Surrender and let go

By Shefali Magan, India

The experience of waiting to expect good news in a couple’s life nowadays is nerve-wracking. Everybody has a story and I am no different in that respect. This is the divine energy that flows within me and my husband in the journey of just two and a half months with Mohanji.

I am from Chandigarh. I have a doctorate in literature and my husband is in the army, hence currently in Pune for the last six months. I had seen Mohanji’s framed photo once at my senior colleague’s office. Before I could ask her about him, she had left the room. One other morning, I visited my gynaecologist Col. (Dr.) Nikita for a check-up as I was undergoing fertility treatment. There I saw Mohanji’s photo again, in her office, placed on a high pedestal. I used to see him daily and bow my head to pay my respects but never could gather the courage to bring up the topic of Mohanji with my doctor during the consultations.

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Coming back to my follow up scans, the results of the tests weren’t satisfactory.  So this time, before I could take leave from her office, I asked reluctantly about Mohanji’s photo on the shelf and his divine eyes which seemed to be all around us. That was the day Dr. Nikita showed me the path of purity, faith, and surrender to our Mohanji.  Wasn’t this reason enough to thank my doctor who selflessly guided me to chant and pray to Mohanji for the betterment of my health?  And I always felt that sometimes, against all odds, and against all logic, we still hope.

During the strict lockdown, a few months back, I was missing my own father dearly, who passed away three years back. And soon after my treatment with Dr. Nikita restarted, through her benevolent nature, I got the opportunity to get connected to Mohanji. Shukran (gratitude) to our beloved Mohanji, for blessing me and helping me in my life by being someone whom I can bank upon like my own heavenly Father.

As a result, my subsequent scans slowly and gradually started getting better. A few months back, my egg quality and quantity were not at all up to the mark. But due to Dr. Nikita’s faith and Mohanji’s grace, the quality and the number both increased. We are simple people and for me and my husband, it was a miracle in my case. I was overjoyed and relieved to the point of tears. The cycle culminated in the retrieval of 14 eggs. What was more impressive was that Dr. Nikita never gave up on me. Her un-stinted support and camaraderie sailed me through this emotional journey of treatment. I am incredibly grateful to her and will always be in my life.


Along with her, throughout my treatment, I walked on the path of faith and surrender to Mohanji.  Also, as suggested by her, I joined the 41 days of the Power of Purity Meditation program. That was more than a program. It transformed me inside out; my thoughts and views towards others changed, and most importantly cleansing within me happened, which we often forget to do.  Prayers work and it’s powerful. I could hear Mohanji saying to me, that he is working on my behalf when I pray to him. Isn’t it pure, divine, and unconditional love?

Once we have dared to take the plunge, very soon we realise there is nothing better than surrendering to Mohanji. I have taken a pledge to serve Mohanji throughout my life, till my last breath.



Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 16th August 2020


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