Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8 – “A Mother’s concern”

Our beloved Parabrahma is not only a Master, but plays varied roles as a mother, a father, a friend, a son and so on. He understands our instincts and carries us through the turbulence that occur in our lives. He takes care of incidents that may seem impossible for the mind to comprehend! He bestows His unconditional love and compassion on each one of us, protecting us and holding us in His embrace. All that is required is faith and conviction that the Master will never let go of our hands!

Aniss had some concerns regarding her daughter and she narrates how beautifully Mohanji took care in this story in Mohanji Satcharita Chapter 8.

A Mother’s concern

By Aniss

I had come back to Pune from another country last year. Once in Pune, I enrolled my daughter in a similar school that she used to attend abroad. However, we stumbled upon a problem. CBSE Board in India makes a study of the language Hindi compulsory and my daughter could not speak a word of Hindi. She had never studied the language, ever! Understandably, I was extremely worried about her situation and wondered how she would cope. There was no way that she would be able to clear the Hindi exam.

It so happened that soon enough I met Mohanji during one of His trips to Mumbai. It was an amazing experience indeed being in His divine presence. I explained to Him the problem being faced by my daughter. I told Him how I was worried that my daughter may not be able to pass the Hindi language examination. I added that I did not want her to fail in Grade 9 because of this. She didn’t even know the Hindi letters!

Mohanji told me, “Don’t worry. Tell her to focus on studying. I am with her. She will pass the 9th grade.”

Soon my daughter began her schooling in Pune and also started taking private lessons for Hindi, but her progress was very slow. It is not easy trying to learn a new language beginning with the alphabets. Moreover she was in Grade 9 and the requirements of the language were obviously higher. Exams were soon approaching!

The final exams were imminent and she was just not ready for her Hindi examination. Through sheer hard work, she had gained enough proficiency in the language to pass the 5th grade exam, but not the 9th. The only thing that kept us going was Mohanji’s assurance. Our faith remained in Mohanji’s promise that she will pass this subject anyway.

It turned out that this year’s exam was tougher than usual and many students were not happy with the results. My daughter too believed she might not get through.

When the results were announced, we discovered that she actually obtained a passing score in Hindi! It so happened that she had earned a few marks lower than the passing grade, but since the Principal was aware of her situation, the school decided to grant her additional marks and move her to the next grade! She was able to go to Grade 10!  I was amazed and humbled when I learnt about this!

I understood immediately that it was the Master’s grace and compassion that helped us through this situation. The seemingly impossible task was made possible by Mohanji! Before I met Mohanji and shared my problem, I worried about the outcome of this. But that one sentence from Him gave me so much assurance and I laid all my worries at His feet.

I know that when we surrender our life to Mohanji and have faith in Him, we do not have to be worried about anything.

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Once we are on the bus that Mohanji is driving, Mohanji will take care of everything. We only have to enjoy traveling, that’s it!


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  1. Ganapathy G.Srinivas

    The Guru is with through thick and thin. Just that we need to keep our faith intact. Jai Parabrahma Swaroop Gurudev Mohanji. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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