The Guru who liberates!

By Devadas, Palakkad, Kerala


Lord Shiva has said to Devi Parvati in Guru Gita (Shloka # 169),

Maata dhanyaa pitaa dhanyo, dhanyo vamsah kulam tathaa,
Dhanyaa ca Vasudhaa Devi, Gurubhaktih sudurlabhaa.

which means,

Blessed is the mother (of a devoted disciple), blessed is the father, and blessed is the family and ancestry. O Goddess, (such) devotion to Guru is very rare.

When we connect to the Guru, not just we but our families, our lineage, forefathers and even future generations also come under the protection of the Guru.

I recently experienced this eternal truth through a bitter situation in my life. This is a very personal matter and in a normal scenario, I wouldn’t have openly discussed it. However, when I realised how my Guru Mohanji’s protection has worked, I felt it’s no longer a personal matter to keep it to myself. I felt I must share with the world how powerful the connection with our Master can be.

My only brother, in his mid-50s, recently took a drastic action of committing suicide leaving his young family behind. In our entire family or even known relatives, we have never had such an incident. We belong to a religious and ritualistic Hindu Brahmin family and are aware of how a soul goes through immense pain and stays bound when a person commits suicide. In the last many years, our whole family has been going through immense pain and incidents of drastic nature have been happening. Every such incident seems to bring our whole lineage down.

Although a ritualistic Hindu by birth, after marriage my brother converted to a different religion. Going through many ups and down in his life, something made him take such a drastic step. With this incident, I was really worried about the pain that his soul would go through. I cried out to my Guru Mohanji.

Anytime, during any trouble, my heart first cries out to Mohanji. He has been protecting not only me but my entire family too. During this particular time, Guru Mohanji was not in India.


In this condition, Anitha, my wife’s sister who is also a Mai-Tri practitioner, offered to give me a Mai-Tri session. The Mai-Tri session was immensely powerful. It was as if Mohanji Himself came and gave me a message.

Anitha had a clear vision of Mohanji and Kailash during the session and saw very vividly how Mohanji was protecting me. She also received a message that I must speak to Devi Amma.

After the Mai-Tri session, when she conveyed this to me, I was speechless. I understood that this was a direct command from Mohanji. I must tell you that Mohanji loves and respects Devi Amma a lot. Devi Amma considers Mohanji as her spiritual brother.

Hence without further delay, I called up Devi Amma in Bangalore and narrated my brother’s incident to her. Devi Amma assured me that she will ask ‘Appa’ (Rishi Agastya) and let me know. A couple of days later, Devi Amma conveyed an important message. This message left me awestruck. She conveyed that Rishi Agastya sent her a clear message that my brother’s soul has crossed over to the other side very smoothly. He had conveyed that this was only possible because of a connection to a higher Master.

Devi Amma explained to me then in simple terms that my connection with Mohanji has ensured the grace and protection of the Guru for my family and relatives, including my brother. This is why even though the soul had left through a drastic step such as suicide, instead of wandering and suffering, my Guru had enabled the soul to cross the boundaries and set it free from its bindings.

Mohanji connection

These words may seem unbelievable, but I had no doubt about this truth as these were authenticated by a living Master like Devi Amma! She revealed this truth about the power of this wonderful connection to my Guru and how this connection can pull the whole lineage out of any ditch!

Then I was reminded of another important incident. This was regarding my father. Though he was a born Hindu Brahmin, he was an atheist and he did not understand the Guru Tatwa (Guru Principle). My father sold the land which had a century old “Naga temple” to a non-Hindu person who demolished it. I was worried about this mishap and the repercussions this incident could bring to our whole family. I had not met Mohanji at that time. Maybe it was the Guru Mandala’s grace that was working; I was inspired to build a Naga temple in one of my lands. This was my way of penance for the mistake that my father did. Those were the days that my wife and I were desperately praying for Lord Krishna to come to our family as a child! Well, Krishna didn’t come as a child, but he came in the form of “Mohanji.” My Guru appeared in my life. After Mohanji accepted me and blessed me, He also blessed my whole family and lineage.

It was very evident that during the last breath of my father, Mohanji had ensured a very smooth, literally pain-free exit for him. Even though my father was not a follower of Mohanji and was unaware of the protection that he was receiving from my Guru, he had a very smooth exit.

My brother’s case was yet another proof of the Master’s protection for the entire family and lineage. Not only this. When Mohanji returned to India, one day at His Bangalore home, during a discussion with other devotees on this incident, He said,

“I am looking after Devadas very dearly. He and his family have been suffering for lifetimes. This lifetime, I will ensure that suffering is not repeated anymore. He and the entire lineage are being taken care of.”

My friend and Mohanji Acharya Kishore conveyed this message to me. I had no words to express my gratitude to my Guru Mohanji. My tears knew no boundaries. I am so thankful to the Tradition for allowing me to meet my eternal Master Mohanji in this lifetime and guiding me towards liberation.

Thank you Mohanji. Koti koti pranaams at your feet.

With my heart full of devotion, I offer the following poem at my Guru’s feet.

Guru Mohana nayanam sharanam
Guru Mohana Vadanam sharanam
Guru Mohana Charanam sharanam
Bhava saagara taranam. ||1||

Guru Mohana hasitam sharanam
Guru Mohana vachanam sharanam
Guru Mohana vasanam sharanam
Bhava saagara taranam. ||2||

Guru Mohana rupam sharanam
Guru Mohana mantram sharanam
Guru Mohana mananam sharanam
Bhava saagara taranam. ||3||

Guru Mohana dhyanam sharanam
Guru Mohana bodham sharanam
Guru Mohana darshan sukrutat
Mama pooritha layanam
Parapooritha layanam ||4||

Here is a link to the beautiful way our dear Mohanji Acharya Sathya converted this poem into a beautiful song.


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  1. Ganapathy G.Srinivas

    I bow to the eternal grace in the form of Gurudev Mohanji our eternal benefactor and protector. Jai Parabrahma Swaroop Gurudev Mohanji.

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