My Musings on (Mohana) Krishna

by Rekha Murali, India

With Krishna Janmashtami (the birthday of Krishna) celebrations happening all over the world, I listened to and learnt some Krishna bhajans/songs. I came across a chirpy Tamil folk song of Krishna as a child called ‘Maadu Meikum Kanne’. This song is a conversation between Krishna and his mother, Yashoda. Yashoda pleads with Krishna to not drift into the forests with the cows by cajoling, threatening, frightening and tempting him with goodies. But our chirpy Krishna retorts with clever answers to each of her pleas. It left me giggling and amused.

After this, my mind drifted to my dear Mohanji, and I could see Krishna in him in all aspects. Little wonder that I think of him as Mohana Krishna always. I could draw many parallels to Krishna. Just like Krishna, he is amusing, witty, friendly, easy to communicate with and immensely down to Earth, pulling people’s legs and making everyone feel totally at ease. Endearing and loving, he is highly compassionate and melts in the love of his people. Krishna leelas or antics of Krishna are told as stories in every Indian home, and I am sure each one of us in the Mohanji family has our own experiences of Mohanji’s leelas.

Mohana Krishna (Mohanji) lives in the moment, enjoys the moment and as Krishna lives as an ordinary human being in this incarnation. In his many roles, some people see him as a child and enjoy taking care of him. They attend to him, admonish him when he ignores his health issues and are strict with his diet and routines as a loving mother.

To some, he is a friend – a friend who can be trusted, a friend who doesn’t judge you and a friend who accepts you as you are with all your weaknesses and strengths. As a true friend, he honestly guides and supports unconditionally and can show a mirror to them in a loving way. He appears as the go-to person in times of happiness and sorrow. Devi Amma has called him Jagatmitra – the friend of the Universe.

In contrast, he is also an enemy to some, as Krishna was to Duryodhana, the king of the Kauravas (in the Mahabharat). Mohanji recently mentioned that a man once told him that he hates Mohanji. Mohanji had replied, “You don’t hate me; you hate yourself.” His equanimity, the unconditional love he displays for all beings of the Earth, was also seen in Krishna.

A strict father to another group, Mohanji can admonish, scold and show anger at deeds. Does this mean he is angry with the person? Definitely not! He shows his anger at the action but not with the person. This scolding or anger removes baggage/patterns/blocks that we carry based on our constitution. A shout or a scold is always a blessing to the person.

Can Krishna be without his Radhe or Gopikas? Mohanji has a large group of people who love him as Krishna, consider themselves as Radha (a woman who was the closest to Krishna, a lover) and are drawn to him like bees to a flower. He attracts the Gopis (women enchanted in their love for Krishna) and Gopas (men) who are enchanted in his presence and love him as the divine in their hearts.

The Guru aspect is recognised instantaneously by some people as they see him in the role of a Master. “Every disciple creates a master”, says Mohanji, and as disciples, we have drawn him to us as our Guru. And to connect to the Guru, we use various paths, such as Jnana, bhakti, and karma yoga. Through these, Mohanji represents the path of Dharma and Ahimsa. He leads by example and reflects what the devotee seeks through knowledge, devotion or selfless action.

Above all this, he is the Para Brahma, the supreme spiritual Master. Mohanji speaks the simple truth and guides each spiritual aspirant to the inner Guru, to recognise the self within. The self within is the Krishna, bright and luminescent like a million suns. The truths laid out by Krishna in the famous text, the Bhagavad Gita, is brought home to us by Mohanji in baby food format, so all of us easily digest it in this Kali Yuga!

Whatever the form or Avatar, Mohanji is a personification of unconditional love, compassion and kindness. He lives for the world and helps in ways that we can never be aware of. No one goes empty-handed when with Mohanji. Unknown to us, he fulfils our wishes and works on us in subtle ways based on our constitution. What is required from us? We need to connect with his consciousness by thinking about him with faith. We then become his responsibility.

To me, Mohanji has been all these at different times based on my state each day. I recognise this through the various experiences I have had of his playful leelas and the tests he has put me through. These tests have been unbearable, painful but I have emerged strong, unshaken and stable. It has helped me shed all the leaves, and I stand bare and empty for fresh leaves to sprout as the Guru fills me up with what I need. A fresh lease of life bringing in the spring towards a purposeful, empowered life.

Mohanji reflects what you are within. He may appear as Shiva, Vishnu, the divine Mother, Jesus, friend, philosopher, etc. He has taken this incarnation only to guide us towards liberation!

In simple words, Mohana Krishna is the Supreme consciousness, the Para Brahma. He is in me, and I recognise that Krishna is me!

Happy Janmashtami! May Krishna be born in our hearts, and may we drop our identities and merge into this supreme consciousness as Mohanji says, “Krishna is you!”


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