Miraculous Shirdi Meeting With Mohanji

by Aditya Nagpal

Master’s grace flows on us all the time. He is watching, he is protecting, he is taking care of all of us all the time. He is taking us to our destination with each breath of ours without us even being aware of it. His leelas are innumerable and we all have been lucky to witness them. I would like to share one such small incident from Shirdi.

I knew very little about Sai Baba before meeting Mohanji, but with his grace, I became an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. I visit Shirdi almost every month to do seva. I had a plan to go to Shirdi on 7th December 2019 for a weekend for seva. This travel plan was made in November. On 1st December, I booked a room in a hotel where I usually stay when in Shirdi. That hotel is right opposite the Chavadi and staying there is like being in the aura of Baba all the time. On 6th December, one of our Mohanji Family members called me from Pune and told that she would be visiting with a friend on 7th and needed a room for their stay. It was hard to find a room as it was the weekend and they had planned only a day prior. So I offered them my room as I am a regular to Shirdi and can easily stay anywhere else. She accepted it and I started looking for another room near the temple as I wanted to stay close to the temple. But I was unable to get another room near the temple. I then called Jivanta hotel where I’d stayed a few times during my initial visits to Shirdi. This place is slightly away from the temple, so it has never been my first choice. But I had no other option for that weekend. When I called them, a standard/luxury/deluxe room was not available, but they had only a diamond room which is the most expensive room in the hotel. I was slightly disappointed and started looking for another room again, but did not find any. I called Jivanta again and requested for a discount on the pricing and luckily they accepted it. I got the room but still, the cost was very high which made me a bit restless. But was there something behind all this?


I got onto the bus and reached Shirdi the next morning. I was told by someone that Mohanji was visiting Shirdi before 10th December for 2-3 days but I was not aware of the dates. I checked into Jivanta hotel and went to the Ahimsa Vegan Cafe and came to know that Mohanji was checking into the same hotel that night. I was overjoyed. I realized that this was all arranged by him. But was that it? No, not at all.

I went for Darshan at the Sai temple in the afternoon and asked the other 2 Mohanji family members to check into that other hotel near the temple. After Darshan, I went to that hotel to see if they had checked in. But to my surprise, the hotel owner said that the room was not available as they had given it to someone else by mistake. I was agitated as this was very unprofessional of them. I was also worried for the 2 ladies as there was no other room available. I went to my hotel and found that both the ladies had gone to my room and were taking rest. I was relieved. By then I realized that this was some divine play as Mohanji was also supposed to check into the same hotel. All of us ended up staying there. Luckily, the cost of the room was not entirely upon me now and I have to confess that it was a big relief for me.

So we all knew about Mohanji’s visit and were eagerly waiting to see him. He came in around 11.30 pm. We were all delighted to see him and prostrated before him. Oh! What a blessing it was. Early in the evening, I was told by the manager of the hotel that Mohanji’s room would be one the 4th floor. Our room was on the 2nd floor. Mohanji went to his room before us and we followed him and went to the 4th floor. We could not find his room on the 4th floor. We waited there for some time and came down to the 3rd floor but he wasn’t there either. Then we came to the 2nd floor and guess what, we found that Mohanji’s room was right next to our diamond room where we’d ended up staying unwillingly. We were thrilled to see this leela of our Master. This was all arranged by him. We stayed in a room next to his and spent the next day with him. This was indeed a blessing.

I usually spend a night at Dwarkamai in Shirdi, but this time I was in the room next to Mohanji. I usually stay in a room close to the temple in the aura of Sai Baba, but this time I stayed in the circle of Mohanji’s aura. It is a fact that nothing happens in Shirdi without Baba’s will and this time we were blessed to stay with Mohanji in his aura for an entire night. We were able to spend quality time with Mohanji the next day and that was amazing. A few days later, I met Mohanji again and shared this experience with him. He replied with a smile and said, “I always do my job“. He is always there for us, watching us, protecting us. When he says he is holding our hand, he means it. We are indeed blessed to be in his consciousness. No matter what happens, just hold on to him, he will take care.



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3 thoughts on “Miraculous Shirdi Meeting With Mohanji”

  1. Father is supreme , he understands the issue of ours and resolves it in a unique way. When I was at Udupi for Kriya (At Mokambika) and saw him for the first time on 16th December 2019 in an evening Sat sang , he connected to every individual and acknowledge it. I realize that the connection happened with Divine Mohanji forever.

    Jai Mohanji

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