Revealing Truth about Mohanji


My name is Swami Brahmananda, formerly a member of the Skandavale Ashram in Wales UK, now continuing my sadhana as an individual traveling in India.

I first met Mohanji when he visited Skandavale in 2014. My own Guru having left his body in 2007, I was not looking for a replacement and as such connected with Mohanji as a familiar old friend. It was soon clear however that Mohanji truly embodies the Guru principle and seamlessly supported the sankalpa of all true Gurus in his unassuming, authentic and informal way.

Mohanji and the Guru Mandala
Mohanji and the Guru Mandala

In inviting me to participate in the Inner Kora yatra of Mt Kailash in 2016, Mohanji fulfilled the will of my own Guru, making himself almost invisible he acted as tour guide, translator and companion, where necessary imparting the right spiritual knowledge to guide me in my own inner journey.

Mount Kailash represents a daunting physical and logistical challenge, the Inner Kora even more so. It was truly humbling to witness how Mohanji supported every member of our group, directly taking their burdens upon himself when he could see their own resources were failing.

“I have only the weight of my soul to carry”

Asking him later how he was able to carry all these people Mohanji smiled and explained “I have only the weight of my soul to carry” In an instant, I understood who he was.

During the second day of the Yatra, we walked to the edge of the glacier at Charan Sparsh which extends from the north face of the mountain. The Tibetan Sherpas normally don’t allow anyone to walk on the glacier itself because of the danger (that year more than 30 people had died around Kailash) but when Mohanji started climbing up the ice himself it became clear a divine precedent had been set and a group of 12 were able to cross the expanse of ice to prostrate and embrace physically the north face of this most sacred of mountains. For me personally, this was surely the single most powerful transforming event of my life made possible through Mohanji’s grace.

Touching Kailash_Swami B
Embracing Kailash

Mohanji explained at the time this event represented the beginning of a dimensional shift in consciousness and we should be ready for dramatic changes in our life circumstances.

I didn’t fully understand his words until in September 2017 I was thrown out of the ashram which had been my home for 26 years amidst some extreme differences of opinion about spiritual life. Leaving the material security of the ashram at age 51 with a few clothes and enough money for a tank of petrol, my mind resonating with the turmoil of many harsh and critical voices surrounding my departure, my first instinct was to contact Mohanji. As is his habit, he responded personally within minutes and we arranged a meeting. At a time when my own self-belief had received a battering, Mohanji believed in me and for that, I will always be grateful.

Unconditional Loving Support

We met during Mohanji’s program in Switzerland and immediately his words went beyond opinions and superficial emotion to confirm in my mind that actually nothing bad had taken place and no one had done anything wrong. Rather evolution was taking place, I began to understand what the dimensional shift really meant, and my future as traveling renunciate came into focus, all leading to greater awareness and fulfilment in the years to come. From that discussion with Mohanji, I began to turn my mind away from the trauma of my departure from Skandavale and embrace the expansive vista of service on the stage of the world. Both in spiritual counsel and practical support through the extensive network of Mohanji’s organisation in India, I could embark on the next chapter of my own journey with renewed confidence knowing that unconditional loving support without judgement was at hand.

Spiritual & Divine Communion

The day following our completion of the Inner Kora of Kailash Mohanji was in a deep state of spiritual communion with the divine powers dwelling in and around the mountain. He relayed to us in real time his communication, giving personal insights and reassurance about our lives and that the opportunity we had to go to the north face was indeed an unprecedented grace that would change our lives completely. That night, I had an intense dream experience where I found myself with Mohanji in a run down suburban street, somewhere in India I guessed, it was raining, litter and detritus was everywhere and the gutters overflowed with stinking effluent. I watched as Mohanji proceeded to prostrate face down in the road such that the foul water flowed over his head, protesting I called to him to stop, but he replied, “I must do this, it is my job”.

Greatness That Dwells Behind The Human Persona

Reflecting on this experience, l realised that I had been shown what Mohanji’s task in this incarnation is, to sanctify a polluted humanity and restore the sacred traditions of dharma. I was privileged and humbled to see the greatness of the soul which dwells behind the easygoing human persona.

Mohanji_a walk
Travel In The Path Of Liberation

Mohanji’s presence in the world continues to be a great source of reassurance, inspiration, and courage to travel the path of liberation to its end.

-Swami Brahmananda, UK


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  1. Dear Swami Brahmananda, I have read your blog here with great interest. I was with you at University, when we were just young seekers at the time. We embarked on different spiritual paths, but I was always proud of my friend from Swansea in an ashram in Wales. I decided to write to you recently, after some major life adventures and changes, and because I had been in touch with old friends who had been asking about you, unusually you had kept popping into my mind, and I wondered if you were okay. So imagine how shocked I was, when my letter was returned saying ‘no longer at this address’. It was a great mystery, as I knew you would never have left on your own accord. I thought maybe you had died. But thankfully, after much searching, I found this post. I feel a great joy for you, that despite such a sudden end to decades of dedication at Skandavale, you have found safe haven in the guidance of a great saint, are still in tune with your own Guru in spirit and are finding your way forward to continue living a life of service. How wonderful to be exploring India, it brings me joy to know this. I had a blessing once, a direct ‘knowing’, when I saw clearly many years ago, that “in”the ashram or “out”of the ashram, it is ALL still the cosmic dream. So take comfort in that, although it sounds like you already are in a place of strength. But it is an illusion, when we talk of in and out of ashrams. The whole world is an ashram, where we can dedicate our lives to the search for God. The only “In”is with God consciousness. The only “out”is ignorance. I originally wrote that letter, to tell you about my and my husband’s experience of palliative care, he was a monk for ten years and after he was diagnosed with MND, he was released from his vows and had to leave suddenly too like yourself. They expected him to just return home to die basically, but after a couple of years grieving the loss of the ashram life, he spotted me at our meditation centre and in his cheerful, confident way, made up his mind he was going to date me and so we embarked on an incredible eight years together, proving that the only ‘life limiting illness’, is in your own mind.. he survived an MND diagnosis by 11 years (usually people live only 2-3 yrs) and he passed peacefully and naturally, last year, victorious, and when he was ready. When his will relaxed its hold, it was only months until he had a natural passing. We learnt together that happiness can be found in even the most extreme situations, he dealt with profound paralysis with a gentle joy, love, patience and cheerfulness that made him famous over here. I share this story with you, as I have no way of contacting your personally, but I also wanted you to know, that my husband said he learnt more in his years after MND, away from the ashram, then he had done whilst as a monk. The ashram lifestyle is the ideal of course, but God has infinite ways to let us serve. We never in a million years could have imagined what Divine Mother had in store for us, despite being profoundly paralysed my husband went onto get a job, a new house and meet me, the love of his life. When I was thinking that the best part of my life was over, along came the best part… and now I know, it will keep getting better, in the only way that truly matters. It is love which sustains creation, everything which happens to us, is Divine Mother’s loving hand, reaching out to bless us, strengthen us, uplift us… May you feel Her ever with you, guiding and inspiring you. Know that your old friends from a ‘former life’, it must seem, are still around and send you their love. God speed my friend.

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