Miracles in a dream

By Bhumika and Eesha Arvind, Canada

My daughter Eesha wanted to share a dream she had of Mohanji. We had submitted the Consciousness Kriya application on August 23rd, 2020. Following that for the next 1 1/2 weeks, Eesha was getting angry at petty things, and she was doing things that may have gotten her in trouble. I thought that her growth spurt was causing this trouble. Something in me was intuitively also telling me that Mohanji is testing her. Anyways, Eesha really wanted to share her dream and her love for Mohanji and asked me to send this to Mohanji. I am writing this with a hope that it reaches Mohanji. Eesha is not my daughter; she is his daughter. I surrender at his lotus feet.

Eesha shares:

Hi, my name is Eesha, and I am 10 years old. I had submitted my application for Consciousness Kriya last month. After much anticipation and vigorous process, my application was accepted on September 27th. I had a dream of Mohanji on September 9th. He spoke to me about my Kriya application. My mummy encourages me to write my dreams. After that dream, I knew, for my heart said that Mohanji would accept my application, I told Mummy I am accepted for Kriya on that day. I am sharing my dream I had of Mohanji. He did many things like Sai Baba did, like Baba curing leprosy, and controlling fire.

 My dream:

 It was a sunny day; my mummy was out feeding the birds; we were all outside. On the garage roof, there were two eagles. One was the bald eagle, and the other one was small and had golden streaks all over it. We were watching them. The smaller eagle with golden streaks came, flew around all of us and sat on mummy’s shoulder and stayed there. After some time, other animals started appearing, snakes, bunnies, lots of birds and then a tiger came.

The tiger was coming towards me; I got scared and went into the house. It followed me to the door. It was just standing there, looking at me, and it was talking to me as I heard it say, “Are you scared?” and I replied, “Yes, I am scared.” Then the tiger said, “Come out, I won’t hurt you; I just want to play with you.” When the tiger was talking to me, it felt like Shiva. His voice was sweet but deep like Shiva (not that I know Shiva’s voice, but that’s what I felt). When he was talking, some water was coming out of his head, and that reminded me of Shiva and the thing that struck me the most was the tiger’s skin as that was what Shiva wore in a picture. So, I went out, and I saw that mummy, daddy, and Haresh were not in the backyard anymore, they had gone somewhere.

I saw Mohanji sitting in front of the fire pit talking to a woman in our backyard. I felt like he was having a private meeting with her, as no one else was there, only me. They were talking in some language; I felt like Mohanji told her to get something from the garage because he pointed to the garage and said something, and then she went to the garage. When she was in the garage, Mohanji called me to him because I was still standing at the door. This time he called me in English.

I went and sat down in front of him not minding the grass pricking my skin. Then (like my mother would do) I folded my hands in front of him and prayed to him for a few minutes. Mohanji started talking to me. He said, “My dear child, you have been getting angry because I have been testing you to see if you are ready for Kriya.” When I looked up at him, I was confused as his lips weren’t moving when he was talking to me! Instead, he had folded his hands like me (Namaste), and it looked like he was praying to me when he was talking to me telepathically.

Then he continued to speak, “So you are asking me for another chance?” This time I was even more confused because I did not say anything like that; in fact, I had not said anything at all! Then I thought, maybe my soul is talking to him and instead of my human body. I told him in my head that everything happens for a reason, and everything is your doing. I just thought in my head, “Oh lord, I do not know what you want from me, but I know everything happens for a reason, and it is all your doing!” Then the woman came back and was speaking with Mohanji. When they finished talking, a crowd came to see Mohanji. (I was thinking my mom had seen Mohanji and had told everyone she knew and they had told everyone they knew and everyone had come).

 Then, in the crowd, there was a guy with leprosy who came walking towards Mohanji. When he saw that Mohanji was with a big crowd and there was nowhere to sit, he started going towards the garage, but Mohanji called him to the swing. Mohanji asked someone to get a rudraksha mala and gave it to the man. When the man got the mala, Mohanji asked him to take the mala apart. The man took the beads apart, gave it to Mohanji. Mohanji blessed it with Udi that came out of his right hand, and he said, “Swallow these beads”. When the man swallowed the beads, his leprosy went away, and his leg went back to normal. The crowd was astonished as it happened in a snap of a finger.

 The dream continued. This time I was at a school and Mohanji was teaching. It was my school with all of my friends, but Mohanji was the teacher. He taught us, and at the end of the day, we went home. Out of the blue, a fire started, and it became huge. We asked Mohanji to make the fire go as none of the fire trucks were able to put off the fire. So Mohanji came, and he told the fire, “Get down, get calm, what is this ruckus you are making.” He kept bashing the stick on the ground and with every bashing, the fire got smaller until it was gone.

Then we all went home; Mohanji was following me back to our house. He was going to have dinner, and he took his dinner outside. Mohanji after finishing food was lying on the grass, looking up at the stars. I was looking for Mohanji as I wanted to eat with him. I saw him in the front yard, and I thought he would leave as he had finished his food. I ran to him and sat down beside him and ate. We were talking, and when we were done, he hugged me and then we went to sleep. He came inside, and I checked on him before going to sleep to make sure he was sleeping at home.

Love you, Mohanji. I pray to you every day. When will you come to Edmonton, Canada?


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