Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 9 – “Flow with Life”

In this series of Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 9, We bring to you a recent incident in Sreeja’s life where she felt the grace and protection of Mohanji during very trying times.


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Flow with life…….

By Sreeja Ranjit



Mohanji always keeps His word. He is always with us in consciousness, protecting us from unknown dangers that lurk in the dark. I have no words to express my gratitude for His protection 24/7.

Our family, comprising of my husband, myself and our son have recently moved to Ethiopia as my husband got a job here. It has only been two months since we have joined my husband. It’s a new place and we are only getting to know the place slowly. Mohanji always says to accept changes wholeheartedly without resistance and to just flow where destiny takes us. So, even though things were difficult here compared to India, we were adapting to the whole new atmosphere well.

letting go

Then suddenly, this June 22nd night, attackers shot and killed the governor and two other top government officials in Ethiopia. On the same night in Addis Ababa, the country’s army chief and his close friend, a retired army general were assassinated inside his residence by his bodyguard. 6 top government officials were also assassinated on the same night, throwing the country into a lot of anger, fear and helplessness. They disabled all phone connections the same night for security reasons.

The 23rd morning we woke up with no data connectivity either through Wi-Fi or mobile, and no calls if you left the city limits. No incoming calls from outside the country either. My husband was supposed to travel at 5 am by a flight on June 24th to two of the regions most affected by the incident and where riots would soon start off. I shudder to think what would have happened if this incident had happened after he left. We would be totally cut off from him. On top of that, the US embassy had issued alerts about reported gunfire in the capital Addis Ababa, and violence around Amhara’s main city Bahir Dar. Everybody was asked to stay at home. But as usual, beloved Mohanji took care that we remained safe and sound.

Now, things don’t end there. My husband’s Superior called up and said it’s going to be the month end, these kinds of things will happen and he should be on the next flight on June 25th. We were shocked. We could not believe our ears in fact. My husband argued that it’s not safe and the nation was on a blackout and alerts were on local news channels not to travel etc. Also, he can’t make calls from there due to no network connectivity and he can’t leave his family alone. But all his pleadings fell on deaf ears. I got really scared as then we have to stay alone here in the independent villa we have rented without any connection with the world outside and was really scared about his going to a place which was not considered safe. Any time riots can break out. I cried out to Mohanji as usual and kept praying ceaselessly to help us in this situation. Only He could help us.

My husband called me on the way to book the tickets as the online booking was not happening as the internet had been blocked. We were blocked for 10 days with no connectivity. Airport officials had asked him to come directly and book the flight. Flights were running as scheduled. I started praying to Mohanji and in between our conversations had complete faith that He will take care.

And yes, He did. All flights had been cancelled from the next day! Until the day my husband went to enquire and book his flight, all flights had flown out at correct timings. When he gave me a call to inform me about this miracle, I knew in my heart my beloved Mohanji had taken care as usual. We also came to know that the Superior had been asked to leave the company for a different set of reasons.


Another issue while trying to settle down in the new country was also taken care of by Mohanji. My son had given the admission test for his 7th-grade school enrollment. There is only one good school here which follows the Cambridge syllabus and admission is tough. We got to know they were not taking any new admissions for the 7th grade as it was already full. I was sad but then suddenly remembered Mohanji’s words.

Whatever happens, just accept and go with the flow. – Mohanji

I mentally prayed to Mohanji to let whatever is best for him to happen. I felt really better afterwards and we decided to wait a few more days and to send him back to India. But within 2 days, we got a call from the school saying that he was admitted and he was the only one whom they had selected out of the 10 students who wrote the test. I cannot express in words the immense gratitude to my beloved Guru Mohanji who is omnipresent and silently there with us all the time.

Mohanji always takes care. It is for us to see His grace and protection and own our experiences.

Thank you Mohanji for showering your grace, love and protection on us always.

Koti koti pranaams at your lotus feet.
Jai jai Mohanji…sharanam sharanam Mohanji.

be cool



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  1. Have no fear beloved Sreeja. You and the family are always protected. Always safe in Mohanji’s love

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