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Priti shares with us a beautiful testimonial of Guru’s loving grace in times of pain and difficulties which she experienced when her niece Monika was very unwell.

By Priti Bhardwaj, UK

Just a little background to Monika’s story that I would like to share here as I feel tremendously grateful to our beloved Mohanji and Guru Mandala for the grace and blessings they have bestowed on her personal journey so far, and am sure will do so beyond her time here.

Mohanji and the Nath Gurus have played such an important part in Monika and her family’s life in the last 2 to 3 years without them even knowing, and this is the ultimate unconditional love Mohanji and the Masters have for all! Incredible grace comes – just a sincere prayer brought the Masters of the Tradition to this family! (The family are not into spirituality or religious in anyway). 

Two years ago, Monika and her boyfriend, who was driving at that time, were hit by a car that went into their side passenger side. Monika was unfortunately badly injured; her boyfriend suffered minor shoulder issues. Monika was told she may not walk and will have to wear a metal neck and back brace for a long time as there were serious spinal injuries. This was devastating news as Monika was a party person and it was very difficult for her to even sit in one place. 

Mohanji sent me as the first person to see her in hospital after the crash. Immediately I was guided to ask for Mai-Tri for her and prayers were performed thru the Global Prayers Whatsapp group, which was kindly heard by the grace of the divine energies. Monika continued to improve to the point that she actually started walking and attending work after four months, and she was even able to attend some parties.

I feel now with hindsight a very serious incident/accident was averted at that juncture; such is the grace of the Masters because she had unfinished agendas here on Earth. This, I believe, was extra time given to her, so she could spend time and make amends with her family and friends as 18 months later she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Amazing that she recovered from the car accident but unbelievable that this illness was diagnosed.

Again, Mohanji sent me to her, and I was guided immediately to seek Mai-Tri for her. This was performed within three months during the initial Spring lock-down and hospital delays. Monika’s cancer became aggressive. At the same time, Monika’s Dad suffered a stroke and is still in a convalescence home as he can hardly walk or eat solids. Calamity after calamity, but the grace of the Masters was always there. Grace comes when you have faith in the Master.

Monika, her family, relations and  friends became incredibly close, united in looking  after her with  limitless love and care making her every waking moment full of love which I believe kept her going. Couple of times the doctors would say that she only had 72 hours to live, however, the love that she was receiving from all 4 corners of the world and her strong will  to live till her last breath gave her extra moments with all her loved ones. Time and time again, despite all the painful treatments and the callousness of the cancer spreading, growing rapidly throughout her body, she did not give up smiling and greeting the umpteen visitors  who came to see her. She was always surrounded by bountiful of flowers wishing her well…..

After a couple of months of Monika having operations, chemo and radiotherapy to treat the illness, she gradually became worse. This time it was Subhasree who saw my messages requesting for prayers for both. Subhasree, despite a gruelling backlog of work immediately gave Monika Mai-Tri. In fact, by this stage MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) was given, a deeper level of the Mai-Tri Method. This was indeed an honour and again, Mohanji’s grace! A deep trauma had led to this cancer. Mohanji completely cleaned the entire trash that had caused it. Mohanji does his job!

I was also guided to ask Mahesh to perform a Guru Raksha Homa for Monika’s family at the Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada, and certain Pujas were carried out in India during initial lockdown which lasted 7 hours despite strict curfews and shop rationing… all Mohanji’s grace!

During my many trips up to Birmingham to see Monika, on one occasion, we slept very late as the family were interested in knowing how and why these illnesses occur, so by the time I put my head down it was 3 am but couldn’t sleep as had a very strong urge to connect Monika (who was in the hospital at that time having a hip op as cancer had spread there) to Shirdi Sai Baba and give her Udi, but didn’t know how to do this…. Towards the end of the morning all my attempts trying to plan how to introduce Mohanji/Sai Baba to Monika turned out to be in vain, so I surrendered the whole thing to Mohanji and tried to sleep.

An hour later, I heard noises coming from downstairs. My sister-in-law walked in from the cold front doorstep. I asked her where she had been so early, and her answer amazed me and almost knocked me over.

mohanji sai

She said her eyebrow threading lady who was a Sai devotee had called her early in the morning and told her Sai Baba had instructed her to tell my sister-in-law to go to the local temple and take some sweets to Baba and leave it at his lotus feet with a prayer and some change for Sai Baba to look after Monika. Can you believe how my late night thoughts and prayers actually transpired and became a reality. But even there grace flowed, when my sister in law went to purchase the sweets the shutter to the shop was closed, due to open 3 hours later. As she stood outside the shop thinking where to get some of these Indian sweets, the shop shutter opened, and the shop keeper let her buy the goods. Amazing right?!

We also managed to get Manasarovar and Gauri Kund water to Monika, who was a complete non-believer in these things. (There’s always several deeper reasons as to why we go to far off places like Manasarovar and Gauri Kund – sacred waters came from my pilgrimage to Kailash with Mohanji 2019.) That too was pure grace.

Despite a being a non-believer, Monika was beginning to recite the Gayatri mantra, and the whole family were starting to see life from a positive angle rather than the gross negativeness. Is this Mohanji doing his magic? Yes!

Monika was an amazing fighter or maybe that Mai-Tri prevented her from feeling the worst of the pain. Whenever she was asked if she had pain, she said, no! She didn’t want to die in a hospital on her own and did what she could to avoid this. Her wish to come home came true every time.

I saw her couple of days ago although she was drugged up heavily on morphine and was breathless, we sang songs and my daughters, and I danced to her favourite songs from the late 90s (once a party person always a party person).

With the grace of our Guru, she died peacefully, and I am sure she is being guided as we speak to the light. Rest in Peace, my darling Monika. I love you. 

Thank you all for your prayers and wishes.


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