From earthly home to eternal home

By Ruchika Gandhi, India

As Mumma (mother) is breathing her last in the ICU right now, I could watch her withdrawing gradually from everything. 

A few days ago, she surprised me by giving me a tight hug when I went to see her in the morning. I went without any expectation of seeing Mumma in any changed health condition, as she has been drowsy the last few days and mostly silent. I was surprised and delighted to receive a lovely warm hug straight from her heart and a beautiful smile on her face that day. She was holding me for quite some time. I felt it was deep, a hug of deep gratitude. 

She wanted to express gratitude and love for everything that we have enjoyed together in this lifetime. I did not know that it was going to be the last hug, but it was truly unique and deep. I sang ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna’ for her, and we danced together. She was happy and felt the song within and started to move her lips gently. It was a moment of immense joy. I offer this moment at Mohanji’s lotus feet for enabling me to experience this special moment. 

She is unconscious at the moment; the soul is preparing to exit. Doctors are trying their best to give her all possible support to help her move forward from this condition; our gratitude to each of them for doing their best. 

After seeing my mother for the last few days, I have been visiting the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre in Delhi to feed animals. I feel a deep sense of gratitude and love for each being there for receiving the food seva with so much love in the name of my mother and beloved Masters. Every seva is a means of expansion and lightness. 

Our beloved Mohanji’s visit to Delhi happened during this time, and it was truly an amazing blessing. This was not a coincidence; I felt he heard us wanting to have his darshan at this time. And finally, we met Mohanji two days ago. There was nothing much to speak. I only felt his presence and exchanged love. Love and silent tears flowed from within for everything that I had experienced in the last few months. 

Mohanji - The Doorway to Heaven (10 minute meditation) - YouTube

Mohanji’s grace is beyond words, beyond our imagination. Verbally, he only reiterated a previous message, “Hope you are serving all beings in your mother’s name.” I nodded with a smile and gratitude. A beautiful reminder at that moment about the sacredness of serving all beings and how it assists our dear ones – still living in the body and the ones already returned to their eternal home. Mohanji mentioned that serving all beings would bring alignment in all the elements and support Mumma’s onward journey.

When my dad passed away in 2017, Mohanji and my sisters were in Kailash, and my dad’s sudden transit was blessed, yet it was a strange departure. The events happening now are also not a coincidence as my mother is being prepared to move ahead for the beautiful journey to rest and dissolve at Mohanji’s lotus feet; a home where we all aspire to go, our real destination. She will be settled there soon. 

Mohanji’s physical presence in Delhi is a blessing as he knew the final moments had come for her departure, and his children would need him. Mohanji is always with us energetically, giving us all the strength, calmness, composure, awareness and acceptance to face the TRUTH.

I am in a moment of stability, calmness, peace, gratitude and joy within that the home full of bright light (brighter than a million suns, as Mohanji says) is ready to welcome my dear mother. A soul, who has lived selflessly, gracefully, served all her daughters and the entire family with love, affection, and so much care. 

Now, she is being called back to the eternal home, where there’s only light; no boundaries, no bondages, no emotions, only freedom of absolute PEACE and BLISS. I bow to my beloved Mohanji and Shirdi Baba for being with her and all of us throughout this journey called LIFE. 

The beauty of this life is to see that in the end, it’s all about love, only love. My gratitude to Mohanji, Baba, my beautiful sisters, wonderful Mohanji and Ammucare families, amazing doctors, nursing staff, and the extended family of relatives and friends for sending their prayers, blessings and healings.

I am pausing here in awe, wonder and gratitude.


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  1. Beautifully spoken, Ruchika. At this time of sorrow, it is clear that there is also so much strength, stability and grace. Much love to the precious Ghandi sisters _/\_

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