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By Seema Nair, Kuwait

Last month, I contacted a Mai-Tri practitioner, Rekha Murali, to request a Mai-Tri for someone. We agreed upon a suitable time, and after she did the Mai-Tri, she shared her impressions through a voice clip. Towards the end, Rekha told me, “You do not sound good; I suggest you get a Mai-Tri done for yourself.” I immediately said to her that she had guessed right, and I shared my issues with her.

After thinking it over, I agreed to get a Mai-Tri session done for me. We set a time honouring convenience, though I preferred it be done earlier. At the same time, there was a connection happening silently amongst us that was not shared. The minute I had this thought, she contacted me saying that she felt it had to be done and was free to do it immediately. I was in awe as it matched my preferred time and consented.

During the process, I felt the energy strongly on the crown and in the middle of the forehead. My throat was very uneasy, soar all of a sudden and coughing. I felt my heart heavier than the heaviest and something weighing on my chest. In a while, all the heaviness vanished. I felt sprays of bright golden dust falling all over me. I had tears. I felt the session took long, and soon I fell into a deep slumber for a while, unaware. After the session, we shared our findings and experience. She asked me to chant a mantra regularly, which I started immediately.

In the meantime, a disturbing issue at the workplace had to be sorted, and the process was on. Although I felt very calm, somewhere, some deep-seated fears kept popping up. I was expecting a consignment to be cleared and delivered to our premises on the 17th of July before the country closed for Eid for almost ten days. I was more than confident it would. It was some ego (ahankara), as my aim was to win over my office mates who are never favourable to me.

Thursday evening, I got a call when the container entered inspection that the seal mismatched with the document. This was the eve of holidays for Eid. I was devastated. Neither was there any support from my colleagues, nor could I reveal this to my manager. I had to just bottle it up. I felt totally paralyzed. I tried to do what I could, but the CIDs confiscated the consignment and sealed it. I was helpless and had to go through this worry for ten whole days.

I prayed to Mohanji for a miracle. This was such an offence as anything could have happened while in transit. Either the whole container could have been shipped wrong, or at some point, the container could have been loaded with any prohibited cargo like drugs, liquor. I was blank and had to live with this worry for the next ten days. That is when Mohanji put me through to Rekha. I was then not worried and didn’t even think of the problem.

Soon after the Eid holidays, the customs opened up the consignment. I left it to Mohanji, prayed for no further issues, and hoped for the right consignment. Everything worked out well. What was more impressive was the demurrage charges were completely waived, which never happens and is next to impossible. I just got calls unexpectedly offering to help in this case from unknown sources. How should I term this!?? But grace. With no further issues, it got cleared. I stood before Mohanji and expressed my immense gratitude. I want to add that other companies were in a similar situation too and their containers confiscated. They were fined heavily, and the containers were not released for more than two weeks after the holidays.

Soon, yet another issue sprouted up at the office due to an ego clash. A couple of days at work after the Eid holidays, we were trying to finalize an order. There were some discrepancies in the price from the supplier. The hike that was to be 5-7% was shown as more than 10%. My colleague was angry and boiling with wrath and trying to clarify a point he could have made calmly in front of my desk.

I had no choice but to hear him with no comments. This made him explode with anger; he was fuming standing in front of my table, facing me with two heavy binder catalogues – each not less than 1000 pages. The anger took complete control over him, and he expressed it by pushing the binder roughly, hitting a stapler that fell on my glass of hot water. The glass fell, and with the pressure, it rose, shattering into pieces all over me. I was covered in glass splinters, and I just stood there with my eyes closed; I did not react. I was not numb with shock but felt no anger and was very calm, which is unusual for me. I just saw bad energy. But at the same time, I had my eyes closed so that the glass pieces wouldn’t enter my eyes. There was not even a single scratch on me; nothing happened to me. This is only because of Mohanji’s blessings. I felt so protected and shielded.

The background to the story happened this way. There were some discrimination issues leading to a lot of blame games between the supplier and our company. There were heated arguments until late afternoon yesterday when I realized that there was a print error in the supplier’s price list. My colleague, who has vengeance against my supplier and me, poured his anger on me for this reason. My manager, too, doesn’t support us even if we are right. I happened to discover this error quietly and informed the supplier, who immediately rectified, apologized and even agreed to go down on the pricing.

What more can I say but bow down in deep gratitude to Mohanji for showering me with his grace and protecting me. The Mai-Tri helped me stay calm during the long Eid break, and later too, it helped me calmly deal with the issues. I remained stable and completely felt the shield of protection from Mohanji!


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 2nd September 2021


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