Kalpataru Series – A birthday wish

By Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Exactly a year ago….

It was exciting to book my flights to Serbia. The opportunity to see Mohanji again after a few months was a beautiful blessing. My plan was to volunteer during the Acharya training in October and return. While looking at the flights, my husband said that if I stayed a little longer, I would be with Mohanji for my birthday. It was a great suggestion and having managed to get a few more days of annual leave from work; we booked the trip to include the weekend retreat after the Acharya training.

This was my first visit to Serbia and how beautiful it was. All the wonderful ladies of Mohanji Foundation Serbia made me feel very much at home with their loving hospitality. Despite the back to back programmes and hectic schedules, they made sure I was comfortable, and well looked after. The Acharya training was intense and amazing. We were all so blessed with wonderful experiences with Mohanji.

There was a gap of a day to travel to the venue of the retreat after the training, and my birthday fell on that day. Therefore, it seemed unlikely that I would see Mohanji, but I couldn’t be disappointed as we had all been with him for more than a week, enjoying his loving presence with us immensely.

Following a long drive, we arrived at the beautiful hotel where the retreat was taking place. After helping the team to set up in the satsang hall, I went to my room to shower and rest. A little while later, there was a gentle knock on the door, and it was Monika asking me to join the rest of the team upstairs.

Unknown to me, through my husband and a fellow Acharya from the UK, the team had found out it was my birthday. To my utmost surprise, there was a cake organised for me. Everyone sang and wished me a happy birthday, and it truly was! The unexpected joy of having Mohanji, Deviji and little Mila coming into the room to wish me happy birthday was just awesome!

Having a loving hug from Mohanji on my birthday was so very special. After touching his feet with love and gratitude, I verbalised a prayer that I have made to Mohanji many times in my heart – “Mohanji, please bless me to love you more and more each day.” Placing his hand gently on my head, he said, “Tathastu!” (So be it). That wonderful affirmation from Mohanji, and the gentle touch filled with so much love, gave me immense joy. Often, words are not enough to describe our intense feelings, and this was one such magical moment.

While Mohanji was talking with the team about the preparations for the retreat which was starting the following day, and listening to the conversation flowing around me, I sat near Mohanji’s feet, totally filled with love and gratitude. A birthday wish fulfilled in such a wonderful way, will be cherished forever. Whenever I remember Mohanji’s single word of a powerful blessing and the gentle touch on my head, I’m filled with so much love, comfort and peace. It was a promise to my heart that he will always be with me.

My heartfelt gratitude to the Serbian team for making my visit so beautiful, to Deviji and Mila for all the memorable times, and to Mohanji for his loving grace which he showers on us all, fulfilling wishes, even the silent ones that we express to him in our hearts.


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