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By NellyAnne Noronha, UK

I thought I have to share with you how Mohanji’s grace and blessings, as always, worked on the day of my son’s surgery. I woke up early in the morning on the day, sat and did my sadhana and literally surrendered all my fears and worries at his feet.

Moushumi had done a Mai-Tri session for my son and me prior to the procedure. She asked me if surgery was really needed as she felt that his shoulder socket looked perfectly fine during Mai-Tri. She also said that my late husband was with us and I should not feel afraid as the boys are well protected. I told her then that the consultant had seen the X-rays and said that his tendons around the shoulder socket looked damaged. However, to ensure that he was 100% certain of his diagnosis, he asked for an MRI scan to be done, which he would review again on the day. 

We got to the hospital at 7 am, and after all the initial admission procedures, we were told that the consultant would be coming shortly. He came at 8 am and told us that initially, he thought it was a Bankart tear. However, when he saw the MRI in the morning, he realised it was not a Bankart tear, although that was his diagnosis based on the X-rays. I immediately remembered Moushumi’s words after my son’s Mai-Tri session. 

The consultant then said that the only option was to carry out an arthroscopic diagnosis and repair the damage accordingly. I must admit I was taken aback; he saw my expression and said, “I am not forcing you; if you want to think and reschedule, happy to do that.” In the interim, he ran further clinical tests on my son and clearly felt the intense pain my son was going through. He said, “I am sure there is a tear that I can easily fix. However, I cannot say anything until I do the diagnostic arthroscopy.” 

My son just turned around and said to him, please go ahead and do what you feel is the best. He told me, “Mama, he is a leading consultant; we need to trust his instincts”; hats off to him for making the right decision. Although I now know that it was none other than Mohanji speaking to me through him. He was so firm that I just looked at the consultant helplessly, and he kindly said, “Trust me, I will do my absolute best for him, and if I can’t find any damage through the arthroscopic diagnosis, I shall not proceed with the procedure.” 

Since he was in the paediatric unit, I was allowed to accompany him to the OT till they gave him anaesthesia. I was beginning to get anxious, as I must admit it started bringing back memories when my husband breathed his last as boys and I were taken to a similar set-up. 

The anaesthetist was very friendly, and speaking to him, I found out that he was a fellow Goan; he also reassured me that everything would be fine. The Masters so meticulously selected every single person on the day. I call this grace. Next, what happened is beyond human comprehension. 

The anaesthetist gave me my son’s glasses, and as I opened my handbag to put them away, and surprisingly, Mohanji’s eye card appeared in my hand. I wasn’t even aware it had been there. I came up to the ward, sat with Mohanji eye card, closed my eyes and surrendered. Instantaneously, I started chanting the Mohanji Gayatri, and I chanted 9 malas. I usually remove the Rudraksha and Swastika mala after my sadhana, but strangely enough, I did not on that morning. 

Midway, as I continued my chanting, I started seeing a big cut with lots of blood oozing out, and as I continued the chanting, slowly, I noticed the blood beginning to disappear into a thin line followed by bright light. By then, I had almost become silent. I could feel the change in my breathing. Surely Mohanji made me experience that it was none other than him guiding the consultant. As I realised this, I started feeling absolutely calm and at ease. I am grateful I sat in the ward all alone for 3 hours, without any unwanted disruptions and could focus on my prayers. 

They had taken my son to the OT at 8.45 am. Exactly at 11.45 am, when I had just finished chanting the 9th round of the mala, a nurse came to me and said the procedure was successful. He was in recovery, and the consultant said he would speak to me later as he had other surgeries to perform. The nurse took me downstairs to the recovery unit; the first thing my son told me was that the consultant spoke to him and said he found the problem and had fixed it. What a relief!

Later in the evening, at around 7.45 pm, the consultant especially came to visit us. He said it was a HAGL, (humeral avulsion glenohumeral ligament) injury, as opposed to the Bankart injury. He said that it was a very unusual injury; however, he was absolutely happy with the result. He added there was also a slight tear in the supraspinatus tendon; if it were anyone over 50 years, he would not bother repairing the small tear. He thought it was worth getting it done as my son is young and would heal relatively quickly. 

He said it was important now my son rests for the next 6 weeks wearing a sling. So I took the liberty and told him that my son had booked his online UCAT exam on the 24th of August. He said that should be fine since he will be able to write or use the mouse; however, he needs to keep on the sling. I kept praying to Mohanji as I knew my son would not be willing to rearrange the UCAT test, especially after the consultant saying that it would be fine. However, Mohanji ensured that my prayers were answered; when we got home without me asking, he rearranged the exams to September as he realised he had that option. Moreover, he said to me, “It’s on a Saturday, and I will still be on holiday and be off from the sling.”

The consultant was obviously a very skilled and a good human being; he was very empathetic as he knew that my son had recently lost his father and admired his zeal despite all odds. Mohanji had also ensured that a friend from the Mohanji family spoke to me the night before, reiterating and reminding me of the infinite grace and blessings that the Masters have always showered on my boys and me. This conversation and the Mai-Tri session helped me to shed my worries about the upcoming surgery and focus on the care and support my son needed. I am so grateful and feel thankful for everything, dear Mohanji.


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