Facing the Dark Side, Part 2

A continuation of the journey from darkness to light, during a Mai-Tri Healing session. Read the first part: Facing the Dark Side, Part 1

The most sensitive region of a woman’s existence – The womb

As per the teachings of our Tradition, the womb is the most sensitive and sacred part of a woman’s body. As the truth about the ways in which negativities operate kept revealing itself to me during this healing, I kept receiving more and more telepathic information in that regard. Please note that I am sharing this with you not to give attention/food to negative energies, but to raise awareness and improve our ability to protect ourselves from such dangers.

At one moment during the healing, I could see Maria’s womb as a huge energy center which absorbs all emotions, heaviness and all blockages from her whole system into itself. This quality makes that region vulnerable and sensitive to attract even more negativities from the outside world. It’s like a big black hole that swallows negativity, which is one of the great blessings that women offer to humanity by their sheer presence. I have experienced that this is not the case with Maria alone, but in fact with absolutely all the women who have received Mai-Tri healing through me so far. The womb of a woman is thus a great cleanser but can also be her weakness because of its power to absorb even the lowest of frequencies. Moreover, if a woman is exposed to the influence of people who work with dark energies and is on top of that week in her second chakra region, her womb could also become an open channel for negativities to use and manipulate through.


In Maria’s case, the negativities sensed the vulnerability connected to her lower region and targeted it straight on, with an intention of binding her. I started seeing the potential scenes of her life in which the negativity would approach her in the form of attractive young men serving darkness, trying their best to catch her attention and bind her through sexuality. Suddenly, the Masters showed me the depth and significance of a sexual intercourse and the huge amount of energy exchange that takes place during even one such act. I have understood that sexual intercourse can be a great risk, especially to those who are on a spiritual path. Genuine spiritual seekers who work on cleansing themselves sincerely thus have the added responsibility of choosing a partner of higher vibration because of the serious repercussions that are highly probable. In fact, Masters have shown me the complete shift in energy that a person goes through, or better to say, a huge energy that one absorbs from his/her sexual partner. Entities, energies, spirits, fragments, emotions and impressions are only some of the things that can be absorbed from one’s sexual partner. This is especially the case with ladies because of the womb. I felt extremely blessed to be able to know this sacred truth. It left me speechless and made me think, “Such a normal act in today’s world in fact leaves an immense trace in ourselves, our purity and our entire spiritual journey!” I thought, “So many people are not aware.” Gratitude overwhelmed me one more time for being blessed to receive this guidance from the Highest.


This brings us to the topic of pregnancy, one of the greatest blessings of being a woman and actively participating in a Divine act of bringing a new life to Earth. However, even in this case there is a risk that one needs to be aware of. Pregnancy itself can be another tool of the negative forces to permanently bind a woman to themselves. These energies (entities) that operate through people who chose to serve darkness and pull people down from the Path of Light are indeed capable of totally spoiling one’s spiritual progress earned through many, many lifetimes. One of the worst things that could ever happen to a woman is to be impregnated by a person serving dark energies, who would then aim to bring a soul of that vibration into her womb. I would not want to elaborate more on this as the topic is too distasteful. It would suffice to say that in that case a woman would be blessed to have a miscarriage and hopefully with time become aware how badly she got manipulated…

Back to the healing…

Understanding the negative’s tool to use sexuality and the vulnerability of a women’s lower region, I looked at Maria’s second chakra and I could see it was occupied by entities that looked like little worms which did not belong there, intruding into her energy field and living like parasites feeding off the brightness. In an instant, soon after healing energies was sent, I saw Mohanji removing them immediately, without compromise.


The healing of a light warrior

I must say that the feet always had a mysterious significance to me. During healing sessions, while placing my palms on the soles of the feet, an entire less-known sphere of existence would open up. Suddenly, all the meridians and cells would start talking to me, showing me how they shine and warning me when they’re hurt.

Once I placed my palms on Maria’s feet, at last, the light beings outweighed. Nothing but light existed. In the presence of the Divine Masters, universal power was directly channeled through me and Maria got healed right then and there. It was a beautiful, glorious moment. I could now clearly see myself as a light warrior of the white path, the white Tradition, empowered by Mohanji, serving as an instrument of protection to those whose purity got tested by darkness. The amount of energy which conglomerated in the room was inexplicable, and the power of Mohanji cannot be explained by words. The infinite vastness of the universe was fiercely flowing through my body. In essence, I did not exist anymore. Nor did Maria. Now it was just the state of being a whirlpool of infinite power. Being the power of birth and death, creation and destruction. Being everything and nothing at the same time. Being Mohanji.


Through the Eyes of a Healer

After the healing session, without saying anything about the session, the physical message on my phone received from Mohanji was: “Continue healing like a warrior. You have my power, strength and protection.” Tears of gratitude filled my eyes while reading this message over and over again, a subtle confirmation that everything I witnessed during the healing session was true. This message was precious to me because a moment before the message came to me, a brief thought entered my mind: “Maybe everything that you have received during this healing is not true..” I have understood that the negativity is and will always own this nature of rejecting the truth – even after extremely deep experiences from the bright side take place, the dark forces will try to persuade the mind it was an illusion. The doubt was immediately removed from my mind. Thanks to Mohanji, the physical message spoke much more than what was written in it, and it told me the most important of all, that this healing and everything that we experienced during the same was not an illusion! Mohanji was there and whatever happened is absolutely true. His message opened my eyes and left me doubtless forever. Mohanji EMPOWERs us to be the Warriors of Light.

What we usually see and feel is based on external factors, judgments or intellectual analysis. The beauty of being a healer is seeing the third dimension. By seeing the third dimension, you see the reason why people are the way they are. They’re absolutely transparent. Is it inherited from the ancestors, or is it a consequence of past-life actions? Or is it mainly from this life? Whatever the cause may be, there is nothing to hide. In fact, nothing can be hidden when healer is a pure instrument of higher consciousness. The vastness of existence is presented to the healer as a preview of drama, action, thriller and comedy.
The beauty is that there’s no more space in life for discrimination, judgment, or criticism. We can just open up and share what has been provided by the Divine, and wish to give more and more and more.

And THAT is exactly what I have decided! I will not surrender to the small attempts of negativity, nor will I let anybody else do that! I will continue walking this Path like a warrior. I surrender myself to Mohanji, to always use me for protecting and guiding His other channels of purity!


Remaining Pure: Prevention is better than Cure

Finally, after this extraordinarily deep experience, Sonia concluded:
“Being human, we belong to the world of duality. Duality has given each and every one of us the “light” and “dark” side. In essence, everything comes from the same source – the Ultimate Brightness. Even the highest of darkness has the same origin as brightness. It is of utmost importance to be aware of the existence of negativity within the duality. It would be naïve to deny the existence of the negative side. When our positive side strengthens, the dark one is provoked and strengthens too. Become aware of the doubts, expectations, anger and hatred and understand that it is negativity working. Do not energize it. Put it to sleep. This is where the value of having a living Master comes to prominence. Hold onto the Master tightly, through surrender, consistency and conviction. Once a person completely surrenders to the Master, it is the Master’s responsibility to hold onto the disciple forever.

Lastly, strengthen your shield by shining brighter. Chant. Choose companions from the bright side. Engage in work which adds value to the society, continuously thinking and acting positively.

Don’t forget – You belong to the Tradition of Light. You are Purity and Light. Have faith. Do not give up. Fight. And you shall win.”


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  1. Thank you Mina for sharing your outstanding experience. It realy helps to understand where the dark forces come from and how to deal with them. Thank you for inspiring message that Mohanji is always with us. Jai Mohanji

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