Empowered 2.0 – Part 2

A life saved
by Sabyasachi Rath, USA

December 7, 2021. It was a break day in Mohanji’s Empowered series. For the past three days, I had been absorbing Mohanji’s wisdom. Each time I listened to his recording (for logistical and logical reasons, I couldn’t attend the live sessions), I would feel like lying down by the middle of the recording as the energy would be too intense for me.

Back to December 7. It was a momentous day for me as I live now to write this piece. On this fateful day, I had driven to drop my daughter at her volleyball club and was returning home with my son in the back seat of my favourite Prius. At around 6.43 pm, I crashed into another car.

I had no choice; I had no clue or reaction time. A big fat Hyundai SUV crashed into my petite Prius. All I had done was follow the rules and cross an intersection while the light was green at the given speed limit of 40 mph. The young boy in the Hyundai decided to take a chance to turn left and rammed straight into me! WHAM!

It felt like a train ran over me! It was a very high impact, at least so I felt. My guru’s grace saved me. The first thought that came to me was my son’s well being. He had let out a small scream of pain but seemed fine. I felt I passed out for a few seconds and was dizzy afterwards. I felt my entire body was paralyzed. I kept chanting Mohanji’s mantra slowly and deliberately; it gave me strength. Slowly I could feel my legs and hands, but my upper body was still paralyzed. Some strangers came running and told me to stay awake. The driver of the Hyundai that crashed into me also came over and apologized, stating it was his fault (I agreed). The kind strangers called my wife and 911 (the emergency hotline). I kept chanting.

In another 5-10 mins, the police and ambulance took over. They put my neck in a cast and situated me in the ambulance. My wife was strong as ever and was able to take my son, who appeared relatively uninjured, home. She told me that Mohanji would take care of me. It was a painful journey to the hospital, with my body aching in pain each time we drove over a bump. Finally, we reached the emergency room of Northwest hospital where I was admitted. I was able to walk and talk, so I was put on ‘hold’ to be seen, as there were more serious patients. It was a test of patience, and my close friend Raj was able to come and give me company in a place where no attendants were allowed due to Covid rules (another sign of grace!).

Meanwhile, my wife took my son to another hospital for a checkup, and he was cleared of any injuries! It was indeed a blessing that at least 10-15 friends could come to the hospital with her and give her comfort.

I was seen in another couple of hours, administered a pain killer, and then taken for X-rays and CT scans. By midnight, the results came and showed no injury to the spine or bones. That was a huge relief. A pure sign of grace! It seemed like the perfect injury had been planned for me; a majestic bump with minimal effects. By early morning, I was discharged honourably and sent home. In fact, I was able to do my Kriya practice in the hospital ER with relative ease!

I live (in pain temporarily) to write this day. I later came to know that my lovely healer Vidya was able to do Mai-Tri while I was in the emergency room. My healing continues, and grace continues to flow unlimited.

I love you Mohanji!


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