Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 55 and 56

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 55 Lesson – There are no problems, only situations

Good morning, everybody; I hope you’re doing well. 

We’re already well into January and the days seem to be going quickly. Each year, there’s a theme used for quotes with a general focus for all the people connected to Mohanji. For this year, 2021, Mohanji provided some guidance for the theme of the year, which is flexibility, stability, and friendship, which I think is apt. 

Flexibility, as we are in very unpredictable times, we don’t know what will happen in the future; having that quality of flexibility will give us a good footing to handle anything that comes and even learn new skills. 

Stability is important, as it’s just like when the air stewardess tells us to put on an oxygen mask first before putting it on somebody else. Our own stability is important for being able to be there for others, be stable for others and help them.

Friendship, at this time, is developing connections, deepening friendships, practising kindness. 

I was thinking about these this morning and was reminded of how Mohanji approaches situations of life, how he handles all the various troubles, queries, problems, and events that come to him. There are so many of them each day, as often things don’t go on as planned, which means there has to be action, or corrective measures, or things like this because we have a huge organization, which he’s guiding and steering. 

I’ve always found that Mohanji is really very cool in these situations. Whatever comes, he’ll take it on its merits, and he’ll handle it however best it needs to be handled – with minimal fuss or fanfare. 

I asked him about this one day; how does he manage to do this? He summed it up succinctly, which I think I want to build on today: there are no problems in life. There are only situations, and problems only exist in the mind.  This simple yet profound thought is worth contemplating for many of us; I definitely, as earlier I used to think I have a lot of problems in life.  

The statement, “There are no problems in life, there are only situations; problems only exist in mind”, gives so much freedom. When I heard that, I intuitively knew that I’m looking at things maybe in a different way than what I could do. This was a very powerful orientation for me because often, I would get caught up in the middle of my mind’s mess with all the perceived problems that I thought existed. 

For example, if I plan to complete some work, or if I had entrusted it to somebody else and it didn’t come back in time, or there was a delay, or it wasn’t quite right, or something else happened which would stop what I wanted to happen, or planned to happen; my mind would jump to a narrative of – “This is a problem. How could this happen? Why is this the case?” All these types of questions would gush forth.

This type of thinking was doing nothing to really help and what I understood from Mohanji’s words is that life will always present us with situations, and sometimes why they happen; we don’t even know. There’ll be a cause, but we might not be aware of it at that time. 

But the fact is, something comes to us as a situation, and my ability to respond to the situation will decide if it’s a problem or not. For example, if I thought I completed what I needed to do for the day and was about to relax, and something urgent arrived. If I’m constantly thinking about my expectation of what I’d be doing next, relaxing over doing what needed to be done, then I’m creating a problem for myself. 

So now I’m learning to approach life like this, that there are only situations. What comes to me, and what comes to us, we handle it as it is. I now look at the whole situation (width, breadth, height – in totality) to see what can be done with what’s available and have found the intensity of the events reduces, bringing stability. I know now that if there’s a situation, then there will also be a solution. I don’t need to create more disturbances in my mind and problems because of that. The result is there’s more calmness, or reduced intensity, and clarity. I can better see the situation for what it is; hence I’m not pushed into automatic ways of responding (as I’d usually do).

You can objectively look at the situation, assess it, think about it, and often, the solution will automatically present itself. At times the solution can also be something novel or unique, something I would never have normally thought of, which also brings in that element of flexibility. 

This is something I’m continuing to learn, that when I avoid turning life situations into problems, I’m learning that I’m calmer, stable, and have better decision-making ability.

 I hope you have a great day and that you can sail through any of the situations which might come your way. We will speak soon.

Day 56 Lesson – Sincere calls reach Mohanji

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Mohanji says, “I’m walking with you”. He also says that whenever people need him, he’s there. For some people, this can be difficult to understand, especially if they take Mohanji as the physical form -the nice beard and long hair. 

In these times, it’s challenging to speak or meet Mohanji because of the Covid situation and difficulty travelling. Once the Centers of Benevolence are in place, this will be much easier as then Mohanji will be there, and people can visit, but until this is complete, it’s difficult. The priority of his time is given to projects and platforms that are moving activities forward and those that contribute to the vision of raising the world’s collective consciousness. 

But what I have experienced myself and what I’ve witnessed is that people do not need to physically meet or speak with Mohanji for him to hear them and for him to respond. If someone has a genuine intention, it reaches him, and Mohanji does his work.

Today, I wanted to talk about how people reach out to Mohanji and how Mohanji also reaches out to them. I did share a few examples of this in today’s voice message. I recognize that these are only small examples, but they give an idea of a much larger dimension to Mohanji, and if we sincerely need him, he hears the call. 

Many people have troubles and situations in life and are seeking help. For these issues, Mohanji has empowered Acharyas, who can handle many of the topics across all areas of life. He has also given methods such as the Mai-Tri and Mohanji Transformation Method (MTM), which benefit people’s lives, and people are getting great results too, but I understand that for some people, this still can’t replace physically meeting or speaking with him. 

Having lived close to Mohanji now, I have developed some limited awareness of how he operates. I think we miss a huge dimension of Mohanji if we think we need to see him or speak to him physically, and I’ll give some examples for that. 

One of them happened a few months ago. I was working to build the vision for one of the platforms. I was working on activities and ideas, and it was going well. But I was getting stuck in my thoughts for some reason. I couldn’t quite grasp a way to align what I was putting down with my thinking and how practically to make it happen. 

It was at that time I heard Mohanji call “Greenwood”, which is always a bit of a startle, so I went to his room where he called me. He said, “I want to talk to you about the vision for this platform”, and so I replied to him, “Oh! This is funny; I was just actually working on that.” He quite plainly said, “I know, that’s why I called you here because it was all over the place.” We spoke more about the vision, and he gave me clarity and some good direction. 

I was in a completely separate room, and I hadn’t told him what I’d be working on that day, and this incident showed me that in times of confusion, he can be there. 

Even though he has always said before that he doesn’t read people’s thoughts (and of course, he doesn’t want to read them because it’s all full of trash), I have a feeling that he senses things when they’re out of alignment, and he then corrects. 

Similarly, in another situation, I had received an email from a lady wanting to speak to Mohanji. She had some real trouble in her life and wanted some assistance. Usually, what I do is I set aside some time in the day – once a day to check emails (usually towards the end of the day) so that I just have that specific time to focus and reply. It so happened that I received this email, and it said that they were in some distress or confusion, or something like this; subsequently, there was another email from them a few hours later. In the first email, they had written, “I’m confused. I need some help. I’d like to speak to Mohanji”, and then the next email said, “Thank you so much. Mohanji has really helped me. I’m incredibly grateful.” 

I hadn’t even seen the first email; I hadn’t even looked at it, or responded to it, or taken it to Mohanji. But clearly, Mohanji must have done something and did what he needed to. So this was another small confirmation. 

Some of these small things have become so normal that my first reaction in that situation was, “Oh great, that’s one less email I need to respond to”, rather than being excited about the small miracle that I just witnessed. I spoke to Mohanji about this too, and he just shared how he worked, which I’ll say at the end of this message. 

Another time, a few months ago, in one of the morning sessions when I went in to see Mohanji, he asked me if it was one of our Acharyas birthdays. Mohanji has a close connection with all our Acharyas. 

I was surprised because normally, he doesn’t ask about specific people’s birthdays. I’ve never heard him ask that, so I was a bit taken aback and also I didn’t know, because the way we’ve set up now in the team is that all the cards and all the dates are all known by the team members, and then the cards get produced, and they get sent out. I don’t see this unless there’s a need to. 

Anyway, I just straight away responded to this and asked, “If it is, then should we record a voice message?” and he said, “Yeah, let’s do it.” We took out the microphone, recorded Mohanji’s message, and sent it to the Acharya. 

This Acharya was completely shocked. Completely, because the person had been praying intensely, from the bottom of the heart, and said all he/she really longed for, on that birthday, was a message from Mohanji. And it came. The person was incredibly surprised. 

So this again was a confirmation for me that people are reaching Mohanji, and he’s responding to them, even if they are not physically seeing him and speaking with him. 

Now, please, please don’t start praying from the bottom of your heart for more birthday messages because the mornings here are already busy enough for me. So please be nice. I’m joking. :))

The main lesson for me that I’ve learned since being here, and what I’ve witnessed with others as well, is that if we think we need to meet Mohanji, or speak with him physically, I think we’re missing something that’s much, much bigger, a completely different dimension. I know from the testimonials team as well that there are many countless testimonials to this effect. 

I’ve asked him as well; he has said that these things reach him. So when there’s the real pure intention, when it’s coming from a genuine heartfelt connection or a real need of assistance, and people are calling him from the heart, then he hears it. It reaches him, and he does what he can. As he says, he’s always there. 

I hope you enjoyed this and have a great day ahead.


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