Protection during the cyclone

By Preeti Yadav, India

The year 2020 would be remembered as historical due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here in West Bengal, we faced another calamity The Super Cyclone – Amphan.

As per the Indian Meteorological Department, Amphan was to touch Kolkata at 5 pm and gradually head towards Bangladesh.

I am an Army officer’s wife and my husband commands a battalion of more than 600 soldiers. 200 soldiers stay with their families. It’s a huge responsibility as they are all under our umbrella. There are three other units too, but ours is with maximum strength at the moment. I prayed to Mohanji to protect all of us from the coronavirus and the fury of the cyclone. (I’m grateful to HIM for strengthening my faith as we had no coronavirus cases in the battalion)

It was 19th afternoon when I got a call from Deepali Bais (Mohanji Family) regarding a few precautions to be taken during the cyclone as she has witnessed a similar one in the past. Her suggestions were really helpful and we took all the necessary steps keeping the expected effects in mind. But still, there was so much of fear that I felt uneasy as the time approached. I am generally calm in difficult situations as I need to be with so many people under our care. But today, I was nervous and anxious after seeing the news. I was surprised by my restlessness. However we were all prepared from our end, but fear and uncertainty were looming large. We recently had a few new-born babies in the soldiers’ families (one day to one week old). So everyone’s safety was a matter of concern.


It was at this time that I thought of Mohanji and decided to text him about the cyclone. I first complimented Amma’s and his pictures in the kitchen shared by George. They were really so cute. And he immediately asked, “How are you?” I replied, “Mohanji, we are waiting for the cyclone to come and go.” He said, “Be confident, nothing to worry, let me know if there are any difficulties.” His next question was of concern, “Do you have sufficient food?” (Just like a parent). I replied, “Yes Mohanji, we have sufficient food stocked. “He said, “Keep me in mind, I shall be there, stay calm.”

We all know that he’s always with us, taking care of us, but we still need confirmation at times. He said exactly what I wished to hear from him at that particular time. In chapter 30 of the Sai Satcharitra, it is said, “Sai knows fully the desire of his devotees and fulfils the same. Hence they get what they want and are grateful. So we invoke him and prostrate ourselves before him. Forgetting all our faults, let him free us from all anxieties. When he who is being overcome with calamities remembers and prays to Sai thus, will get his mind calmed and pacified through his grace.”

Mohanji Sai

All this conversation happened in the late morning of May 20th 2020. These words from Mohanji were really relieving. Since the morning, I was just remembering Sai Baba and Mohanji and was continuously praying for everyone to be safe.

Around 4 pm, amidst all the anxiety and fear, I fell asleep, completely unaware of the wind and the rain which were getting stronger and violent. I woke up at 5:30 pm, all relaxed and calm, feeling much better. I updated Mohanji again (as he had asked me to keep him informed) that the cyclone would reach our area at 7 pm. He said, “I shall be there, need not worry, I’m looking after.” What more could I wish to hear at that time? It was like Sai giving the assurance. I enjoyed my evening cup of coffee and lit the diya in my altar praying for everyone’s well-being. We spoke to our parents who were concerned after watching the news and assured them that we were safe. They were all really scared of watching the news and seeing the devastation caused all around the area.

The cyclone came, venting all its fury; trees were uprooted, electric poles broke, many houses got flooded. The sound of the wind was eerie but we were all at home, safe and relaxed. Soon there was a lull and we could just hear a heavy downpour of rain. We had our dinner and slept. When everyone else was panicking, we felt safe in his arms.

Before sleeping, I kept Mohanji’s card under my pillow. And believe me, after ages, I slept soundly. I woke up at 4 am (I’m an EBC member) and did my morning routine, luckily there was a little hot water left in the geyser with which I took a bath. I started reading my allotted chapters from the Sai Satcharitra (We do mahaparayan every Thursday).

The chapters allotted to me were 31 & 32. I would request you to read these chapters. A realization happened while reading and I share here a part of what I read. From chapter 31… “The devotees surrender themselves completely to the Saints, with the firm belief that the omniscient Saints will guide and help them in their last moments. He who does this and surrenders himself to the feet of Hari (Lord) will get free from all troubles and attain bliss. The Lord runs and helps him who remembers and meditates on Him with love and affection.” Reading this in the morning, I recollected the moments I was remembering Sai and Mohanji. It was Guru’s grace which made me remember him during my moments of troubles.


Our human mind doesn’t accept things easily. We give reasons or call something a coincidence all because of our ego. We feel we are self-sufficient; that we don’t need anybody’s help. But faith and surrender takes us safely through even the toughest storms of life. When the cyclone was approaching, went to its peak, and decreased in intensity, everyone was in a state of panic, but we were enjoying a nap, coffee, chatting, and had a full meal together, feeling peaceful and protected in the Guru’s arms.

A lot of damage happened in the cantonment. Trees were uprooted, roads were blocked, water entered many houses, and even a tree fell and entered straight through the ceiling. But no one got a single scratch. Trust me, not a single scratch.

In the morning, Mohanji texted me to enquire about our well-being, and he said, “How are you all and your neighbourhood? I have been working the whole time.” On thanking him for all his grace, he said, “It’s my duty, and responsibility to take care of my people.”

This beautiful leela leaves me speechless. May his grace be on all of us. Immense gratitude to Mohanji, our Super Hero!



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  1. Babu Sadanand

    We are Lucky that we could reach the Divine feet of a Real Guru who is there for us at all times. Jai Mohanji. Let us pray for the well being of all and surrender at the feet of our Sadhguru Sri Mohanji

  2. Dear Team Jai Mohan ji

    I am highly obliged by the work of the testimonial team. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Mohanji asked me to add pictures of the cyclone to the blog.

    Mohanji msg to me👇

    “Perhaps you should put a picture too, to show the severity of the storm.”

    I am attaching few pictures of the storm. If feasible please add them in the testimony.

    Thank you so much Regards Stay Blessed Preeti Yadav

    On Thu, May 28, 2020, 9:01 AM Experiences With Mohanji wrote:

    > Mohanji Testimonials posted: “By Preeti Yadav, India The year 2020 would > be remembered as historical due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here in West > Bengal, we faced another calamity The Super Cyclone – Amphan. As per the > Indian Meteorological Department, Amphan was to touch Kolkata at ” >

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