All that grace and why February 23rd is my second birthday

By Lea Kosovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear reader,

If you don’t have time and patience, or as Baba says, saburi, please don’t trouble reading this. It is a personal story, a testimony of the healing power and grace that flows through the Mai-Tri Method, and a thank you note to all who have been there for me during this year of heavy processes.

Mohanji’s call

I came to Sri Lanka for the Ramayana Trails (pilgrimage with Mohanji), almost crawling. If you want to get to Sri Lanka, a plane is the only option, but even getting into one was mission impossible for me at that time. But I made it somehow. At the retreat, there were over 100 attendees, maybe even more. Would you believe me if I said that I had not ‘seen’ (almost) any of them? We were together all the time, visiting different places mentioned in the epics of Ramayana, but I was not able to notice anyone. It was like I was drifting in a different universe.

I kept asking myself how I could be there and what was the reason. As days passed, I felt the tension growing. Intuition was telling me that something big was about to happen. I have to be truthful to myself and you and say that the tourist part of me was enjoying Lanka. But this testimony is not about that at all. Inside of me, I was suffocating. On February 23rd, which is the date of my beloved Mohanji’s birthday, I received the biggest gifts of all from him – health. Suspicious ones will ask how that is possible. And how can someone gift you with health? Well, I guess you all are familiar with the phrase ‘You have to believe in miracles for miracles to happen.’ But also, keep the faith, work hard, and be willing to surrender fully.

Mai-Tri, a method that saved my life

After the beautiful birthday ceremony, a dream come true moment, I was called for a private conversation with Mohanji. One Mai-Tri practitioner (let’s name him D) was also there with me. To my surprise, Mohanji was in a different mood than usual. I was expecting us to talk, but he was determined to give me a present I never thought of getting. In a very doctor-patient manner, he explained that I need to take my condition seriously, gave precise instructions to D, and asked only one thing from me – patience. I was not aware of what he meant by that, but I promised anyway. I remember crying a lot.

Day after, D, who was also my travel buddy, and I, left the retreat as we were supposed to travel back home in two days. I remember one scene at the airport in Colombo, when we said goodbye to people who were leaving Sri Lanka before us. I had a slight nervous break-down and was sitting outside on my suitcase, mentally asking for answers and comfort from Mohanji. At that moment, a girl, Mohanji’s devotee and serious Mai-Tri practitioner approached me, looked me in the eyes uttering the exact words Mohanji shared with me during that private meeting. She repeated it word by word. I was amazed to see how he delivers answers and love in the most unusual ways every single time.

The next morning, we woke up in Colombo. The day was beautiful. I was watching the city from the hotel terrace, thinking about how wonderful and precious present life is. Instructions for D regarding my treatments were simple, to do it every day, next two months, or more, if necessary. My next Mai-Tri happened later that day. It started normally, in a nice and clean hotel room, with the smell of incense sticks. But in the first five minutes, it became obvious that it will not be easy. From the intensity of energy induced into my body, the whole room was heating. I started making strange sounds like they would help me stick till the end.

The session lasted for 15 minutes. Many people have done Mai-Tri for me before, and all treatments were special and effective. This one was a bit different, maybe more powerful. Probably it felt like that because it was adjusted for my ailment. After every treatment, the Mai-Tri practitioner talks with the client, sharing his experience and insights gathered during the process. D tried to explain what was going on, but I was not ready to listen, so I went straight to bed.

The sacred mountain Sri Pada

When my quiet time was over, I went to D to check our travel plans to find out that many airports are closing due to the pandemic. We tried to buy airplane tickets, but our cards got rejected over and over. Nothing was possible. It was like someone decided that we should stay in Sri Lanka. Having no plan or money, we surrendered everything to Mohanji and the Masters of the Tradition and tried to stay as flexible as possible.

The next morning was our check-out from the hotel in which we were staying before and after the retreat. Our credit cards were blocked, and all other options were closed. While we were sitting in the living room thinking about what to do, we got a message from a Tuk-Tuk driver whom we met the first day at the airport. The message was, “It would be my pleasure if you would join me for a ceremony at the temple opening in my village 3hrs away from Colombo. I can come to pick you up today; bring clothes and everything you need for a 3-day stay.” We laughed. This was exactly how the Masters operate. If there is something you need to experience, they will arrange it in the best possible way.

It took us 15 minutes to pack our things and get ready for the unknown. The ride was out of the ordinary. The Tuk-Tuk bumped along the rutted track while our eyes absorbed stunning landscapes. It looked and felt as if we were travelling to the end of the world. We reached the village late in the night. It was in a remote area, and no internet was available. The home-owners gave us a room and wished us a good night at 7 pm. For me, it was strange, as I was not familiar with the customs. The next morning they explained that they wake up at 3 am and go to bed by 7-8 pm latest.

That night in the hills was one of the worst ever. I remembered many past lives and experienced my connection with D in many of them. When I saw him in the morning, feelings of hate came out of me. It shocked us both. If I had a teleport machine at that moment, I would have said, “Take me away as far as possible.” Later I came back to my senses, figuring how blessed I was to see all of that in my dream.

The temple celebration was in the afternoon. Not knowing what to do, I went for a walk to find a spot with an internet connection and check where we were. It turned out that we were 3hrs away from the sacred mountain Sri Pada, a place I wanted to visit before starting the trip to Sri Lanka. Our host was so happy when I mentioned it and promised to take us the following day.

There are some simple rules to follow for the Sri Pada pilgrimage. As it is one of the holiest places in Sri Lanka, the average visit per day is 150,000 people. The mountain is 2240 meters tall. Due to high temperatures during the day, walks to the top are done by night. It takes 7-8hrs to reach the highest point, and many find it difficult. Excited about the opportunity, we did not have time to think about it. It took us 4hrs to get to the starting point. 

The Tuk-Tuk ride was anything but comfortable. I think it was around 9 pm when we bathed in the holy Kelani River and started our hike. It was already dark, and I could not see the surroundings, just a long line of people climbing the steps. I have never experienced anything similar in my life. Everyone moved as one, chanting without fail all the way. At one point, it looked like something was carrying all of us. 

Pilgrims of many religions walk up the mountain. For Buddhists, the footprint is of Lord Buddha; for Hindus of Lord Shiva, for Muslims and Christians, it is of Adam. I’ve learned later that the mountain was the legendary Mount Trikuta, from Ramayana times. I’ve realized that visiting Sri Pada was another Mohanji’s present.

Sri Pada – Google image

I will not go into the details of the hike. What happened on the way is not possible to put in words. Some things just have to stay only yours. But I’ll share a few points. While walking up, all faces on the way were familiar. It felt like a family who is on the pilgrimage through many lifetimes. I had knee surgery a year before, and the walk was not always comfortable for me. When I lost my power, out of nowhere, Baba sent me satka (short stick), a beautiful, orange, perfectly made satka. It saved me in many ways. I also had a private escort to the top and back. A black and white dog, some would say a Master, followed me with every step.

It was very difficult for me on an emotional level as well. I never knew that so much rage and heavy things were stored inside. All of them surfaced at once, close to the peak. I rang the bell on the top to announce my presence and lost myself in the grace of my beloved Mohanji while touching the holy ground.

The next Mai-Tri happened on the day of our return from Sri Pada. My body became seriously sick due to all the cleansing. I couldn’t stop vomiting, and my temperature was high all the time. We realized that the pilgrimage had enhanced my healing, but we were also worried as the condition worsened. I ended up in Colombo hospital, but everything went well, and we returned home safely.

72 days of constant Mai-Tri

When we reached the Balkans, Covid was ruling the world. Lockdowns were our new lifestyle. But with me, it was more than that. I had to deal with my shadow self every single day, and it was almost unbearable. Cleansing of lifetimes. Hurt, guilt, paranoias, insults, hidden emotions, patterns, traumas… In many ways, I felt seriously damaged. The biggest quest was to come out of it alive. Of course, surrender to the Master and full faith was unquestionable, but still, there is so much in us, preventing us from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

D was extremely patient and observant. He forced me to dig deep to comprehend. Some days I was rejecting; some days not. Mostly I was crying, screaming, and pretending that everything was OK. I could not work, talk to other people, listen to music, or indulge in any activities. Nature was my only savior, one thousand years old oak trees, my only friends. For 72 days, I was struggling and waiting for it to pass.

When we thought that the treatments were coming to an end, D messaged Mohanji. He replied, thanked him for the detailed report, and sent a separate message to me. It said something like this: “I’m happy with your recovery; here is the number of your new Mai-Tri practitioner, contact her immediately.” I was in shock. My new Mai-Tri practitioner? Why? Isn’t my process over?

Brahma Kamal

I’ve decided to name this part Brahma Kamal, a sacred flower that reminds me of my last Mai-Tri practitioner. It is found in the Himalayas, and a rare few can see it bloom. But if you get that chance, it brings good luck and prosperity. And she did that for me. She brought even more. When I first messaged her, she (let’s call her K) replied within seconds. I explained that Mohanji gave me instructions to talk to her, and I mentioned my confusion about why he did so.

She scheduled a Mai-Tri session later that day and promised just to scan my condition. That happened in May. Now it is February, and just a few days ago, she finalized my treatments. We spent nine months together. Every day, every month, without skipping or procrastinating. Sometimes K resembled a precise surgeon. She was sharp, strict, and on some occasions, very insistent. My condition was complex on many levels and, she helped me reach the bottom and face all fears and lack of love towards myself. She pushed me so deep to show a whole new universe of emotions hidden inside of me. 

She removed many spirits and entities. It’s not just negative beings that can live inside of us. Many lost souls and all different kinds of energies can find a way in. When our energy is not optimized, when we are not stable enough, anyone can enter. Anyone. And there are many. Not even all Mai-Tri practitioners know how to differentiate all of them. MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) practitioners can. Some connect with your feelings; some enter because they have no other place to go; some try to fulfil their wishes and emotions through you… Anyways, I was sad to see some of them leaving my body. I felt that strange bond that had probably lasted for a long time. But K was insisting. 

Despite the many emotional challenges, I progressed tremendously. Before all this happened, I was not able to pronounce a single word in Sanskrit properly. Not to mention memorizing mantras. I thought it would never be possible for me. She inspired me to take sadhana seriously and guided me on the way. I’ve learned so much. Not just learned, I fell in love with many things – fragrances of different saints, stories from scriptures, mantras, silence.

Grace kept flowing throughout my system as many Masters came to support me. The harder it was, the more powerful it felt. K kept me alert and always pushed me a step further. It was far from easy. I remember the day when I first saw myself in the mirror. After 39 years, I was finally able to notice my reflection. Amazing feeling. I cried all day.

Both of us reported to Mohanji about my condition. At one point, he asked me to go to the hospital and do check-ups for the lungs, blood, kidneys, thyroid gland, urine, ovaries, heart… When the results came, I was speechless. Everything was fine. K was so happy to hear about it. Like a mother when she finds out that her child has recovered completely. After 365 days, on February 23rd, my process was finally over. Another miracle of his. That’s why I choose to celebrate this day as my second birthday, always to stay connected to the grace he offered me.

Being an instrument of Mohanji is a great blessing but also an extreme responsibility. The keystone of care relies on confidentiality between the Mai-Tri practitioner and the person interested in treatment. There are many sensitive lines that one must be aware of. Treasuring those helps a client to open for the next levels. K treated me and my condition as something sacred. I felt blessed all the time to have her on my side. She never compromised this relationship in any way. Her purity gave me the strength to go all the way.

If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to try this treatment, embrace it without hesitation. Have full faith, even if your mind cannot comprehend it. Be persistent and patient. You will reap many rewards. And be aware. The Mai-Tri practitioner is helping you, but he is not there to do the things for you. Hard work is your work. Otherwise, it’s pointless. Mai-Tri is not a crutch that you are supposed to carry all your life. It is a method that helps you fly. Keep that in mind. 

At the lotus feet of my beloved Father, Mohanji

I surrender myself at the lotus feet of Mohanji. His presence changed everything. Thank you, Mohanji, for coming for me in this life. Thank you for being supportive, a friend, a mentor, a doctor, a partner. Thank you for making me realize that you and I are one. Let this experience encourage others to use Mai-Tri as something that will make them fly.

Special thanks to all Mai-Tri practitioners who supported my recovery: Tea, Barbara, Devi, Dragana, D, Ivana, Milica, Swami Bhaktananda, Preeti D, Ana, Izabela, and my dearest K. Love you all!


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