Trust in the Guru

by a Mohanji follower


This is my true experience, and I can vouch for this statement I have made!

I do not know where to start, but I am surrendering this piece of writing to Mohanji, and I am writing this with gratitude towards him for taking care of me.

I was an ardent procrastinator previously, especially when it came to taking care of my own things. This was a quality that I wanted to change, and I am sure it is with my Guru’s grace that I’ve been able to do it. Even writing this testimonial piece was supposed to happen sometime in early January, as I had mentally promised Mohanji to do so during my tough times. Still, it is coming to fruition now after Mohanji’s Empowered programmes, which made me feel more empowered to do what I needed to do punctually and swiftly.

Well, that being said, I have been on this path, searching for truth right from 2007. I believe the reasons I haven’t been able to get closer to my destination are procrastination, lack of faith, being judgmental of people and being carried away by sweet people’s talks instead of focusing on my Guru and his talks.
Here’s my roller coaster ride in a nutshell.

My whole world was filled with bliss and joy after I met Mohanji physically in 2018, and I was in love for the first time in my life. People around could see it, I could feel it, and I was practically living in bliss. But I also had a monkey mind that was always hungry and greedy for more explanations, and I was trying to analyse everything Mohanji was saying. Analysis kills the feeling. That’s what happened to me. Trying to practically ANALYSE my feeling of bliss and sweet longing for my Guru, I contacted people whom I thought, according to my analysis, were deeply connected to Mohanji and his mission. I told them about the intensity of my yearning and how tears would pour out of my eyes just by thinking of my Guru.

Well, not everybody MAY BE THE RIGHT FIT to discuss your deep secrets, especially if it is about your Guru. I got swayed away in my path by their sweet talks and fancy projections, and my connection with my Guru gradually began to fade. I was totally aware of this happening, and I was unhappy to the core that my connection was being swayed. But I didn’t have the courage to NOT LISTEN to the sweet talks, which were true in their own way but not aligned with my Guru and his teachings. I so badly wanted to live Mohanji’s teachings, but I was associated with a company that was not! And I was getting swayed in all directions. I went from being a vegan to a non-vegan, and my perceptions were being changed without me recognising it.

Being in this company, I learned a lot about the many dimensions in which Masters operate, came across different practices, and even became good at some. But internally, I was bleeding because my connection with Mohanji was being compromised.

It was much later, after about two years, that I realised that my yearning was different, and I had the courage to break free from that sweet company and decided to dedicate myself only and only to Mohanji fully. Here, I am not criticising other practices or paths, but what I have learnt is that we should have clarity, conviction and courage to stand up for our Guru no matter how great and fast other practices/people may be or if they promise to bring you to liberation.

I also realised that being in this sweet company did not bring any internal transformation. However, I had acquired many healing/helpful skills and knowledge that very few people in the world possess. But what use is it if it cannot transform you from within? I was the same old person with a lot of guilt and regret! I am wholeheartedly seeking forgiveness from my Guru Mohanji for having swayed in my journey and not listening to him.

That being said, I also realised that breaking free from the company that you have been with for so long with support is not easy. Again, old patterns came up, and I was no longer in bliss, and was always irritated and lost due to family issues, my whole life falling apart, and a sudden relocation!

I wondered what had happened. How I had gone from being in a state of bliss to this mess just by not listening to my inner conscience and doing what I wanted to. I was paying the price for my own compromise. It was a huge price to pay, BUT Mohanji never left me during these times.

After I broke free from my previous company, I was always feeling Mohanji’s presence, but I was in no state to do anything internally or externally. Life was all rushed, and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I would sit in front of Mohanji’s picture every day and stare at him. My mind would wander about what would happen in the future, and guilt and regret again would fill me. I was not able to practice kriya or even chant. But the relocation did me good, and little did I know that it was Mohanji’s way of bringing me back on track.

The relocation process to another country was painful as I had embraced the country I was living in wholeheartedly right from childhood. It brought up a lot of anxieties and heartaches. But the good news was that the timing just coincided with the Empowered 1 program, and taking part in the program once again brought me back to my Guru’s embrace. I loved each moment of the 11-day program, and my life was once again back on track.

Then again, being in a different country had its own challenges. We rented a small place to stay from a friend with hardly a proper bed to sleep in, and most of the time, I was sleeping on the floor. Along with this, I was experiencing anxieties over my children’s education, financial situation and the need to find a new home. I continued trying to implement the being in the moment practice because that was all I could do and kept my faith in my Guru during this time.

As I said, with this minimal practice and only my intense faith, things started to turn around. A good friend of my family said he had found a beautiful house for sale, and we decided to look it up. It was indeed the kind of house we had been looking for, and with Mohanji’s grace, we decided to buy it. In the meantime, my kids were still at home and had not secured admission to any school. All the schools had opened long ago, and it was close to mid-year. Anxiety over anxiety built up as I approached different schools for admissions, but they all put us on a waitlist.

Suddenly, one day, I received a call from a school near the house to which we had decided to move, and they offered us admission immediately. I couldn’t believe it could all happen so fast as the rest of the schools were not ready to take us in. But it did happen, and everything was settled, and the kids started going to school. All this is the grace we get for the good things we do when our times are good. I seriously had no time to pray and no urge to do sadhana at that point, but my Guru has always taken care of me in the best possible way. I have felt it every time.

My focus began to improve as help was sent in many ways while settling into this new place. Support came to me physically and mentally, and Mohanji turned around the situation for me. Some Mohanji family members helped me tremendously during this tough period, and I wholeheartedly thank them for their love.

The next thing on my mind was finance. My financial situation was not so good, and I was looking for a job. While conversing with an old friend, she informed me of an internship in my field of education, and I immediately applied for it. I am sure this was the grace of my Guru, Mohanji, that I was selected for this program and was offered a stipend that could temporarily lessen my financial burden. I thanked him wholeheartedly for this in my mind and joined the internship.

While I was in this internship program, I received a call one day from the human resources department of a multinational company, asking me to appear for an interview. Even today, I cannot figure out how they got my number and my resume. When I asked them, they told me I had long back applied in a job search portal, and they had picked it up from there. I didn’t know where or when I had applied since I had quit working 10 years ago. Anyway, the good news was that I needed a job at that point, and this was my dream company from childhood.

What more can you ask for! I prepared in full and attended the interview. I was offered the job right away. But due to some personal reasons, I could not join that company, which shattered me again. However, looking at the bright side, I continue to do my internship, and now I am in a better place. It could have been much worse. I owe it all to my Guru, who has never let go of me even when I let go of him due to my own weaknesses.

This is how a Guru takes care of his children. We are very lucky and blessed to have a Guru like Mohanji. Trust me, many things/paths/people may seem far superior or even a faster path to liberation. But with my own experience from the roller-coaster life I have led for the last three years, I can say, “Mohanji will never forsake you if you believe in him”, and I vouch for this!


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