Mohanji – A Love that Liberates

By Mataji T. Villareal Sharma, Roxas City, Philippines

The Look that can melt you!

Have you ever met somebody who, like the great Sun, could make you melt, and at the same time allow you to relax back into your comfortable self, like the moon blowing a cool breeze over the top of your head?

My husband kept looking at me when I was finally sitting right in front of Mohanji. He turned to me like I was a child who was in Disneyland for the first time and said with a sheepish teasing smile: “Look, that’s your Mohanji finally right in front of you! ” Since the top of my head felt like a hundred yarn threads were being pulled up, I couldn’t reply in a giggle even if I wanted to. I thought, “He’s on it, working on me now.”.

My husband could perceive every atom of my body smiling in a simultaneous sun and starstruck state. I felt my husband’s joy for me, as he had witnessed the days, nights and in-betweens that I was glued watching Mohanji’s videos online. Many times, I would fall asleep still with the earphones playing, in my ears, his voice in a guided meditation. My husband would gently remove it and would patiently, without complaints, watch me start my day again plugging myself with Mohanji.

For two consecutive years, my days went by on and off like this. Mohanji was like everything I have ever believed in, all in one: Kriya – Bhakti – Seva (Kriya – Devotion – Service)

Mohanji – All in One!

Someone actually exists with the package I have always resonated with! This is not to discount our gurus who have and are still deeply and lovingly guiding us. They are the ones, I believe who brought him to me, or the other way around. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief sometimes. “He is here! He is here!” my thoughts scream in a whisper. My heart quietly jumps in joy!

But when I met him… I didn’t find myself on my knees flat on the floor. I thought perhaps I would. I could see myself doing a triple flip in excitement, but instead… Instead…

His energy brought me to simply be myself. Centered, calmly joyful in knowing that I do not have to be anything else. I could be anything, dynamic, static or even ridiculous. I just felt I could never loose nor offend him. There were no rules in his presence -apart from authenticity. And even if I may not fully know what true authenticity is like, I was happy to be authentic with whatever arose in the present moment.

In front of me was the humblest most loving powerful energy I have ever encountered. He was never aloof nor distant. His laughter could shake the rust off your bones.

Guru and his unique expression!

Every guru has their own unique expression of the same innate qualities. Some of them smile, some of them pass a glance and some of them scream. I got them all. Every one of them changed and blessed my life beyond comprehension.

As Shibendu Lahiri once told me at Lahiri Mahasaya’s residence in Varanasi 17 years ago , “Ganga is the same even when you meet Her in the Himalayas, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Allahabad or Banaras.”

Mohanji is so empowering that he could make you feel like you swallowed Neale Donald Walsh’s CWG 1,2,3 books along with Friendship and Communion with God books all in one gulp!

The story behind this meeting is a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys stirred in, Choose Your Own Adventure novels all in one. I don’t know where and how to begin, but to make the long and winding “Series of Fortunate Events” short, getting there was like the parting of the sea of Galilee.

All my life, though sometimes mocked and laughed for it, have always enjoyed the presence of the masters of Love, Faith, and Wisdom. I ask nothing from them, not even a blessing. Often, my questions to them are not mine. However, all I hoped for was to bask in their presence even just for a moment in this physical form. It has made me feel less estranged in a world I mainly could not understand. I feel less weird around them. It’s just a nice feeling to meet people with the same “strangeness” as you are. After every darshan, of every magnanimous being, I always feel charged to face the world again.

Though it be impossible, if I were to describe Mohanji in one sentence, it would be: “A Love that Liberates.”

Mohanji – A Love that Liberates!


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  1. V.subramanian

    Beautifully written and what a “Ringing Caption ” ! Just the same , I honestly feel that mentioning the names of the Masters, you were connected to, which has guided and bestowed this incredible connectivity would have made this story even more impactful !Discerning readers will chime with you on the subtler nuances of ” Guru Mandala ” !

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