Igniting our inner flame

By Vesna Mišić, Serbia

I think the turning point on my spiritual path (besides the fact that I met Mohanji) was when I went to the retreat called “Ignite Your Inner Flame,” held in October last year. I’d been following Mohanji for three and a half years, and I developed some kind of telepathic communication with him. In everyday life, sometimes, it manifested in a way that the signals and messages were immediately clear to me. Sometimes he had to work hard to draw my attention to a particular issue (usually when I didn’t like something and when I was subconsciously running away from it). In guided meditations, however, everything was fast and crystal clear. But what had happened to me during the retreat surpassed all my previous experiences.

Ignite Your Inner Flame Retreat

Of course, the meditations were fantastic and deeply purifying, with a lot of insights and emotional release through crying on my part. Then came the sixth morning! I remember it well!

During yoga, while we were doing the five-speed breathing, as soon as I lay on the mat (we were breathing in the fetal position), I fell into a meditative state, and I was not doing yoga anymore. Instead of it, I was going through a very animated movie of my own. Long winding tunnels of gleaming white upstanding blocks. What a wonderful feeling! I was passing through them, I was actually floating, and everything was sliding somehow. The images overflew, like in a video game or in the Matrix movie. I was not afraid; I just let the movie unfold. The others started with the exercises. I didn’t. I was flying through those tunnels, and at one point, Mohanji joined me. We were not in the form of humans. We appeared as silhouettes, holding hands and going through the tunnels. Light, light, there was light everywhere. I was happy, I was delighted to be with him, and everything was so beautiful! Then, it started getting a bit darker. At one point, it was as if we were on some medieval rampart, which was made of gleaming white stone blocks. Behind us was a gleaming light, in front of us, tunnels, but not so bright. We were standing, leaning against the rampart, looking down at those paths bounded by high ramparts which appeared darker the farther they went.

Suddenly, I knew what was coming next. We were going to get my father, who had passed away six years ago. The landscape changed quickly. Steppes, bare trees, darkness, tunnels, tundra… everything was barren and dark. “No, I’m not afraid,” I answered Mohanji’s question. “Are you sure?” he asked me. Then I realized that I would have to go and get my father all by myself. I cried: “I’ll go, I’ll go, I’m not afraid. I’ll go, and I’m not afraid, but I don’t know how to find him.” So, I went alone (the day before, also in yoga, Mohanji cleansed my biggest problem with my father, he cleansed it up so that everything remained the same, but I was at peace with it). It was as if I had some navigation inside of me, occasionally I felt my father’s presence, and then I lost him. I cried, I didn’t know whether to do yoga or to continue with this or to pick my things and go, I laughed a little. Moments of complete interruption of the visions… Nothing was happening!

I was waiting to be led on, to move on, and I continued to wander through those dark landscapes, bare black forests, and muddy meadows. I panicked, I completely lost the signal, then again, somewhere in my heart, I heard a ringing! It was so pale and weak. I saw a black coiled lifeless mass that looked like a man for a millisecond. Then I lost the image, and I wandered for a long time; I was more and more terrified that I wouldn’t find him. “You have to call him out,” Mohanji told me. “And he also has to decide for himself to answer,” he was saying to me. I cried, I called out to my father, he was gone, why did I lose him? Why did the signal appear and disappear? Where was the signal receiver? Did I have it? Where was it inside of me? I’d realized that I needed to tell my father something; to let go of my biggest pain, the one Mohanji had cleansed the day before. And then, all of a sudden, my father, who was some black lifeless mass, just glued on to me. He didn’t cling to me; he glued on to me. I carried him in my arms; to a place where my mother was waiting for me (she had passed away eleven years ago). She was in the shape of tiny smoke, but she looked young and vital, whereas my father was black and motionless, dead in fact. I handed over my father to my mother, and I wanted to tell her something, to hug her, but then I gave up, it wouldn’t be good, everything had been done, I needed to go back.

I returned along the same path that was going from darkness to the light, traveling by light speed. Mohanji was waiting for me on the rampart. We held hands while we were sailing through bright tunnels into the sky. Then he let me go, and I flew through the sky alone. I flew, I flew, I laughed, bathed in the sun, I rolled over, I turned, I was sure I was free, unlimited, I knew that he was somewhere and he was keeping an eye on what I was doing, but this complete feeling of freedom was unrepeatable, this was better even than flying while he was holding my hand.

HSTY Yoga group

A year has almost passed since then. Everything’s been happening at an incredible speed. I’ve entered into this year with his energy in the company of Devi Mohan during the New Year’s Eve in Belgrade; I spent almost two months in an ashram near Bangalore learning HSTY Yoga and practicing in daily meditations, chanting, and contemplation. Along with the other course participants, I was blessed to be in Mohanji’s physical presence for two beautiful afternoons, and I felt like I was flying again. I am currently participating in the Online Women M Power Boot camp. The transformation I feel is huge. I get to know myself more and more every day, and more and more, I like what I find out. I get to know my strengths, my wisdom, my peace. It is interesting; I feel that I am only now getting to know Mohanji and how great his selfless love and grace is.

My deepest gratitude and love to Mohanji always.


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