Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8 – “Silent grace and protection”

Lakshmi Nair’s faith in Mohanji came  to her rescue when she was in a fix over a situation in her regular life. The very thought of Mohanji, a silent appeal to her beloved guru Mohanji, saved her day! Many of us may have gone through an experience similar to this.  Enjoy this beautiful sharing and read more such heart warming stories from Mohanji Satcharita Chapter 8.


Silent grace and protection

By Lakshmi Nair

With deep gratitude for everything that I have been given, I would like to share how Mohanji never leaves the hand of His devotees whenever we think of Him.

One weekday evening, I got a call from a friend to whom I had transferred money via Western Union. I had unintentionally thrown away the receipt after the transfer of money and hence did not have the transaction number which was needed for her to withdraw the cash. When she called, she was waiting by the vendor and asked me to provide her with the transaction number. I was in a fix since I knew the receipt was gone along with the transaction number which was mandatory for withdrawal, and they also don’t accept any other form of identification.  I couldn’t help her at that moment, so I told her I will get back to her.


That evening I canceled my evening plans and went to a Western Union vendor near my house.  The agent there told me there was nothing that could be done at that point since the money was already gone; however, she provided me with a customer hotline number just in case if they could help.  All kinds of wild thoughts raced through my mind, and I couldn’t believe all the money that I had sent was just gone!!!  I mentally prayed and promised to Mohanji that if I received the money back without any charges, I will post this leela of His as a testimonial.  With thoughts of Mohanji on my mind, I immediately called  Western Union and a very kind lady assisted me.  At first, she was reluctant to give any support, but with persistence, she agreed to refund the money and give back the transaction charges.  She gave me a gentle warning to not lose the transaction number again. I was over the moon and thanked Mohanji from the bottom of my heart, as this was only possible by His grace.  I received the money back from the vendor the next day and I sent it once again to my friend, but this time kept the transaction number with me. 🙂

As promised to dear Mohanji, I write this leela to express my gratitude and to show that, He is omnipresent and is always there holding your hand when you need Him. Thank you for your grace Mohanji.



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