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A beautiful narration of the power of Mai-Tri and one’s deepening connection to Mohanji. Pooja writes about her recent experiences with Mohanji and the profound effect of Mai-Tri received by her dad. Subhasree also shares her experience as the Mai-Tri practitioner who responded to Pooja’s message for help in the most unexpected way.

By Pooja Jobanputra, UK

I would like to share my recent experiences and ongoing beautiful journey with Mohanji.

At the outset of the corona pandemic, I began to listen more regularly and with an increasing passion to Mohanji’s podcasts, videos, and blogs. This period has allowed me to connect to Mohanji’s consciousness at a much deeper, profound level. I have begun to experience subtle changes in my way of thinking and have felt the presence of Mohanji in my daily life. It feels incredible, it feels as though I have found my way in the world and it feels like I need nothing else. I bow to the feet of Mohanji and the Tradition for showing me the way and guiding me to a new way of living.


I have found myself eagerly awaiting each new video, podcast, and programme on the UK Facebook page. I have been encouraged to join the EBC Club and the daily Power of Purity meditation sessions, and I have enjoyed every moment. It has been thought-provoking, life-changing and has given me the chance to experience pure happiness like nothing else.

I have also connected profoundly with Shirdi Sai Baba through Mohanji’s guidance and this connection has also started another beautiful journey of love for Baba. A recent experience has shown me the power of the Masters at work and provided me with huge respect for the Tradition.

One day, I received a call from my mother who was concerned about my dad as he was feeling unwell and increasingly uncomfortable with some heartburn. She was very worried and asked me to come as she was calling an ambulance.

As soon as I got to their place, I could see that my father was struggling. He was uncomfortable and had been feeling this way for a few days. Within a few minutes, the paramedics came and identified an issue on his ECG. He was told to go to the hospital with them and my mother was becoming anxious.

pooja 2

As these events were unfolding, something happened within me where I could feel inner strength. I prayed to Mohanji and Baba to help and guide. I had watched a video about the power of Baba’s Udi just the week before, and I could feel that things just started to flow. I asked my mum to give some Udi in water to my dad, as he made his way to the ambulance. He drank the water quickly and I just knew this would help him. I saw a small picture frame of Baba in my mother’s kitchen shrine and I placed it in my father’s bag. Again, this just happened like second nature.

I felt the need to connect with Mohanji and placed a message in the global prayer group. It was late in the night and I was not sure if anyone would see it, but I just did it quickly. I remember very clearly now that Subhasree came into my mind at that point, but I knew it was too late to call anyone. I somehow connected with Subhasree, and again I cannot explain, there are no coincidences. Grace was beginning to flow.

The ambulance crew were not happy with the second ECG and decided to go quickly to the hospital. Again, I felt a sense of calmness. I prayed to Baba and Mohanji, and I asked them to do whatever was in the best interests of my dad.

The paramedics decided to change course and go to a local specialist heart hospital, this was not a coincidence. It just happened like clockwork. No panic, no stress, just a sense of stillness that I felt.

As I waited in the hospital car park, I chanted Sai mantras and connected with Mohanji. I looked at my phone and saw that one person had sent prayers for my dad and then I saw Subhasree’s message. It literally pinged out of my phone with a thump!

I could not believe that she replied at this exact time of need. It was all like clockwork. She reassured me immediately as we messaged and prayed and she began Mai-Tri for my dad. Everything flowed and I didn’t feel any anxiety or panic. As soon as Subhasree said Mohanji is with you, I felt him sitting next to me in the car. It immediately calmed me further. I knew that he was taking care.

Mohanji car

My sister drove out of the car park and just as we turned the corner, we saw the paramedics who had taken my dad to the hospital. They were smiling and so helpful, they reassured us that dad had a quick procedure in a record time of 16 minutes to place a stent in his blocked artery and that he was back on the ward.

They said he was lucky to have been seen so quickly and that all had gone well with a good outcome. We spoke to him and he was fine and resting.

I could feel what had happened and I began to piece it together. Subhasree had been woken unusually that day, I had asked for help and it had come. Divine grace flowed and flowed, and my dad had not felt any pain during the procedure. Mai-Tri had been given whilst the procedure was being done.


The consultant, who is renowned for his skill and speed, had decided unexpectedly, to stay late that day as he was running late. He decided to spend the night at the hospital which he was not planning to do, I later found out. Again, this was not a coincidence.

I shall be eternally grateful to Mohanji, the Tradition, and to Subhasree for the love and grace given to my family that day. Eternal love, eternal gratitude!

By Subhasree Thottungal, UK

That day was a very busy day at work. Long working hours, constantly being on conference calls, by evening I was pretty drained. Shyama happened to call me for something and she realised that I was not feeling my usual self. She kindly suggested me to have a Mai-Tri session. I requested her to give me a session and then fell asleep around 11 pm. I was fast asleep.

Suddenly, I woke up and checked the time. It was 12:30 am. Once I fall asleep, normally I don’t wake up in the middle and that night when I was so tired and had received Mai-Tri, there was no reason for me to wake up. Instead of trying to fall asleep again, I just took my phone to see the time and looked at my WhatsApp. There I saw a message on the Global Chant and Prayer group from Pooja (she is from our Mohanji UK family) about her father being taken into hospital due to heart issues.

I sent my prayers for him on that group. Soon, I saw that she had messaged me privately. She was desperate to connect to Mohanji and to receive his healing for her father. While sitting at the hospital car park, she was feeling very distressed. I was guided to send her Mohanji’s Shiva Kavacham to listen and also told her that, “Mohanji is sitting right next to you.” Of course, I don’t plan and say these words nor do I say this just like that! I realised that Mohanji was sending her the message. I was just an instrument. After a few minutes, I also did a Mai-Tri session for Pooja’s father.

Around 1:20 am, Pooja messaged me saying that her father had been given the correct treatment he had urgently needed and was now recovering! While Pooja and I were talking about Mohanji’s presence with him and her, and while she was listening to the Shiva Kavacham, and while I was doing the distant Mai-Tri for him, exactly during that time, her dad was undergoing the procedure!

No doubt Mohanji was there with Pooja and her father right from the beginning when she started calling him, but he also ensured that Pooja feels his presence! By this time, I had realised that I didn’t wake up by chance! Mohanji woke me up! I had to send his message to Pooja, I had to pass on Mohanji’s energy through Mai-Tri. After that I fell sound asleep.

The next morning Pooja called me and narrated the whole thing and her realisation of Mohanji’s protection, his grace, and how faith and surrender work in reality! She even mentioned that when I sent her the message saying, “Mohanji is sitting right next to you”, she felt Mohanji in her car next to her and she immediately felt very relaxed!

Being a witness to this incident, I realised that this is yet another reminder to all of us how Mohanji is with us all the time, 24×7. Big or small, whatever the matter maybe, when we call out to him with deep faith, we can clearly see how his grace flows.

I am so happy to feel Mohanji’s grace, witness Mohanji’s miracles, and to be a real character in Mohanji Satcharitra!

Mohanji meditate



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