Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 51 & 52

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 51 lesson – Less talk, more action

I’ve shared a few times now Mohanji’s morning routine; so before Mohanji’s breakfast early morning, we discuss the schedule for the day, and also for the coming weeks; discuss what has been happening across the platforms – if there’s anything specific to know, and any feedback. Most of the time, when I go to his room in the morning, Mohanji would already be at his table working – checking on messages or what’s happening across all the platforms. 

Yesterday, Mohanji had spoken to all the teens (part of the EBC council), which was live on Facebook. He gave great advice inspiring the teens and related some of his own stories as well. Today, he checked the recent Early Birds Club Teens video, looking at the views and the comments to get a sense of the feedback. 

From time to time, Mohanji checks the YouTube channels, especially if there’s been a major video out for Christmas, or New Year, or Datta Jayanti, to see how they are performing and the comments posted. He also watches some live shows across the various official Mohanji Facebook pages or checks in on the Satsangs happening. I’m always amazed at how he manages to stay aware of everything because he’s also doing many other things at the same time. Mostly, Mohanji has an overview and a general sense of what’s happening across all of the platforms. 

For me, this is something really to learn from because it shows his style very clearly. Mohanji is very hands-on. Everything that he has shared (everything which I’ve shared in all of these recordings, too) is based on what he does; it’s not him just theorizing or giving someone advice but being completely involved and committed, and that itself is very inspirational. 

We all know and have experienced that Mohanji does much more than he speaks, and this is very important for me, because although Mohanji could be working in various dimensions or various planes, which I can’t actually see, but what I can see, what is real for me, what is real right now is what’s available in front of my eyes. When I look at the dashboard, it’s looking across all those platforms that exist in the world and recognizing that it is something tangible – they are having a real impact on people’s lives for the better. 

Mohanji isn’t just talking about compassion, kindness, and raising the awareness of humanity. He’s demonstrating it. He’s doing it because all of the platforms he has established have their own clarity, vision, distinction, and relevance in the world. We have Ammucare, ACT Foundation, Act4Hunger, and Mohanji Foundations across all the countries and continents, World Consciousness Alliance, the Early Birds Club, Invest in Awareness, Mohanji Youth Club etc. As I observe his style, it’s very much all about delivery; doing and bringing the messages which he shares into a physical reality. 

The Centres of Benevolence which are coming up soon – a major milestone, will be a very big message, encompassing all the aspects of nature and tradition. There will be harmonious living with animals, nature, and so many other dimensions of that space. There’ll be many such centres across the world also, so many more people will benefit. Each of the platforms too will serve future generations. How much? We don’t know because that really depends on all of us, actually, what we’re able to achieve within our lifetime, what contribution we can make today and tomorrow, and what mark we can leave on the world.

Taking what Mohanji is doing; doing more than speaking is something that will help with this. Mohanji admires and likes the same qualities in other people too. Many people come to him with great ideas and suggestions, and some of them are amazing, but there’s a huge difference between having the idea and implementing it. He prefers being action-oriented because that’s what benefits people’s lives when there’s less talk and more doing.

I’ve also learned this from Mohanji because I often would have my ideas in the early times when I was here – it’s almost like I had some settling period. He was very patient with me and listened to my ideas. As the dynamics of the relationship changed, our communication became frank and direct. So now, before I even consider sharing an idea with him, I already automatically know that the response is going to be, “Just get it moving; we have no time to waste”. If I do take any thought to Mohanji, I also have a plan and clear intention to bring it to reality. The by-product of this – a marked boost to my confidence and self-inspiration.

From his office as well, he wants less talk and more action. So personally, just from an experience of working that way, the benefits that have come, which I can share are, that it helps give one a sense of self-motivation, autonomy, and confidence. There’s an inner sense of satisfaction when an activity has come to fruition or an idea has been actualized. 

Even if the idea or plan is not perfect, there’s some movement, and you can actually see that either it brings a change in people’s lives or if not in people’s lives, then at least in some situations; maybe it makes things a little bit more efficient or smoother, but it is at least progress, and this gives one the motivation. 

Also, as that idea has moved, I found that it’s no longer just stuck in the mind, which means it’s done, and this creates more space for extra creativity, generating momentum for new ideas to flow. 

I hope you enjoyed the message this morning. Very simply put, if I was to condense, that is less talking and more action. This is Mohanji’s inimitable style of working.

Day 52 lesson – An observation on purity 

Today, I wanted to share with you more of an observation than an actual lesson from our badminton games. It’s come from the fact that we’re now back playing badminton on the court, which is fantastic, getting that movement again. As I’ve mentioned before, Mohanji really enjoys a good game of badminton, and when he’s playing, he’s playing to win. He’s fully involved in whatever he does. There are no half measures, as we’d say in the UK. Mohanji and Ananth form one team, and they’re a good team; then it’s myself and Rajesh, the other team – the regular losing team. But we don’t give up; we keep going. 

Mohanji has only recently begun walking again fully because up until now, his foot had been injured. It’s only just healed; despite that, he still plays well. This is something that Mohanji’s mum, Amma, finds really amusing. She finds it hilarious that each time Rajesh and I are losing the game. She still can’t believe that Mohanji is beating (winning against) Rajesh and me. She always asks, “How can an almost crippled 50-year-old plus defeat these younger and more reasonably athletic guys?” She can’t believe it, and she finds it very funny; somewhere, she thinks we’re letting him win, but sadly we’re not.

After an active and sweaty game yesterday, we were speaking in Mohanji’s room, and he was getting ready to take a shower; and I noticed that he had been wearing the same vest top for probably 4 of the past games. I change my top each time because otherwise, it’d smell. But Mohanji’s top smelt good, fragrant; there’s a distinct pleasant smell like it had already been washed. I mean, could you imagine your own sports top worn days in a row? It probably would be smelling awful. I asked him about this. How is it possible?

He smiled. Then I asked a bit more. Mohanji replied that the more contaminated we are, it reflects in our body; our body will reflect what’s inside. Whether there’s food contamination, emotional contamination, or any other contamination, it will display itself through our bodies. On the flip side, the more innocence there is, this will also reflect. This I’m taking to be his reflection on that fragrant smell. For me, it’s clear purity that’s been displayed. 

This was something interesting which caught my attention, and I wanted to share that observation. I’m sure there’s probably something more in it, which will unfold for me with time. 


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