Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 7

Day 7 Lesson: Get it moving!

By Christopher Greenwood

“Get it moving” is a phrase you hear Mohanji say a lot when you are working closely with him. He is practical, and rather than discussing ideas, he wants to see action. Results. Because that means people in the world are being benefited. 

“True wealth is what we give to this Earth and not what we take” is one of my favourite quotes from Mohanji, and I’m learning by living with him to increase my capacity to move into action.

I have also learnt that he has a vision, a purpose and a mission to fulfil. He is uncompromising in this. He does not judge anyone, but the work has to happen, which means if I’m not willing, able, or delaying, then the task will be done another way. The first time he asks, and I agree, the details will be given with full clarity, all the details. The second time he asks will be a reminder. The third time the task is with someone else. 

This is not a nice feeling as my ego takes a big hit, but it shapes my attitude and understanding that we all have a job to do together, for a higher purpose. The more we can apply, the more people are benefited in the world. 

Also, none of this is to benefit Mohanji. It’s for the people. 

Less discussion, more action, “Get it moving!”

Good morning everybody. Today, I wanted to talk about an aspect of Mohanji – an attitude related to his sheer relentlessness of activity, driven by a very clear sense of purpose, a vision to raise people worldwide with the highest awareness possible. The highest possible qualities that a human can have is kindness and compassion. If you observe Mohanji, he acts more than he speaks; he does more than he says. All his platforms exist, and they’re each powerful in their own right. The philosophy is very simple, and that’s action. Get it moving. ‘Do it’ and ‘Get it moving’ is something that we, the people close to him, more often toggled. Just get it moving, move, get the momentum going. For him as well, if you can’t do it, then there’s no point in talking. In fact, he will quite often say to me if I come for an idea: ‘Don’t speak to me, they’re just words. I want to see the action.’ That’s how he is. He doesn’t entertain just chitchat, discussion, theorizing philosophy; he’s more about practical action. Are you doing something? Especially for me: ‘What are you doing? What more are you doing?’

So, everything that he talks about in his teachings, he’s actually doing himself. The platforms that he’s created, if you look at them, are so vast and varied in number that it’s amazing witnessing what he’s done. And this is living by one of his quotes, which is probably my favourite – ‘True wealth is what we give to this Earth and not what we take.’ 

red jacket

And every day, he’s delivering this. People will be aware of the main platforms we have, such as the World Consciousness Alliance, EBC, Mohanji Foundation, the teachings, the meditations, etc. But right now, as we speak, there’s much more being planned and executed too. For example, on the 23rd of October, he signed the land registry in Ganeshpuri, on which the first ashram or Center of Benevolence will be placed. Since then, he has been giving absolute clarity on how that can be set up, how it can be established, and how it will be a complete reference point for the Tradition. 

When he gives vision to people or has an idea, he’s giving absolute clarity. It always comes with something new, something innovative that’s bringing value. So again, he doesn’t just philosophize; he gives direct, actionable clarity. He is uncompromising when it comes to getting work done. And what that translates for me, here in the office, working closely with him, is fast-paced, dynamic. It’s completely aligned to a purpose, which means he’s going to make it happen one way or the other. But this doesn’t mean he thinks bad about anybody or that he judges people; that is definitely not what he does. But with or without you, with or without me (I include myself in this), he’s clear about what he wants to achieve. 

So how he generally works is that he’ll ask me once, and that first time he’ll give me all the vision, everything that needs to be done about it. I love the opportunity to ask any questions, clarify everything. The second time, he’ll remind me: ‘Have you done this?’ And then the third time, he’ll speak to somebody else and get it done that way. There’ve been some small tasks that I may have forgotten, or I didn’t give as much importance as I should have. And sooner or later, I see that someone else has done it. 

So that’s when I get the message: First time, asked, given the clarity, opportunity to ask all the questions. The second time reminded. The third time, it’s gone to somebody else. Sometimes, he will even take it on himself, which is not a good feeling when you know how busy he is already. I know how busy he is, and then, because I forgot something, I find him having done it himself. And it’s a message in itself. 

So, this reminds the close team and me that we have to have movement – we’re creating movement, and it’s phenomenal, really. And it’s all under that one sentence: ‘Get moving.’ If you look around at the platforms, each of them has that diversity. And if you take ACT Foundation, or Ammucare, which has been running for over 17 years now, serving people all over the world, it’s based on those three principles: First, focus on the right action, do what needs to be done now. Second, the right presentation of the activity, which can become an inspiration for somebody else. And thirdly, we discuss, talk about what we can do. So, first is always the right action. 

And another thing I’ve learned in this, which was a real benefit for me, is that it doesn’t always mean perfection; it means getting moving. That means that once something has started, we can always change it, it can always be improved, and it can always evolve. I used to get stuck on really making sure that everything was right; everything was correct; I had everything in place before starting. This habit is gone now, which brings a real sense of esteem. Because, if I think back, and maybe people listening can also think back, how many times you would have put off starting something, or made up a reason why we couldn’t begin: like believing that you don’t have the skills or worried about what others will think. It’s often those times when if we just moved and got something going, that something would have been created, and we don’t know how it would have evolved. 

For example, the Early Birds Club, which is running now, was formed based on this principle. I think it was conceived as an idea, as a concept. And then launched within a day, I think one or two days. And obviously, it was rough at the start getting that all together. And slowly, there’s been improvements made. Now there are many clubs across the world; there are regular weekly events taking place, great speakers are coming on, adding value to people’s lives. The whole philosophy is really fantastic; this idea of waking up early, using those early hours of the morning to connect with ourselves so that we can be more stable in our life and then have more time for society. So that still has some potential to go, but it’s an example where that philosophy of just keeping moving, less talk and more action have brought value to people’s lives, and it can go further. 

This was the lesson that I can take away from this, and I wanted to share today. Let’s take more action and, ‘Get it moving’, as Mohanji would say.

chris and Mohanji


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