The power of Consciousness Kriya

By Dejan Cosic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In ancient times there lived a great and curious king who challenged all wise men of his kingdom to explain the idea of karma, karmic law and karmic processes. Many sages passed through his palace and gave various replies, but those did not satisfy the king, who continued seeking a more profound answer. Finally, a liberated master appeared in front of him. He said, “Nobody can reveal to you the secret of karma, which you can only experience by yourself,” and gave him an initiation into Kriya.

And that’s exactly what Consciousness Kriya is. A deep but lit path towards our own soul and the understanding of the law of our very existence through a direct and clear personal insight, under the support and protection of Mohanji, a master who has found the way towards his self and the absolute Consciousness. 

Kriya Yoga - Through Breath to Light

I had been waiting for about 13 years for the opportunity to get initiated into Kriya. In the meantime, I practised various breathing techniques and meditations, but they all proved futile in terms of what I was yearning for, and that was a long-lasting peace, and above all, of course, control over my own mind, which at that time was like a herd of wild horses. Without a doubt, those techniques were providing me with a lot of energy and certain insights, but the understanding of myself and the world was not the way I wanted it to be. Something crucial was always missing.

The only thing that I was sure of was that my mind was completely scattered and so indecisive that I couldn’t even decide which technique to practice at times. That’s why I really wanted one single technique that could replace all others. That was Consciousness Kriya. I understand now that all those techniques that I used were like riding a bicycle compared to riding a spaceship that Kriya provides.

I started practising Kriya in 2016, but not regularly/daily, as I was taking breaks. Even though I knew that the science of Kriya demands great discipline, that is an everyday practice; I didn’t dare to set a clear intention and make a decision not to skip a single day. However, in February last year, I made up my mind, and since then, it’s been over 400 days now; I have been practising Kriya on a daily basis.

Now I notice a big difference. It’s hard to put into words the heat in my palms and spine that I feel almost every day; the enjoyment of the breath that is much longer now so that while practising Kriya, I inhale approximately once a minute, while sometimes I am completely merged with the breath. My energy is more stable; I am more peaceful. I sleep less, and I need a lot less time to accept some difficult moments as they are and to get out of the emotional instability.

Simply put, I have more control over myself. I feel and understand better my body, mind and intellect, as well as many obstacles that my mind poses. I have an impression that I understand better and can distinguish between the thoughts that are really mine and those that belong to ego or are simply not mine. In short, the ‘antivirus program’ called Consciousness is active non-stop and gives me the opportunity to connect to myself on a deeper level and witness all that is happening within me and around me.    

In the middle of last month, I had a significant experience related to the time we live in, as well as the fear and insecurities that we are surrounded by today. So, one afternoon I realized that I’d lost the sense of smell. Without any fear, I thought the cause of it could be coronavirus, even though I was feeling well.

The next morning, I woke up extremely tired and with very little energy. I think I was ready to spend an entire day in bed. However, I didn’t give up, and that day I did Kriya 3-4 times and, in such a way, renewed my energy completely. The next day I was as good as new. Several days later, it turned out that I tested positive for Covid, but I went through it completely intact and, with an important experience, ‘Praise the Lord.’ 

In the end, I’ll repeat the words that Mahavatar Babaji said to his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya, “Even a little practice of this science will save you from great fear and colossal suffering.” 

Translated by: Maja Otovic


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  1. Why is it so difficult, “since my father has left his earthly body “, for me to silence my mind and do Kriya like before?

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