Kalpataru Series – A loving hug

Kalpataru is a wish-fulfilling tree.

That’s what Mohanji is for his devotees. Nothing is too small or too big. A wish that’s made with a pure thought and a call to Mohanji is sure to be fulfilled. No, this is not a claim. This is what hundreds of devotees have been experiencing every day, across the globe.

In this series, we will present some testimonials, true stories shared by devotees on how their wishes have been fulfilled by Mohanji.

— Testimonials Team

By Rekha Murali

Our heart is not always in our control. There are certain things that we are never satisfied with. One such thing is the desire to be in the physical presence of Mohanji even if it is only for a fleeting second. I am sure most of us can relate to this and I am no exception. I did have two wonderful days in his presence when he came to Chennai. Two months later, here I was craving to meet him again. Although the heart yearned, I felt there was no chance. But Mohanji, who knows everything, who is pure consciousness, fulfilled this heartfelt desire. It was not just about meeting him but needing that beautiful hug from him.

29th November 2019, is etched in my memory as I got that spontaneous hug from Mohanji. The day started as usual and by evening I was busy with my routine, but a call from Radha Shyam at about 6:45 pm changed everything. Her excited but doubtful voice conveyed that Mohanji would be at the airport for a few minutes to catch a flight which was scheduled to leave at 9:00 pm. She hesitatingly asked if we would be able to make it to the airport.

My dull and boring evening suddenly became charged and within 30 minutes and two more phone calls of planning, we were on our way in a cab along with Radha’s husband Srinivas! The atmosphere was tense as the traffic was heavy due to the peak hour and we had a very casual and slow driver who wanted to discuss everything under the sun. I started repeating the Mohanji Gayatri and prayed to him that having made us come this far, he should give us his darshan too.

Almost an hour later, we edged closer to the airport. In the meantime, luckily I was able to get in touch with Madhu for his flight details. We then googled to know the terminal and excitedly reached the place. To our joy, we found that his flight was delayed by half an hour but there was no sign of Mohanji. Mohanji was also delayed as the traffic was heavy. So now you know why the flight was delayed!

Soon, within 10 minutes, we saw a car speeding by and Madhu was frantically waving and pointing in the opposite direction. I turned around and my eyes fell on a man walking casually with a beaming smile in jeans and a t-shirt. I just shouted over my shoulder to the others that Mohanji is here, and ran into his outstretched arms. Mohanji gave me a long hug that I had been waiting for. All that I could utter in that second was “Oh, My God!” resting my head on his shoulder.


I just felt immense happiness, secure that I was in a safe place completely protected and blessed. Nothing else mattered.

I need to say one thing here. Each time I met Mohanji, it was I who always asked for a hug and this was the first time that it came from him spontaneously.

The happiness was written all over my face as I stayed by his side watching him greet others. The others spoke to him and even asked him some questions.

Revathy had also come with her children to seek blessings along with a special sweet. He asked me to open it and after tasting it, he returned the box of sweets to us. We received our prasad too. Within a short span of 10 minutes, we even managed to click pictures. All too soon, Mohanji had to leave and we still managed to wait there looking through the glass doors. As he was entering, I just mentioned to Mohanji that his flight has been delayed, to which he replied with an all-knowing smile, “Yes, it had to be delayed by a few minutes only as we were caught traffic.”

We watched Mohanji getting the check-in done and I blurted out, “Mohanji, please turn around and wave to us.” As though on cue, he turned around and waved with a broad smile on his face and then moved away from our sight. Our cups were overflowing.

Only on reaching home and reliving these precious moments, did I realise the impact of the whole incident. The all-pervasive, omnipresent Mohanji in his compassion and love had orchestrated the whole thing and enabled us to meet him and filled us with happiness and positive energy. The last-minute notice of Mohanji’s arrival, the traffic delays and finally the delay of the flight were not coincidences. If the flight had been on time, we would not have been able to meet him.

As I thank Mohanji in immense gratitude, I realise that he gave us this opportunity to only energise us. I had been communicating with him every day mentally, thanking him and sharing with him everything, and had also during my ramblings told him how a hug from him would make a world of a difference. All that I can do is watch in awe as he fulfils every prayer. I do not understand the intricate details and ways in which he takes care of each of us, but beginning to see the big picture. I don’t understand what I have done to deserve this, but I feel so blessed with the love and the grace that he showers on me. Thank you Mohanji!

Chennai group


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  1. That’s amazing , he is a living God , those who are under his wings are blessed. We are one of them .

    Jai Para Brahma

    On Thu, 16 Jan 2020, 17:30 Experiences With Mohanji, wrote:

    > Mohanji Testimonials posted: “Kalpataru is a wish-fulfilling tree. That’s > what Mohanji is for his devotees. Nothing is too small or too big. A wish > that’s made with a pure thought and a call to Mohanji is sure to be > fulfilled. No, this is not a claim. This is what hundreds of devotees” >

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