Incurable to being cured

By Arpana Nazre, India

I have been in the IT industry for quite a long time now. Along with it come the stress, project deadlines, late nights, long hours, working weekends, sedentary lifestyle, competition, and politics. Everything you can think of that could affect your body in some way or the other. The longer you are here, the more damage it causes. If a balance is not made, it can even be fatal to your physical and mental health. Of course, there are good things too, like money, stability, etc. However, here I would like to write how the industry and other factors triggered an ailment on my physical being.

A couple of years back, I was in a very good project, but at the same time, very demanding and taxing. Extremely stressful, working late nights, and a very demanding superior, added to the woes. Also, it was a Canadian project, so most of the meetings used to happen late in the nights. This went on for almost a year and a half. By the end of the year, I started developing painful joints. Thinking that it was due to sitting for long hours in front of the computer, I just neglected it. Whenever I used to get up from my seat after sitting for long, my joints would be stiff, and I would almost limp to even go to the nearest bathroom. Over time, it started getting worse. My knees would become swollen. I couldn’t get down from the vehicle and walk after driving to the office. Slowly, my ankle joints, elbows, shoulder joints, everything started showing signs of inflammation and pain. A time came when I finally had to visit the doctor. After the initial tests, the doctor suspected Rheumatoid Arthritis (referred to as RA henceforth).

I was hoping that it would be something minor and would be healed with a little medication. But as fate would have it, the blood reports confirmed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Until then, I knew nothing about it. Upon further investigation (thanks to google), to my horror, I realised that it’s a chronic disease and that there is no cure for it. RA can just be brought under control with medication. And usually, the medication would last a lifetime. I was devastated. How the hell did I get this? Why me? And I felt that I was too young to get arthritis. How will I manage the rest of my life? So many questions were unanswered.

The day I came to know about it, I was so depressed that I messaged Mohanji about the issue. He just replied – “Talk to Subhasree from London.” I contacted Subhasree to know that even she was suffering from the same issue and had been on treatment for some time. She immediately called me, consoled and convinced me that things would turn for better with treatment, lifestyle change and of course, supreme faith in the Guru. She guided me to a naturopathy treatment centre in Kerala. At the same time, I consulted a Rheumatologist and started medication. He didn’t give a definite timeline for the treatment and just said it might take time as it differs from person to person. The medication was also a low potency medicine given for cancer treatment. It had side effects like extreme hair fall. It was horrific to think that I might be bald soon!

Even after the medication, when the pain didn’t subside, the doctor advised steroids. I was extremely scared of taking steroids. But at the same time, I didn’t have another option either. At that moment I remembered an incident where Mohanji had mentioned to another devotee that if medication is needed, to take it, but offer and surrender to Mohanji, and he sees to it that it doesn’t have any side effects. So before taking it, I just prayed to Mohanji to help me, so it doesn’t cause other side effects on my body other than what it is meant for. Finally, I also took two steroid injections. The pain subsided, but again after three months, I had to take another dose. By this time, I had started exploring other options of holistic treatments. I went for a 10-day detox in a naturopathy hospital in Kerala.

Meanwhile, going back in time, when the RA was first detected, in the first week, we had meditations in Preethi Duggal’s house in Bangalore. After the meditations, we started speaking, and I happened to mention to Preetiji about my RA condition. She gave one look at me and said, “I don’t think it’s got anything to do with a physical ailment. This looks like more of an emotional issue which has erupted as this condition.” She also advised me that I should go for Mai-Tri Method. At that time, I didn’t know much about it. Since it was something that was given by Mohanji, I had complete faith that it would help. So I requested Preetiji to do Mai-Tri for me and booked an appointment with her.

The day came for the session, and Preetiji just asked me to lie down. Mohanji Gayathri was playing beautifully in the background. I knew Mohanji would take care, come what may. She started the process, and we didn’t talk much, but I could feel the heat in her hands while moving over the various chakra points of my body. I just surrendered completely to Mohanji and relaxed. After Mai-Tri, when I got up, I saw Preetiji sitting on the floor, as if she was handling something of high intensity or frequency, and almost shivering. She then slowly got up and came to the chair beside me. She started telling me what she saw during the Mai-Tri Method.

“First of all, your faith in Mohanji was so high that you were completely open for Mohanji to work, for his energy to work. The receptivity and faith in you were so high that Mohanji’s healing energy was at a high intensity. Since the energy was so high, I was not able to take it at one point, and I started shivering and had to sit down. Second, I saw that this pain is because of the trauma you are carrying from one of your previous lives, where you had a very abusive husband. In that life, you had been physically and mentally tortured to a great extent and had died because of that torture. I could see that you still had bruises all over your body, and burnt marks like those made by cigarette butts on your body while you were dying. This was the trauma which was carried over lifetimes, and it had manifested in this life in the form of this ailment. I could see Mohanji clearing the blockages in your body, and since you were so receptive, the energy was flowing beautifully through all your chakras.”

I was in a state of shock. But it was what it was. Then I realised why Mohanji says never carry the memory or emotion of any particular incident. It gets stored in every cell of our body, and we even carry those emotions and memories over lifetimes. Since these memories become impressions, these impressions manifest in similar situations. When an issue happens, look at it objectively. If something has happened, if it’s wrong, try to correct it. If it’s an abusive relationship, and nothing can be done, move out. Please do not take it passively. Instead, be objective enough to take action or move out. This way, we are not storing stuff. If you are feeling sad, cry it out, but then there is no need to store and lament over it for years. Mohanji says forgiveness of self and others, and acceptance are the biggest gifts you can give to yourself, and that is what the Power of Purity Meditation helps us to do.

With this one single Mai-Tri session, I could feel in the coming days, almost 60% of my symptoms of RA had come down. One of the days when I met Mohanji, I asked if I should get Mai-Tri done again. He said, “You should check with your practitioner and if need be get it done.” I decided if one session can help so much, a couple more would help me clear this issue altogether. Meanwhile, I did various other alternative things. I also went to the Bosnian Pyramids and the Ravne Tunnels with Mohanji, which is said to have healing energies. Upon return, I scheduled another appointment for a session of Mai-Tri with Milica from South Africa. By this time, I had already reduced my dosage of the medicines from twice a day to once a week.

Bosnian Pyramids with Mohanji

Mai-Tri with Milica was another divine experience. Milica would tell me then and there as to the results of energising and healing each chakra in the body. She saw that Mohanji was healing me with divine bright light, and a major blockage from the solar plexus region was removed by him. It looked like a huge black ball. She asked me if any of my grandmothers had a knee problem. I tried to recollect and realised that my paternal grandmother had knee pain and swelling for as long as I could remember. She had passed away a few years back, though. She mentioned that I was carrying her pain, and that was the reason I was still suffering those joint issues. She was hovering around me, and then Mohanji stepped in and healed my grandmother, and asked her if she needed anything else or was it ok if she is released from this plane? My grandmother said she wanted to be released. So Mohanji healed and released her to the divine white light. Oh, my God!!!

I have learnt two things from all this. We carry our lineage karma, which includes physical ailments too. And with Mai-Tri, Mohanji is healing and helping the lineage also, just not us. How much more compassionate can one be! Aren’t we supremely blessed, that Mohanji is not only releasing us from our miseries but also our ancestors from all this? My medication by this time had reduced to almost once in 15 days, or whenever I used to feel the pain.

After all this, it so happened that I applied for the Kailash pilgrimage. As we all know, Kailash is an ultimate journey for a person in this lifetime. We were given a set of instructions of physical and breathing exercises to do, to prepare ourselves for this tough journey. It was almost a month before Kailash, and yet I was not able to do any of these due to various reasons. Just 15 days before the journey, my son suddenly fell ill with a high fever. Later, I came to know it was a viral infection. It so happened that after his viral attack, I happened to fall sick with the same thing, though something like this had never happened before. Maybe it was another form of test/cleansing for Kailash (which Mohanji confirmed in Nepal, en-route to Kailash). I became very weak and developed rashes all over my body. Forget about exercises; I was not able to get up from my bed. At the same time, my RA suddenly flared up. My knees were suddenly swollen. My left foot was completely swollen. I was not able to wear my sandals. All this when I was about to embark on a physically demanding journey?

I started my RA medicines again and got back to twice a day dosage. In spite of taking the medicines continuously for 15 days, the swelling didn’t subside. I was getting more and more anxious about doing the 52 km parikrama in Kailash. But somewhere internally, I knew if Shiva has called, he will take care of it. I don’t have to worry. And I surrendered to his will. It could also happen that due to the cold weather, this condition could get worse and out of hand. Finally, I kept all the medicines with me and just prayed that whatever happens, I would face it. His will is my will. Just being there would be good enough for me, even if I don’t do the parikrama.

When we reached Nepal, we had a satsang with Mohanji in Kathmandu. During one of the breaks, when I went to prostrate to Mohanji, I told him about my condition. He said it was not just me; almost everyone was facing some issue or the other in their lives before coming to Kailash. He also mentioned that Kailash was not an easy journey. And this was all a part of the cleansing process. Setting foot on the land of Kailash itself needed a certain kind of eligibility, and not everyone could do it. So even if we were making the journey by the grace of the Guru, we all had to go through the purification process, which we had all been going through for months.

I told him that I wanted to do the parikrama and asked him to help me with it. He just replied – “You will, why not?” That was just enough for me. I knew he would take care, and I don’t have to worry. It has been my previous experience with other Mohanji pilgrimages that although we are not completely physically fit for a demanding trek, in his energy and with complete surrender, we are different people altogether – highly energetic, no signs of fatigue, stress, strain, etc. It proved to be true on this trip too. Though we were in the coldest of regions with low levels of oxygen, I didn’t have any signs of fatigue or any of the symptoms of RA. I even forgot to take my RA medicines, though I was carrying them along with me. That was the level of energy that we were in.

At Yamadwar, I prayed for liberation, and to let go of all that is not required for spiritual progress, be it physical, emotional, materialistic relations, things, etc. I did the entire parikrama, some on a pony and some on foot, without a single sign of weakness, breathlessness, or joint pain. Nothing! It was a breeze!! How powerful are our Guru and his grace? How compassionate and loving he is, in spite of all our misdoings, helping us sail through the toughest journey like it was child’s play. When we have faith and surrender, Guru’s grace will give us the toughness and the tenacity to go through any situation, and that is what I experienced in this holy journey to Kailash.

When I came back home from the trip, I forgot all about the RA. I stopped taking the medications too. It’s been four months now, and I have neither felt the signs of it till now, nor have I felt the need to take medication. From impossible to possible is what Mohanji is all about. I am M-powered! No amount of words can convey my gratitude to the Guru and Guru Mandala for showering me with so much grace, love and care. It was not only me, but even the lineage has also been healed.

I bow down with deep gratitude and surrender to all the Masters of Guru Mandala and Mohanji for healing me from this impossible ailment and ridding me of it completely!!


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 4th October 2020


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