with anxiety, so such feelings were not unusual for me. But this one seemed to hit me with a vengeance. I was crying to my Guru and Sri Pada to help me as I am their child and had nowhere to go. I wanted to be done with the cycle of samsara. I longed to be free of sorrow and have a Guru in my heart. I do not wish anxiety upon anyone. It is painful and can take you into an abyss of mental agony. I wondered what I had done in my previous births to deal with this.

The next day, I was depleted and had an ‘anxiety hangover.’ After taking care of some work, I visited a very spiritual friend and she welcomed me with a hug and a delicious dinner. She shared some exercises she has been doing on energy medicine. I felt better but was still crying intermittently. I prayed with a tearful heart to Sri Pada to please give me a sign that he is with me. Intellectually I know he is with me in a subtle form as I chant his holy name and read his biography, but I needed something more.

A couple of days later, for some reason, I decided to text Alpaji about prasad from the October homa. She mentioned to me that there is no prasad for this type of homa. Then I learned from her that the second homa occurred on the 26th! It then struck me that this was the sign I was asking for and it explained why I was feeling so intense before. My wish to have a sign from the Masters had been granted. I was so elated and grateful to Mohanji, my Guru, Lord Datta Prabhu and all the realized Masters. Please continue to protect me and my family. I bow to them with humility.

Jai Guru!



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  1. Sanjay Shinde

    Wonderful experience of Sadguru’s grace. How can I signup for this sacred Homa. Please advice

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