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Radha Ambat, India

Empowered day 2 experience: I want to express deep gratitude for having received the highest wealth a life can offer from the two sessions attended with Mohanji. Words cannot describe the happiness and bliss I felt during the sessions, the empty feeling, the lightness and happiness. He is boldly leading us from utter confusion to ultimate truth by showing us how to change, like our pulling habits, patterns, and deep wounds that bind us here. He is leading us, holding on to the values, walking us through the prescribed ideals in this established and strong path in our way to find the truth. The mere thought of having the chance to learn under his care and protection while we walk with him in the coming days gives indescribable happiness. He is guiding us, keeping us under his strong wings, boldly as a mother holding her babies, towards the ultimate truth with the very fact that he himself is the ocean of truth is just bliss. I offer and express immense gratitude to my Guru, who is the light, and feel the highest joy in every moment while he reveals the way and holds us with him. Jai Mohanji.

Amala Anil

My experiences of the Empowered program were beautiful and transformative. On the first day, my emotions reached an extreme level and then slowly calmed down; I felt tired the next day but tried to concentrate on the program. In the following days, I slowly gained discipline, feeling more energetic and focused. After one of the sessions, I felt warm energy passing through my body. As I felt more silent within, I realized it was Mohanji’s beautiful energy that I was experiencing and felt so blessed. I have received the divine blessings of my Baba, whom I love dearly and who is my only destination. I bow at the feet of Mohanji and surrender myself to his abundant power. I feel more confident day by day. Thank you, Mohanji!


I woke up with a heavy heart this morning with too many thoughts and anxiety about a decision. From 3 to 5 in the morning, I was trying to pause-withdraw-return; but nothing seemed to be working. At 6:00, I called a friend from the Mohanji family, practically discussed everything and agreed on a plan about the current situation. I still felt a little heavy, and then at 6:30 got a confirmation from Mohanji, ‘I am with you’ via a message. The moment the evening session started, I felt as if he was talking to me; he kind of dissected everything I had gone through in the morning and made me understand what I was doing and how I was suffering due to my own mind, patterns, resistance and ownership about the given situation. He is working on each of us and peeling the layers so that we can see the reality, our true self. Blessed are we to have him guiding us in such an amazing way. Thank you, Mohanji. No words can ever express the gratitude I am feeling for you and for this experience. Sending you all lots of love, may we all be empowered and become the divine instruments to spread the light.

Ash (Sonia), Muscat

My experience of 11 Days of Empowered with Mohanji and the M Family is difficult to describe in words at the state I am in at this moment in time. I got a chance to speak to Mohanji; like many of us, all my questions were subtly answered by my beloved Mohanji. But I still wanted to thank him and pay my gratitude. Any words or feelings will look small in front of what Mohanji is and has been for all of us. Like Mohanji mentioned, if you have a transformation, talk about it. I got very overwhelmed when it was my turn to talk, so here I am writing about my transformation. I have a 32 months old toddler, and my husband and I are staying in Muscat, Oman, away from home and family. I have been struggling to find time for my sadhana, chanting and yoga practice. I was waking up early, but I wasn’t finding enough time for myself to do all the above. Since I started the 11-day Empowered workshop, I have been waking up at 4:30 am consistently every day and taking a shower, doing my chanting, sadhanas and pranayama in the morning and then moving on to my daily chores. I haven’t felt better, and the feeling gets even much better and brighter with each day. Despite sleeping as little as 4 hours on some days, I feel much more awake than I would feel sleeping 8 hours. Quality of sleep has improved, awareness to stay in the moment is getting there, and so many emotions are being washed away. I wouldn’t say it was easy. The mind plays so many games. Mind capturing on words of Mohanji and telling me it is ok to be in-disciplined once in a while, but you are aware of it, so it’s ok, start tomorrow. But a very strong and determined voice of my Guru, my Mohanji, is telling me to wake up and wake up now, strong enough to make my mind quiet. I thank Mohanji for letting me be a part of this journey of becoming fearless, and I will work on these for the next two months before we meet Mohanji again in December for another power-packed transformation program. I surrender at my Father’s feet to bless me and help me walk this path of being fearless! Also, a big thank you to all the organizers for making the journey so smooth. Bless you, all. Shubhashree, a special thanks to you for the brightest smiles ever.

Anjali – Australia

This was my first workshop with Mohanji, and I can say it’s been a huge transformation for me. I could feel a lot of energy in my crown chakra and spine from the first day. The divine energy of Mohanji has given me so many blissful experiences during meditation and Kriya. The silence technique has helped me during Kriya and while communicating with family and peers. There is more silence, and I am more in the present moment. There is more clarity, and I’m able to get more work done in a short time. I feel my fears have dropped off too. I am able to voice my opinions more clearly and with stability at meetings with peers. Mohanji has answered many of my doubts directly and through questions asked by others. During the Silence meditation given by Mohanji, I had the most beautiful vision of Mohanji with me in the Blue Mountain Caves – Sydney, which I visited about 9 years ago. He was seated on a glowing stalactite and surrounded by gleaming stalactites and blessing me. It was the most beautiful vision and will be in my heart forever. This could never be my imagination. If I had to, I would have chosen the Himalayas. I feel blessed to be on this journey of liberation with my guiding light Mohanji. Thank you for everything, lots of love and gratitude.


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