EMpowered by Mohanji – 12

by Sankaranarayanan Meetna

I would like to share my experiences during the course of contemplation of various steps explained by Mohanji as part of the Empowered Program 1.0.

While practising the task of erasing old memories, I found it the toughest one. Because the more I tried to forget, the more heart struck/sad memories emerged from deep within. Also, Mohanji asked us to get away from all negative emotions of low frequencies like anger, hatred, jealousy, gossip, etc. I found this task very difficult too as a normal human because most of the behaviour patterns have formed as a rigid concrete structure. Being very sensitive by nature, I have been carrying most of these countless emotions and expressing them freely then and there.

The net effect of all these was nothing but severe disappointment, displeasure, anguish etc. Moreover, I am a person who has taken each and everything that happened in my life so seriously.

Because of this habit, I felt all my nerves and facial muscles had always been kept tied up so tightly, never allowing me a moment to relax. My face, in turn, started showing a rather explosive look even at such seldom occasions when I was nurturing real inner joy.

This process finally forced me to become a “sense-less miser” and starve for sensible mercy from somewhere. On many occasions, though I really wanted to exchange pleasantries from my deep heart with others, especially small children, my facial expression gave them a negative signal. With life going on like this, let me put the scenario as brief as possible.

All my efforts to forget old memories went in vain in a critical state of mind like this. Further, the negative emotions were squeezing me wildly. I was struggling to find a way out.

I tried to apply Mohanji’s ‘Pause Technique Method’ more rigorously. But, my memory pattern was so rigid, it was so keen to attract and invite more negative emotions into my mind. This way, all my sincere efforts to experience the ‘Nectar of Deep Silence’ turned out to be a utopian dream.

I had no idea how to address my agony as I do not have any such ability to connect to Mohanji or higher source instantly. For that matter, I am merely an infant in understanding the difficult subject of ‘Consciousness’. In this difficult situation, I thought the best thing I could do was to start filling my mind with thoughts of Mohanji as much as I could. I continued my efforts.

Wonder! A miracle happened! My prayer reached its destination. I got a divine message from the Guru. At first instance, I could not believe it. Master knows everything and about everybody. Understanding that I was failing to forget old memories and concentrating at the heart centre, he prescribed an alternate medicine for my ailment.

Mohanji lit a divine spark in my thought process. He also prescribed and enabled my thought to become a desire and evolve as an action. It worked like this: this spark helped me go for a thorough overview of my physical structure. Nevertheless, against all odds, I found a great tragedy – a villain was troubling me in my sincere efforts. When I understood the root cause of failure in my efforts, I was engulfed in utter SHAME.

Let me tell you the truth. All these days/years, I had forgotten totally to SMILE whole-heartedly, even as self-motivation. This was probably because of my wrong perception of approaching life experiences seriously.

Humbly, I finally grasped the Guru’s attempt to give me a meaningful insight into this issue! Until and unless one understands the frequency of self, no practice or ritual can give the required effect.
My Guru encouraged me to try and always nurture a sincere SMILE on my face gradually but effortlessly as an extended model of ‘The pause technique’. Once this habit gets momentum, simultaneously, I shall try the Pause method and go deep into practice.

I started experimenting with this method. Initially, I found it highly difficult to express a spontaneous and generous SMILE. I tried, tried, tried by chanting Mohanji Gayatri Mantra. Slowly, my efforts started giving fruits. I am now able to SMILE effortlessly, spontaneously now. I started feeling the tight-roped nerves and facial muscles getting loosened up, and I am getting relief with an unknown pleasant energy-coursing all over my body.

From the above, I understand the following facts:

  • To achieve spiritual growth, both mental and body composure, is a must.
  • My body parts and sense organs were driven in different directions in the absence of centralized command. This made controlling emerging negative emotions and old memories difficult. Also, negative emotions quickly attract more emotions of low frequency in abundance. Because of this, the mind wandered more freely and concentrating was difficult.
  • A sincere smile straight from the heart increases the frequency rate to a much higher level as it starts searching for similar high wavelength emotions.

However, in my old baggage of memory stock, memories of good experiences were comparatively rare, which put the mind in a fix and unable to wander freely. With nothing to do, the mind slowly helped enable me to concentrate better.

So, Mohanji’s revised method of the ‘Smile-Pause-Get in’ technique helped me with an easier and smooth take-off. Only a Guru can understand the seeker’s actual requirement.

My humble Gratitude to Mohanji!


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