Flying with me to Canada

By Arpana Nazre, India

At the office, there came a situation where I had to travel to Canada on work. I was tense as I had to leave my little son and go. I am a single mother and have always been by his side at all times. It also meant that I had to leave him with my aged mother. She could take care of him, but it would not be same as me, since she had her physical restrictions though not less in spirit. I tried all ways not to go, but then the work demanded it and finally I had to make up my mind to go.

A month before I had to leave, Mohanji was in Bangalore, and we had various activities and Satsangs organized. At the end of one of the Satsangs, I told Mohanji that I would be travelling to Canada and I was terrified to leave my son since I had never done that before for such a long period considering he was still very young. He said, “Do what you HAVE to do.” He said whatever business reasons I am travelling for, is for my good only and I will find success in this project and future too. He also said, “I would be travelling with you to Canada.” When I told him that my family would be alone, he said in his typical loving style, “Main hoon Naa (I am there right)! I will take care of them.” And indeed he kept up his words. 

He travelled with me and gave me signs of it too. And best of the best, he took care of my family too. My office work and relations improved too. What more could you ask in life, – the presence of a living legend, an elevated Master, Brahmarishi Mohanji with you. He sets everything right for us. Every step of our life is taken care of. OMG!! I can’t imagine how hard he works, while we complain of small pressures in life!! Here is a writeup of how Mohanji kept his words.

The day finally came, and with a heavy heart, I started on my journey. While I was boarding the flight to Canada from Bangalore, I think I saw a Chinese man, sitting right behind me. Don’t know what made me observe his presence. But there was something eerie about him.

I just looked at him before boarding the flight; he was still sitting in the waiting area. I got up to proceed to the security check-in to board the flight. Obviously, we are all in the queue. Since he was sitting, he was supposed to be still behind me. When I was going through security check-in, he was still sitting. Once I was inside the flight, I saw him standing right next to my seat. How did he reach before me? There was no way he could have reached since I was way ahead of him in the queue. Anyways, since he was blocking my way, I asked him to make space so I could take my seat. He looked at me, then made not only space but also took my cabin bag I had in my hand and kept in the luggage area without me asking him to do it and allowed me to sit. His action had a strange sense of care in it. He sat beside me for barely 5-10 minutes and soon left. After that, I didn’t see him for the entire flight. Since I was tired, I used his seat too to sit comfortably and also lie down.

Another point to note was – while all the TV monitors got switched off as the passengers were asleep, his seat TV never got switched off, despite the seat being empty. If there’s no activity from the user’s side, the monitors get switched off, but all through the flight, this was the only monitor that was on. Somehow, then, I started feeling it was Father (Mohanji). It was his way of telling me that I am with you. I was even mentally asking, “Father; it’s you right!” All through the flight, I was chanting Mohanji’s name and remembering him.

When we off boarded the flight and were walking out, I saw this person again, walking to the airport terminal exit, again right ahead of me! Where was he all this while? Also, while exiting the flight, there was no sign of him. He appeared out of nowhere!!! Another indication! Goosebumps!

It was as though, Mohanji was telling me and giving me indications, “I have started the journey with you and seen you through the entire journey.” Our human mind engrossed in the gross world doesn’t understand subtle indications. Probably, this was Mohanji’s way of giving me signs, “I am with you”. He had kept his promise when he told me that he would be travelling with me, and he also made sure that I get to know that it was him travelling with me. All through, there was always an inner voice which told me that it was him. Koti Koti Pranams to you, Mohanji. I know I can never thank you enough for being there for me always.

The person who is sitting behind was the one who also incidentally sat next to me in the flight. If you notice, there are two monks right ahead of him, and he is right between. Is it that he has his own guards too? Unbelievable. 

I reached Canada safely and called back home to inform that I had arrived. By that time, my mother informed me that my son had a slight fever. I didn’t bother much, thinking that it would slowly come down, since it was just a fever. Next morning, when I called again, I was informed that the fever had increased and he was also vomiting. He had not eaten anything and was not taking medicines too. Since I was the one who used to always take care of him whenever he was sick, mom was finding it difficult to handle him. He was refusing to take medicines, and it was bothering her since if he doesn’t, his condition might get worse. I spoke to him over Skype, and when he looked at me, I instantly knew that he was missing me terribly and was trying to control his tears after seeing my face on Skype. But he behaved so maturely, he didn’t shed a drop of tear and kept looking at me and never said anything.

I asked him if he was missing me and he said, “Yes”. I could see he was controlling his emotions and not let them come out, lest it would disturb me.

I felt helpless and didn’t know what to do. Did I have to make this trip, leaving my child alone at this time? I prayed to Mohanji. I messaged mom, telling her to let him sleep without the medicine. He could take medicine after a nap. To which she replied that he drank the medicine by himself and went to sleep. He never takes medication by himself. It was a miracle by itself. I felt relieved to hear it and came to the office. 

Next day again, he had started vomiting, and though the fever had come down, he was not eating his food and complaining of weakness and throat pain. I spoke to him for a long time, trying to convince him to eat something, else he might feel frail. He was not in a mood to listen, and I could see him turn pale due to weakness. I asked my mother to take him to a specialist for further guidance. Despite a lot of people coaxing him to eat, he was not ready to budge and eat anything and complained of throat pain. I felt the same helplessness again. I prayed to Mohanji again, and chanted Mohanji Gayatri, all through my commute to the office from the hotel. When I reached the office, I got a call from mom, saying that he ate his food by himself, and now he is playing with his cousin—miracle of miracles. I had seen him on the skype video chat; he was terribly weak and suffering. In half an hour, there’s no way he could have recovered all by himself. Mohanji was at work again. Tons of gratitude and love to Mohanji for taking care of my family. He always keeps up his promise. He indeed was taking care of my family at this critical time. Not only my neighbours and family offered to help take my son to the doctor voluntarily but also turned up right in time for other necessities during his illness. Finally, with Mohanjis blessings, Ansh (my son) got well within a few days. He was fit and fine.

Another incident which I can never forget is, how even during my stay in Canada, Mohanji ensured that I am well guarded all through the day. I am just quoting a few here.

During the weekend, we were visiting some places for sightseeing. We took a bus, and I sat in the very front seat of the bus. By that time, another passenger got onto the bus, and he didn’t have enough coins to buy the tickets. He caught my attention as he was speaking to the driver. The driver said, either you need to buy a daily pass card to use the bus services, or you need to render exact change to buy the ticket instantly on the bus. He was a little confused, and he said, “Ok, I will get down and buy the pass and board the next bus.” By the time, the driver, knowing he was a tourist, said, he would allow him to travel this one time without a ticket since he was new here. I noticed him because of all this commotion. Finally, that passenger got into the bus. I forgot about this incident and person, and we went to our destination and were roaming around. While I was near the aquarium, I think I again saw him right behind us. It dint occur to me at that time, but we must have seen him a couple of more times during the day.

End of the day, we were back to our hotel area and stopped by to buy some groceries for the week. Suddenly, my roommate said that the person who had boarded the bus in the morning was in the same superstore. Vancouver is a vast place, with lots of supermarkets, buses and sightseeing destinations. The fact that he chose the same bus, same place(s) and the same supermarket too, was too much of a coincidence. I knew at that instant that it was either Mohanji or one of his angels taking care of us. BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED. Not sure if I deserve all this, but we know, Mohanji is unconditional love and keeps up his promise no matter what.

Finally, on the project work getting straightened; it was a new project, and I was just 2-3 months old in the project. I was already feeling the pressure. It was too much and unbearable. There was a time, when one of the days, I just snapped and with tears in my eyes, I decided I was not capable/eligible of handling this project. There was too much going on, and I could not handle the same. But somewhere down the line, I knew that Mohanji put me in this project for some reason; for me to grow, learn some lessons.

I messaged Mohanji that I might not be eligible for this project. Mohanji’s team replied, “Things would be fine. Do what you have to do with an attitude of surrender. He is with you always.” In-spite of a lot of hurdles and working odd hours, long hours etc., I continued working on the project. Somehow internally, I knew that this is something I need to go through probably, for my good and growth. I remember Mohanji saying while he was in Bangalore – “When the disciple has reached a certain level, he increases the fire. The temperature increases and it becomes more difficult, but that’s the test we need to pass.” I kept my faith in him because it is my experience that if he has increased the fire, he is also walking with me, holding my hand and giving me all the support to walk this tough terrain. And it was proved time and again. While working on this project, many a time, since it was completely new, and none of my previous years of experience helped, problems have got solved just like it was a miracle. Until the last minute, I wouldn’t know how to go about a problem, with no help around. Next minute somehow there would be a help or an idea in some form or the other. 

I was also entrusted with three big projects which cost huge amounts to the company. It was not about the money, but the trust that was placed on me to carry out the same that mattered to me. Many things which seemed impossible at the beginning just cleared out, by merely surrendering to him. I finally realized that we are not the doers at all. Who are we in this vast space of the universe to claim ownership of things? When his grace is there, hard work is ours, but finally, good results are because of HIM.

It is a true blessing to have a guru of Mohanji’s stature in our lives.

This writing is my humble way of showing gratitude and also at the same time, requesting others to have firm faith in Guru, no matter what. Masters are there with us all the time, to hold our hands in this journey of life. At the same time, they remind us of our duties to ourselves and the world. We keep taking things from various people, places, family, friends, earth, and cosmos. We need to start thinking, what have we done in return. A lesson I learnt from Mohanji is that he only gives, and never asks anything. All he asks is to treat everyone with love and gratitude and not to harm anyone AND GIVE BACK TO THE WORLD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I pray that I live up to his teachings!

Koti koti Pranams to Mohanji!


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  1. Hi Arpana. Great reading your experience. Mohanji keeps his words and we are blessed to have him in our Life. Let us follow the path with firm faith. But the testing will be always like fire but if we have faith we will never fail. With PRANAMS at HIS DIVINE FEET. JAI MOHANJI !

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