Connection through Power of Purity

By Madhuri, Karnataka, India

I am Madhuri, and my parents and I are ardent devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba. My connection with Sai Baba began when I was two years old when all members of my family were traveling to Shirdi for my younger brother’s tonsure ceremony. Till today, my father reminds me of an incident that took place on that trip. Everyone in my family says that as a baby, I had always been calm and placid and never troubled my parents for anything – except for that time in Shirdi.

And it goes like this – there I was, the obedient and naive child, in a hotel room in Shirdi, suddenly crying and pestering her parents to get her some ber (Indian jujube) fruits. Though they were puzzled by my behavior, my father decided to appease me and go on a search for those ber fruits. I held his hand as we went to the door, and as we opened it, we saw an old man standing there, resembling Baba. He gave me a handful of ber fruits from his two pockets saying, “Munni, ber lo…” (meaning – child, take these ber fruits). My father was taken aback and uttered these words unconsciously: “Look, Baba is giving you fruits”. Then the old man disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. The next day, my father searched the entire market in Shirdi for the fruits, but nowhere could he find any. And that was the beginning of my connection with Shirdi Sai Baba.

Time passed by, and at the age of seventeen, I read the book, ‘Sri Sai Satcharitra’ for the first time. Since then, I have read it many times and continue to read this sacred book. Having experienced many miracles, my conviction and faith in Baba are strong, especially since Baba used to appear in my dreams. But once in a while, my ego does bring forth doubts (due to lack of knowledge of the Supreme Consciousness). A few months ago, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Mohanji, where he explains his connection with Sai Baba and many other Masters. I kept gathering information about Mohanji and watched many videos of him and Devi Mohan. I was fascinated, but at the same time, after getting to know about his powers (about existing in the astral plane, astral walk and Shaktipat), I was nervous about connecting to him. Hahaha!!

It was the night of the last Monday in the Hindu month of Shravan and all Mondays in this auspicious month are said to be special to Lord Shiva. In my dreams that night, Mohanji appeared (without scaring me!) and asked me to connect to him. After waking up, I found that I had lost all my fear. Then I connected to him through his eyes and listened to the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra for almost the whole day.

Later, I learned about the book by Mohanji, called ‘The Power of Purity‘. As I opened the book, I wondered if I would be able to understand it. But it is written in such a crystal clear and understandable way and in such simple language that it clears away all doubts. As I read it, I felt like I was savoring the celestial nectar of the Ultimate Truth. Truly, those were eureka moments for me! I feel blessed to have discovered this book by his grace. I recommend everyone to read this beautiful book.

Another blessing I recently received was when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of the Power of Purity meditation by Mohanji. I thought to give it a try even though I’m not much of a meditator. I started waking up at around 4 am along with my mother. My mother practises mantra meditation, keeping all her Masters in her mind. It’s just been three days since I started practising this meditation. On the first day, I felt very happy, confident and powerful. The second day I felt the total opposite, not wanting to talk to anybody and wanted to be left alone. The third day at around 4:30 am, I listened to Mohanji’s ‘Hreem’ mantra, and after that, I did the Power of Purity meditation. After completing both, I slept (as Mohanji says, sleeping immediately after meditating gives more benefits). As I woke up in the morning, I felt very good, and my self-esteem was very high. The whole day I attracted whatever important information and knowledge I needed. This particular meditation is meant for expressing gratitude and sending positive energy to the world. I would urge others as well to give it a try.

Hopefully, one day I will get to meet Mohanji in person. My humble prostrations at his lotus feet! May Mohanji keep showering his blessings on all of you.


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 1st October 2020


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